How To Take Screenshot On Samsung A52?

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Would you like to save your achievement in Games or any other essential stuff? Or perhaps you have an important conversation to save. In both cases, taking a screenshot is the easiest solution. You can capture anything on your Samsung A52 screen by taking screenshots. This article will guide you on how to screenshot on Samsung A52.


Later on, you can save and share those screenshots with others. If you haven’t used a Samsung A series mobile before, you may find it difficult to take screenshots on Samsung A52. But you don’t have to worry about taking screenshots anymore. It will take less than 3 seconds to take a screenshot. Let me show you how to do that on your Samsung mobile.


Method 1: How To Screen Shot on Samsung A52 With Hardware Keys


This method will teach you how to take screenshots without using any 3rd party applications.


Step 1: Press Volume Down & Power Key


First of all, you need to press and hold the Power key along with the Volume Down key. Next to that, you have to wait a few seconds until you see the screen flash. The flash indicates that you have got the screenshot.


Step 2: Edit, Crop, Or Share The Screenshot


After taking a screenshot, you will find these options at the bottom of your screen. From those options, you can crop or edit the screenshot. Also, you can enable scrolling capture to capture the entire screen.


Ultimately, you can just go back to leave the screenshot unedited. Your screenshot will be saved automatically.


This was the first and easiest method to take screenshots on Samsung mobile. However, you might have issues with the power button and volume button. Is there any method that can assist you to capture the screen without using hardware keys?


We have got two more cool techniques for you. Let’s move forward.


Method 2: How to Take Screenshot On Samsung A52 Without Using Hardware Keys


In this method, we are going to take a screenshot through gestures. In Samsung A52, you can use motion & gestures to perform some cool features such as taking screenshots and answering calls.


Step 1: Open Advanced Features


You need to start by opening Settings. After that, you will find the “Advanced Features’ option.


Step 2: Touch On Motion and Gestures


In the Advanced Features menu, you will see this type of interface.




screenshot on samsung a52




From this option, you can enable and disable different types of gestures.


Step 3: Enable “Palm swipe to capture”


You have to enable “Palm swipe to capture” from the list of gestures.




screenshot on samsung a52




After touching on that, you will see a new option for confirmation.




screenshot on samsung a52




Touch the blue sign to enable it. As you can see, I have already enabled the feature.


That’s it. From now on, you can take a screenshot by swiping your hand across the screen. Permit me to inform you that this method won’t work when your keyboard is visible.


Method 3: How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung With Assistant Menu


By following this method, you can take a screenshot without using hardware keys. So, let’s start.


Step 1: Open “Accessibility” From the Settings


You have to start by opening the “Accessibility” option from Settings. You will find the option below for “General Management”.


Step 2: Touch On “Interaction and dexterity”


To get the Assistant Menu option, you have to open the “Interaction and dexterity” feature. Also, you can find visibility enhancements and hearing enhancements features. Would you like to have a look at it? Here you go.




screenshot on samsung a52




Step 3: Enable Assistant Menu


In the final step, you have to enable the “Assistant Menu” by touching on it. Here is the feature.



screenshot on samsung a52



It will bring a small circle to your screen. Whenever you touch this ball, it will bring several options including “Screenshot”.


From that option, you will be able to take screenshots on your Samsung Android mobile.



Final Words


Taking screenshots won’t be a difficult task for you anymore. Now, you know 3 easy methods about how to screen shot on Samsung A52. Which method did you like most? You can share your opinion in the comment box.




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1. Where can I find a saved screenshot on my Samsung mobile?


Go to “Gallery”, and then go to “Screenshot” from “Album”.


2. How to screen shot on Samsung A52 without power button?


You can take screenshots with the Assistant menu.


3. How do you take a screenshot on a Samsung with your finger?


You can take a screenshot with fingers by the motion and gestures feature.

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