How To Take Screenshot On Android Security Policy?

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Just imagine; you want to take a screenshot from an app and share it with your friends. Then all of a sudden, a message pops up, which is – “You can’t take this screenshot due to security policy.” Does it ring a bell?


If yes, then you have come to the right place. Now, this issue arises for multiple reasons. And it doesn’t mean your phone has any technical damage. Then what are the reasons and how to take screenshot on android security policy?


Well, stick with us till the end because we will dive as deeper as possible into the probable reasons and draw a guideline on how to fix each of them. So, are you ready to get rid of this irritating message?


Why Can’t I Take Screenshots?


It looks like you can’t implement the right method unless you know what the exact cause is. That’s right, every unique situation requires a different solution. You wouldn’t want to spend your time applying a technique that is not going to work, right?


So here are the five most common reasons that make your android device is unable to take screenshot:


1. Security For Money-Management Apps


Have you ever wondered how hackers with bad intentions can misuse a paypal screenshot? That’s why most financial apps restrict the screenshot-taking facility. You will find banking apps maintain this rule too. The reason is to secure the transaction-related information of the user.


Suppose you logged into your banking app with another device and forgot to log out. If the phone gets stolen, someone could take a screenshot and send it to a hacker to crack your passcode.


Surprisingly, banking apps are pretty advanced with their restrictions. They are even sensitive to bypassing methods like screen recording. As much as it frustrates us when we are in dire need of a screenshot, it actually saves us from a lot of mishaps in the virtual world.


2. Copy-right Issue For OTT Platforms


Copying content from the internet and then remaking it, is the easiest thing ever. And that’s the risk feared by every OTT platform. People take screenshots of content and use them to give spoilers and reduce the viewership of the platform.


Although the intent might be purely recreational, it affects the company’s revenue. That’s why you can notice the “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” message whenever you try to take a quick snap on those platforms.


3. Privacy Concern In Facebook


Facebook has been accused of not protecting the user’s privacy for a very long time. And finally, it has taken this into account by introducing the security policy. It is not a mandatory thing.


People who like the feature, can go to the settings and enable the restriction mode. As a result, their photos can’t be used or shared through screenshots. So, that’s the answer in case you can’t screenshot facebook or a certain profile on Facebook.


4. Incognito Mode Enabled


Another powerful reason behind the issue can be incognito mode. So, what is the incognito mode? What does it have to do with screenshots? Well, first of all, incognito mode is a feature of your operating browser like Google Chrome.


Once enabled, it restricts the computer from saving your browser history. The lack of cookies makes it look appealing to Chrome users.


Of course, it can’t prevent every history from being recorded by the web server. But it ensures that your sensitive information like the username or password is not trackable through the browsing history.


Most people who use the public computer or need to log in to another computer are fond of this feature. It excludes the web page requests you made from the total search history of that device and makes it invisible to the next user.


We are discussing it because, if the browser you are using (Chrome or Firefox), might be into the incognito mode without you realizing it.


As we have explained, the basic function of this mode is to prevent keeping records. Since taking screenshots opposes the idea, it only makes sense that you will have to face a screenshot security policy.


5. Restricted By The Manufacturer Or The Company


If the android device you are using was given to you for a specific purpose by your company or school authority, taking screenshots can be a problem.


The reason behind this action is the sensitive issues discussed or researched on this phone. Many companies provide hand-phones to their employees.


The company owner might want to protect the secrecy. Using the personal phone for work purposes might cause data leakage. Hence directed the manufacturer to install a restriction against screenshots.


How to Take Screenshot on Android Security Policy?


We have reached the most awaited part, which is how to disable screenshot security. Well, here are the five methods you can apply to get the screenshot you want.


1. Bypass The App Restrictions


Can’t take screenshot due to security policy? Well, Google Assistant can help you with that. How do you know if it’s app restriction or not?


Simple. Just see if you can take the screenshot in other apps or not. As we have already mentioned, some apps put such regulations for better security. If that’s the case, you can try this technique.


  • First, we will activate Google Assistant.


  • Once you are inside, tap on the profile button. Then go to the settings>assistance options>phone.


  • Next, you will find two sup-options below “general.” Turn on the “use screen context” and “donate screen capture.”




how to take screenshot on android security policy




  • Push the button and you are done. It will allow you to take a screenshot.


2. Clearing Cache


  • Go to the settings> enter the apps management.


  • Now clear the data cache for the apps. It might take some time.


  • Once you are finished, go back and restart the phone.


3. Disable Incognito Mode


We don’t need to introduce the incognito mode anymore since we already did. So how do we disable the incognito mode on Google Chrome?


  • Open Chrome and click into the three-dots on the top corner which represents settings.


  • If you can see “incognito mode available” instead of “history” it means that your device has gone into the restrictive mode. So let’s disable it.


  • For windows, the process is a bit complex but we won’t go through that since we are only focusing on android today. All you need to do is go to the Play Store and search for “disable Incognito Mode.”


