You may have played a lot of games on your Android devices. Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile games nowadays. It is a hot-selling mobile game with millions of players. However, it only supports Android devices. If you wish to install it on your iPhone, you will face some problems. This article will teach you how to transfer Clash Royale from Android to iPhone


how to transfer clash royale from android to iphone


Steps to transfer Android Clash Royale to iOS:

We’ll describe the whole process in a brief and simple manner. Follow the instruction below. Don’t miss any step. 


how to transfer clash royale from android to iphone


Step 1: In order to transfer from Clash Royale from Android to iPhone, the first thing you have to do is to generate your Supercell ID. 


Step 2: For that, launch Clash Royale on your device and wait for few seconds to load full 100%. 


Step 3: Once loading is complete, start the game. Then tap on three vertically lined icons at the top right corner to access Configuration. 


Step 4: In the next window, press on the Offline option which is linked with Supercell ID, and select login. 


Step 5: Now enter your email and tap on login. Moreover, you’ll have to put a 6-digit verification code that you’ll receive in your email. 


Step 6: By inserting the verification code, you’ll log in easily. In contrast, if you don’t have a Supercell ID, then you have to create one. Click on the Register Now button and press Follow. 


Step 7: Now enter your email address two times and check the following box if you like to receive the Supercell newsletter. 


Step 8: Press the register button to proceed. At your email address, you’ll get a  six-digit verification code. 


Step 9: After that, come back to your Clash Royale app again and put the verification code in the box, and press submit. 


Step 10: As you have completed step 9, by doing so you successfully connected your Clash Royale game with the supercell ID, you just made. You can play on as many devices as you want and you won’t miss your progress data.


Step 11: So what are you waiting for! Download Clash Royale on your iPhone or iPad from the Apple Store. Once the installation process is over start the game and play your first training battle. You can’t skip the first battle as it’ll lead you to the main screen.


how to transfer clash royale from android to iphone


Step 12: Following on press on the vertical lined icon placed at the top right corner and select configuration to access the menu.  


Step 13: As we discussed earlier, click on the offline option you will get under your supercell ID. Now simply log in to your account; you can select Remember me to save your login information for the future.


Step 14: We are almost there, now you will get a six-digit verification code on your email put that down. You’ll successfully be logged in to your account.


Step 15: Finally we are here at the last step. To ensure everything is on the spot what you have done just click on your first name in the Player profile, check your identification name is the same that you have used earlier. That’s it.  


Final Thoughts:

Now, you should know how to transfer Clash Royale from Android to iPhone. Firstly, the built-in link device feature allows you to sync accounts and progress between multiple smartphone devices. However, it only offers one shot. Follow the steps we described thoroughly. 


Let us know in the comment section if you face any trouble during the process. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible. 




Q1: Can you have one clash Royale account on two devices?

Answer: You can play multiple Clash Royale accounts on any smartphone, whether Android or iOS. Clash Royale accounts on Android are managed using Google ID. So, just sign into the other device and enjoy playing. 


Q2: Can you merge clash Royale accounts?

Answer: It is definitely not appropriate to combine them! I can confirm that you can make SC transfer gems to your main account, but they can erase your optional account.


Q3: How do I start Clash Royale again?

Answer: It is very easy that you can’t even imagine. Follow the below steps: 

  • Firstly, open your Google play games.
  • Select the account from which you wish to delete the clash royale.
  • Simply select Clash Royale, uninstall status, and you’re good to go.

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