How To Transfer Data From Android To Android?

how to transfer data from android to android

If you want to switch from your old android phone to the new android, you will want to know how to transfer data from android to android. An android phone contains various data such as messages. Call logs, music, photos, or contacts.




how to transfer data from android to android




So you need to know the strategy to get these safely from one android to another. Google service is present in all the android devices currently released in the market. It is not just a search engine. It will allow you to transfer data. Using Google, you can transfer all data from one android to another in a very convenient and secure way.


Below we will discuss android data transfer and how to do it securely.


How To Transfer Data From Android To Android? 


Before switching to a new phone, you need to ensure the old phone’s data is backed up in the cloud. Google allows you to drive any data such as contacts, photos, music, call logs, or text messages. When you switch to a new phone, go to the phone setting, add a google account and recover all that data on the new phone.


If all the data from your previous phone has been transferred to a Google account, you can start the new phone setup by adding to the new phone and pressing backup now.


Google offers a storage service like 15GB in the first phase of its drive so you can store the data you need there. Before switching to a new phone, it’s essential to verify whether the data from your old phone is stored in the cloud or not. Here are the things you need to do to check it out.


1. Open your android setting app.


2. Keep scrolling down.


3. Open the system menu.


4. Click the backup option.


5. Make sure that the Google Drive backup option is enabled.


6. Google Drive can be backed up by clicking the “Backup Now” option.


How do you transfer photos, videos, or music from one android phone to another?




how to transfer data from android to android




Google Photos is a top-rated photo and video backup service. If you want to transfer music or data, you can take it with the help of the cloud without any hassle. This way, you can complete the work in a very safe manner. Whether you use google drive or photos, they have advanced backup capabilities that allow you to back up your data, photos, videos while keeping the quality intact.


Another thing is that neither drive nor photos offer unlimited uploads. You will have to purchase a google one plan when you run out of storage. Since your data, images, or videos are cloud-backed up, the new phone will be able to access photos and videos from the web.


Here’s how to start with google photo setup:


1. Open the photos app from the android phone.


2. Click on the top left of the app at the three horizontal line marks.


3. Tap the setting option.


4. Now you tap the backup and sync option.


5. Check if the backup is high quality.


How to transfer data from one android memory card to another?




how to transfer data from android to android




There is a lot of speculation about transferring your data from one android SD card to another. After switching to the new phone, you can transfer the data of the old SD card to the new phone. FoneLab HyperTrans can transfer data from an Android SD card to any phone or computer, including contacts, videos, music, and messages.


Moreover, FoneLab HyperTrans can transfer data from one device to another in general. Through this method, all the downloads and valuable files on your phone’s SD card are copied and pasted to another android.


Below is the step-by-step discussion on transferring data from an android SD card to another phone.



Download the FoneLab HyperTrans app, install and start the android file transfer. Therefore connect your android phone to your computer using a USB cable. Then, insert your microSD card into the reader, and attach your microSD card reader to the same computer.



Select your SD card as the input device using the Device drop-down menu. Select your file type from the left pane. You can open the specific folder you want to move.



When in doubt, you can double-click on a file to see what it looks like. From the right-click menu, you can also alter the setting.



Select the files you want to clone, and in the toolbar above, select the Export option. Select your new android phone as the output device, and now you can selectively transfer data from one microSD card to another.


How to transfer game data from one android to another?


The first few steps show the standard terms and conditions when turning on your new phone. After you tap on the terms, you will be asked if you want to bring the data to the new phone, and you will be asked to choose where the data will come from.


A backup from the android phone; tap this option, and you will be asked to open the google app on another phone, do so, then press next. This way, you can backup game data and access your new phone via the web.


Moving the app data of a specific game from one phone to another depends on the app and the game. You’ll have to re-download it from the play store if it doesn’t save your data.


You need to go to the play store menu to transfer game data to another android. Now go into “my apps and devices” on the new device, and choose the games you want to move there. This way, you can move your game data to another android.



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How To Transfer Data From Android To Android? Many are concerned about the secure transfer of data from one android device to another. Transferring data from one phone to another requires prior preparation. Data should be cloud-backed up and drives or photos updated.


We’ve talked about moving data between Android phones using the SD card. Transferring data such as video, photo, contact, or text, from the old phone to the new phone has been highlighted in this article. We hope you will find this write-up helpful to a great extent.

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