How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A21s

Nowadays, we need to take screenshots very often. Taking screenshots help us to save important photographs, information, or even pieces of news on our mobile phones.

To help you figure out how to take screenshot in Samsung a21s, we have prepared this comprehensive guide on how to take screenshot in Samsung galaxy a21s. 


Different phones have different configurations, and hence, we need to take screenshots differently for each phone.


Information About the Samsung a21s Phone


It’s not the most flashy phone on the market, and it’s certainly not the cheapest, but the Samsung A21s boasts a solid option for anybody looking to update without spending a lot of money. The Galaxy A21s is definitely worth the price tag compared to the other expensive phones on the market.


If you don’t already know the procedure for taking a screenshot on Samsung a21s, then get to learn how to take screenshot in Samsung a21s phone.


Differences Between the Samsung a21 and a21s


Without examining the batteries of these two mobile phones, this Samsung A21s and Samsung A21s side-by-side comparison would be incomplete. The A21 has a 4000 mAh battery, while the A21s has a 5000mAh battery that outperforms it. Both phones have 15W fast charging for faster battery recharges.


The Galaxy A21s boasts a more competent, powerful CPU on the inside, which means it performs better than its rival in the market.


Finally, although the Samsung A21 has just one type (3 GB + 32 GB), the Samsung A21s offers the same combination but also includes 6 GB + 64 GB variations, giving you additional choices and superior performance.




how to take screenshot in samsung a21s




How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A21s- Tips and Tricks?


1. Using A Combination of Different Keys


The user may easily capture screenshot by pressing a different button or by pressing the screenshot button.


2. Utilizing Palm Swipe Technology


Palm swipe features a gesture type of function included on all Samsung grade 1 phones, and it’s particularly great for screenshots. Moreover, using this is simple too!


3. Making Use of the Assistant Icon


You can also use the Assistant icon to take as many screenshots as you want on your Samsung mobile phone.


4. Capturing Screenshots with the Help of your Voice


Taking screenshots has never been easier! Thanks to voice recognition on your phone, it is an easy task now. You can take advantage of this feature with the help of Google Assistant.


5. Using a Third-Party Application


You may also use third-party programs to capture a screenshot. However, all third-party software is not safe to use, so be careful.


So, this was a brief overview of the methods to take screenshots. Now, let’s elaborately look into how to capture screenshot on Samsung A21s.




how to take screenshot in samsung a21s




An Insight Into The Methods of Taking Screenshot


Now that you’ve come to the most important part of the article, read elaborately about how to grab a screenshot on your mobile without any further ado.


Taking Screenshot on Samsung A21s Utilizing the Hardware Keys


On any Samsung smartphone running OneUI 2.0, one of the most popular ways to capture a screenshot is to make use of the hardware keys.


To take a screenshot, go to the relevant information you wish to capture on your phone. Make any necessary changes to the page in order to keep the snapshot.


Now push and release the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.


The screen will indicate that a screenshot has been taken by the method of smart capture.


You’ll see a toolbar where you may share or modify the screenshot right away. This is how to take screenshot in Samsung a21s mobile using hardware keys.


Taking A Screenshot on Samsung A21s with the Technology of Assistive Touch


Using the Assistive touch functionality, you may easily capture a screenshot.


To begin, turn on the Assistive Touch mode. Go to Settings, Accessibility, then the Interaction Option to do so. Enable Assistant Menu on this page.


An icon of the Assistive Touch menu will appear on your screen. You may move the icon around on the screen to suit your needs.


To take a screenshot, select the relevant information that you wish to capture.


Select the Assistive Touch Menu from the drop-down menu. Now, select the option of taking a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved.


How can you capture a long screenshot or a scrolling screenshot?


To capture a lengthy or scrolling screenshot, make sure the screenshot toolbar is turned on. Go to Settings > Advanced features>screenshots to do so. Then activate the screenshot toolbar icon. Now, you will be able to snap a screenshot.


Use the techniques listed above to capture the screenshot.


A toolbar will appear. Toggle the down arrow icon. It will capture a screenshot while you are scrolling.


Note that if you take a screenshot on a page that doesn’t contain a second page, you won’t be able to use the scroll screenshot feature. These were the detailed methods of how to take screenshot in Samsung a21s.




how to take screenshot in samsung a21s





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Final Words


So that was how to take screenshot in Samsung a21s mobile. I hope you find this article to be both informative and enjoyable! You may find more information on how to take a screenshot or scroll capture on the Samsung a21s phone if you read other relevant articles like this. However, we tried to make this the most informative one on the internet.

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