How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10: 3 Easy Methods

Windows 10, the best operating system ever, packs with some advanced features. Automatic update is one of them. It ensures your device will remain safe and secure from vulnerable security systems. 


But the sudden restart after updating the system is annoying and may also cause data loss. It will be more frustrating if it occurs during your work hours.


Despite having the benefit of automatic updates, you want to disable it to avoid this annoyance. But the fact is- you don’t know how to turn off auto restart windows 10 after updating the OS. 


To get rid of this irritating issue, we are here to help you out. 


Today, we break down some helpful methods to disable (the) automatic restart (of) Windows 10. 


So, stick with this step-by-step guide to explore the solution to your problem. 


3 Easy-to-follow Effective Methods to Turn off Auto Restart Windows 10

In this section, we let you learn how to disable auto-restart Windows 10 following & applying 3 simple methods. 


Method 1. From Settings


If your pc restarts after the auto-update, you can fix the issue following the below steps. 


Firstly, click on the Start button that will bring up a drop-down menu like this: 




how to turn off auto restart windows 10




Then, tap on Setting, which opens up the Setting page. 



How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10




From there, select Update & Securing that shows you a dialogue box like the below screenshot. 



How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10



Secondly, choose View update history to get this page: 




How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10



Next, go for or tap on Uninstall updates which will bring up the Installed update page. 



How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10



Finally, right-click on the Update you want to uninstall and click on the Uninstall button. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process. 



Method 2. Disable the Restart from Advanced Options


Disabling the auto-restart from the setting is another effective method to turn the automatic restart off after every update. 


Here how you can disable the option from Windows settings. 


Firstly, go to the Settings following the same step we described above. 

Next, choose Update & Security. 


Secondly, tap on Advanced Options under the Windows Update. 



How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10



Once you click on the Advanced Options, it will bring up a page like this one: 



How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10



You can see that the Restart option is enabled when the Windows install an update. 


So, disable the option to prevent your Windows 10 from performing auto-restart. 



Method 3. From Run Command



You can also turn the auto-restart from going through the Run Command method. 


Here how you can do it:


First off, open the Run command by using this shortcut- Windows Key + R that will pop-up this box: 


How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10



Then, type this command into the box: 


Next, tap on Ok. 


Once you click on Ok, it brings up a page like this:



How to Turn Off Auto Restart Windows 10




From there, right-click on the Reboot_Ac and rename it to ‘Reboot.old’.


Open the folder you just created. Afterward, create a new folder inside it and change the folder name to Reboot.


When you are done, restart your pc. 


We hope it will disable the ability of Windows to restart the pc automatically. 




On the above, we elaborated three methods on how to turn off auto restart Windows 10


Following the two processes, you can effortlessly disable the automatic restart of Windows 10. 


Now, it’s up to you.


Which methods of these three work for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below after trying out the process we described. 




Why does my PC keep restarting Windows 10? 


For the following reasons, your PC may keep restarting itself.


  • Malware infection
  • Corrupted drivers
  • Faulty hardware


How do I stop Windows from automatically restarting?


Here how you can stop Windows from automatically restarting:


  • Open the View advanced system setting
  • From Startup and recovery section, tap on Settings
  • Eliminate tick mark from the box next to Automatically Restart
  • Tap on ok and restart your PC


Why does my PC keep crashing?


Overheating is the main reason behind the constant crash of your PC. 


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