How to Transfer A Call on Android? Just A Few Easy Steps!

how to transfer a call on android

Some users find it technically challenging to transfer calls on android phones. So most Android users want to know how to transfer a call on Android.


Transferring calls on Android is easy. After answering the call, you will have to put it on hold. Then go to the contacts list. You can also input directly from the keypad the phone number you want to transfer the call. When you are ready, tap the number, and the call will be merged. You will have to tap close to leave the conversation. 


There are lots of professional and personal needs where you will need to transfer a call. In that case, get to know about all the technicalities you will need to know and all the options that might come your way.




how to transfer a call on android




Difference Between Transferring Call And Call Forwarding 

Though these two features seem similar, they are different from one another. 


Transferring Call: Call Transfer passes an active call to another number before getting disconnected from the call.


Call Forwarding: Call forwarding transfers incoming calls to a presented number without going through human intervention. 


Types Of Call Forwarding 

Four types of call forwarding can be done. To know how to call forward on android, you will need to know those options. Those are:


    1. Always Forward:

All the incoming calls are forwarded to a given number. In this case, you are not going to get a ring on your phone. This surprises all other call forwarding options. 


    2. Forward Calls When Busy:

This option allows you to redirect your calls when you are busy in your default number. Also, if you do not receive your call, it will be redirected to the provided number. This can also divert to voicemail.


    3. Forward Calls When Unanswered:

This only works when you fail to answer the call. Also, you can redirect it to voicemail.


    4. Forward Calls When Unreached:

In case your Android phone is switched off, in-flight mode, or out of range, this option allows you to do a call forwarding. Here also, you can redirect the call to voicemail. 


How To forwarding Calls To Another Number

Call forwarding comes with different options. But the procedure of activating them is similar. Here are some steps that can help you to activate call forwarding in your Android. 


Step 1: Go to the settings

In the setting application, you will find the option for call setting. Also, you can find it in the dial application. That will depend on the model of your Android phone.


Step 2: Choose Call Forwarding 

After choosing the call setting, you will get the option for call forwarding. Select it. This will give you options of call forwarding. Choose one from the four options.


Step 3: Set The Number

After selecting the options, input the number. Try to choose a number which will be available. It is best to put your home number. 


Step 4: Activation

After completing all the above steps, press “ok” to activate the call forwarding.

With these easy four steps, you can activate call forwarding on your Android phone. Call forward iOS is similar to call forward Android.




how to transfer a call on android




How To Transfer An Active Call On Android

In case of call transferring, you will need to transfer an active call to any number. This number will not be predetermined. There are only five easy steps.


Step 1: Answer the call. Before redirecting the call to another number, you will need to answer the call. 




how to transfer a call on android




Step 2: After answering the call, put the call on hold. You will then find an option for call transferring.


Step 3: Tap on “transfer call” and select the number you want to forward the call from the contacts list. You can also use the keypad.




how to transfer a call on android




Step 4: Voice connect the two people. If you want to change the number, tap on “Back.” You will get back to the contact list.


Step 5: After connecting the two calls, you will be able to leave the conversation but tapping on “Close.”


This is how do you transfer calls to another cell phone.


How To Transfer Call On iOS

To transfer a call on iOS is nothing different than transferring the call on Android. Here also, you have to follow the five steps.


Step 1: You will have to answer the call.


Step 2: Put the call on hold.


Step 3: Select the option for “Transfer Call.”


Step 4: Choose the number from your contact list. You can also use a keypad.


Step 5: After connecting the two calls, you will be able to leave the conversation.


For transferring calls, you will not need any extra settings. 




how to transfer a call on android




Points To Remember

Transferring calls and call forwarding are two different functions. 


Call transfer is done to connect two people by a third party. But call forwarding is mainly used not to miss any sort of essential calls. And to establish it, you will need to set a specific number ahead. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Is there an app to transfer calls?

Yes, there are apps to do transfer calls. But as the androids and iOS now have a default system, they don’t need any app to do the transfer.


How do I divert calls to another number?

You can divert calls to another number via call forwarding. You will have to set a number on the settings, and whenever you can’t be reached, the call will be diverted to the given number. 


How can I check if a call has been diverted?

To know if any call or SMS or any data has been diverted to another number, you can dial *#62. This works as a security check code too.



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Final Words

Transferring an active call on android is very easy. Learning call transformation also helps you to know how to forward calls to another number and how to divert calls to another number. You will not have to deal with any extra settings. 


Just while on the phone call, you will need to select the number with proper procedure. After connection, you will get to leave the call. This helps a lot during business conversations and annoying adverts!

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