  • The very first app that appears, is the one we will be downloading.




how to take screenshot on android security policy




  • Wait till the installation procedure is over and open it.


  • You will be greeted with multiple notifications asking for permissions. Just click on “agree.”


  • Inside the app, you will notice a list of tasks it can perform. The first one should be “disable incognito mode.” Push the button and turn it on.




how to take screenshot on android security policy




  • Now close the app and go to Chrome. Open the settings and see if the “history” option is back again. If yes, then your mission was successful.


4. Root the Device with Magisk


Rooting is the last technical method we will be disclosing to bypass an android screenshot security policy. You must remember that it is a serious decision.


Rooting your device can cancel out any warranty you have on your android device. It gives you the autonomy to make changes to the phone or install apps that were not available before.


On the other hand, people are sharing their horrific stories about how their phones shut down completely and became worthless during the rooting process. So that was a caution we wanted to give before describing the process itself.


The pre-requisite to applying this formula is that you have a custom recovery installed on your phone. The method requires an attached recovery file. So that’s a must.


Well, we are done with the disclaimer. Let’s move on.


  • Go to the official Magisk website and download the latest stable version. At the time of writing this article, the latest version is 24.1. The browser might ask for permission, so you have to agree with that.




how to take screenshot on android security policy




  • Now go to the file manager> download folder> find the app you downloaded.


  • Once you have found the “magisk” app> press on it> tap on the three-dots on the top right corner > rename it any way you like and instead of the default .apk extension put “.zip.” so now the format is changed.




how to take screenshot on android security policy




  • The first part is over. Now press and hold the power button to turn off the device.


  • Once the device is turned off, press and hold your power and volume (up) button. it will show you the boot logo. Release the power button and press volume one only.


  • Now that you have gotten into your custom recovery, check the internal storage and locate the zip file.


  • From the download folder, we will select the “magisk” and flash it.


  • Now it is over. Reboot the device and check whether you can take screenshots or not.


5. Contact the IT Department


If the reason why you cant take screenshots is due to a company restriction, There’s no way to bypass it. In this case, all you need to do is contact the IT department and describe your issue. If there is a way, the manufacturer can help you out with it.


Are the Screen Capturing Apps a Good Idea?


Nowadays, the Google Play Store is filled with apps for every problem you face. But how effective are they actually? Why we are discussing it is because many people hate the idea of fixing something manually.


The readily available apps look like an easier option. And it’s not their fault since the claims they make are so alluring. But are they any good or just a waste of time?


Be prepared for the harsh truth. The screenshot-taking apps won’t work if the restriction is carefully placed by the app. Most of the banking apps invest a great amount of time to seal all the holes in the programming and carefully place the restrictions.


It is not possible to penetrate it through a third-party app. The snap-taking app simply acts as a camera over the screen you want to record. And the method is like taking a picture of something and saving it.


But users found that, once you snap a picture and open the file, it looks completely blank. Nothing but a black screen appears before you. The case is the same if the restriction is placed by a company or the manufacturer. You can’t penetrate it using a third-party app.


So save your valuable time and just stick with the methods we mentioned!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Why Won’t My Phone Let Me Screenshot?


When your phone is unable to take a snap, most of the time the culprit is something else. We have mentioned the most common reasons like incognito mode, company restrictions, or high-security for the apps. So you should stop blaming the device and take steps to bypass the security policy if possible.


2. How to Take a Screenshot on Windows?


Let’s give you a quick trick for that. Click on the notifications button at the bottom corner of your taskbar. It looks like a message icon. Now, find the “Screen snip” and the screen will turn black with a pointer. Drag the pointer to whatever length you like and a snap will be created.


3. How Do I Take Screenshots When It Is Not Allowed?


If the restriction is for your privacy and safety, then you better not go bypassing that. It could damage the restriction on your banking or other financial apps and harm you in the future. However, we have discussed some effective methods for “force” taking a screenshot on your android device.


4. Where Are My Firefox Screenshots?


The two visible “dots” in the address bar is your answer. If you have saved snaps from Firefox in a specific location on your device, check that place again. Normally, Firefox saves the screenshots and other pictures in a default download folder.


5. What Is The Correct Method To Take Screenshots In Samsung?


Well, the old-school method works fine here. Just press the power and volume button at the same time for a few seconds and then release. Make sure you are doing it simultaneously.



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All of us have captured screenshots with our smartphones. It’s a way of sharing something useful or entertaining with our close circle. Moreover, it creates a better impact than explaining through text messages.


Nonetheless, there are certain sections in the android world where this feature is strictly forbidden. As we know, Android hardly restricts fun features like taking snaps. But guess what? There’s more to lose than to gain!


For example, it is a bad idea to ask how to take screenshot on android security policy and bypass the restrictive mode of your banking apps. That said, if you are not dealing with any such thing and feel safe with the methods, go on and fix it straight away

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