How To Turn Off Email Notifications Windows 10 [Step by Step Guide]

Push notification or mail notification is very troublesome to nearly everyone. But, most users don’t know how to stop it. Also, to some people, it looks complex to stop notifications in windows 10, which is also problematic. Therefore, today we will tell you how to turn off email notifications windows 10. Before diving deep, let’s get through the theory (categories) first.


Types of Notifications in Windows 10

Beforehand, we need to learn the types of notifications. That’s how we can detect the source of each notification and can stop that individual section selected.

Among the categories, the first one is the System Notification, and the second one is the In-app Notification. We will discuss them both one by one. Then you will easily get a catch of how to stop mail notifications or push notifications in Windows 10.




how to turn off email notifications windows 10





How to Disable Notifications in Windows 10


To turn off system app notifications or Windows notifications, you have to follow the steps below.


Step 1: Tap on the Windows button from your keyboard. and search Notifications and actions settings.

Step 2: You can see notifications turned on at the top. Just turn off that then you will not receive any notifications later.


Except this, by scrolling that page, you can manage your notifications. You can see which app has push notifications turned on and which have not. And you can disable notifications manually.




how to turn off email notifications windows 10




How to Turn Off In-app Notifications

Above, you have learned how you can turn off app notifications in general. But what if you want to turn off in-app notifications or specific app notifications? Therefore let’s see in-app notifications too. But, the problem is that there are different methods for an app to stop notifications. Can you remember I told you, you Would have to identify first. Which app notification do you want to stop? Let’s have a look, one by one.


How to turn off email notifications Outlook 365

If you get mail notifications from Outlook 365 and it bothers you much, then follow these steps.


Step 1: Open the Outlook app

Step 2: On the top left corner, you will find Files.

Step 3: On the left bottom corner, you will get the option tab

Step 4: Go to the mail tab and check off Display a Desktop Alert.

Step 5: Then press OK to save your preferences.


See, Easy. Now you will miss the notification banner.




how to turn off email notifications windows 10




How to turn off email notifications from the Mail app

If you got fed up with windows mail app notifications, then here is the solution for that. Just glue yourself with it.


Step 1: Open the Mail app

Step 2: You will get the Settings menu on the bottom section of the left corner. Select that to expand a menu on the right side.

Step 3: Select the Notifications tab in the mail app.

Step 4: Deselect the Show notifications in the Action centre tab.

Yeah, You disable email notifications for your windows pc.

NB: You can turn off notifications there for specific email accounts also. Just select a particular mail, and that’s it.




how to turn off email notifications windows 10




How to turn off web notifications in Chrome and Firefox

There is a common distraction to everyone on the earth – Social media notifications. Those are helpful, but at the same time annoying also. Maybe you also sometimes get distracted by notifications from emails or social media, like, Facebook, Twitter etc. To get relief, you have to follow me till the end of this session.


Turn Off notification on Chrome browser.

If you are a Chrome browser user, follow these steps to turn off notifications from your browser.


Step 1: On the top right corner, select three dots.

Step 2: Select Settings. That will open in a new tab.

Step 3: Go to the Privacy and Security tab from the left menu.

Step 4: Follow, Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Notifications

Step 5: On the upper side, you can set default behaviour.

Step 6: You can check if the site is allowed notifications or not.

Step 7: On Your choice, click the arrow. And will open details of that particular website.

Step 8: Scroll to Notifications and select the block option.


Now, you are theoretically well-prepared to handle notifications smoothly.




how to turn off email notifications windows 10




Turn Off Notification on Mozilla Firefox.

The second most popular browser for Windows users is Mozilla firefox. Therefore we will discuss it also. As if you are a Firefox user, then you can follow through with it.


Step 1: Select settings menu from right top corner burger menu.

Step 2: Security and Privacy > Notifications > Settings > {Select specific app} > Block

Step 3: To turn off for all On the bottom of that section, select Remove All websites.


Walaa. Notifications are gone.


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Before summarising, I can say confidently. You already know how to stop mail notifications on windows 10. As if you have any trouble till now. Please again identify your problem and choose the right path.

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