How to Turn Off Message Blocking on Android – 2 Swift Ways

how to turn off message blocking on android

You may want to send a message to a friend or office worker, or you may want to send an urgent message to your business team, but you have encountered an error in doing so. It is a very tiring and harassing thing. If message blocking is active, how to turn off message blocking on Android?

how to turn off message blocking on android

Many users have encountered a message blocking active problem, which is very harassing. Text messaging is very important in our daily lives, making our communication system more accessible and effective. So, when you face this problem, it is necessary to know what you should do to remedy it.

In this article, I will show you how to stop message blocking on android and all the tips about it.

What Is Android Message Blocking?

It is a system that, by activating, you will not be able to receive messages from people and will not be able to send any messages. Users will not send or receive text messages or MMS from any contacts.

If someone outside of contact sends you a message, you will not receive it immediately and get it late. It prevents you from sending chargeable instant messages. Even if you buy a message bundle, you will not receive or send instant messages.

How To Turn Off Android Message Blocking?

how to turn off message blocking on android

Go to the settings app and then open the app manager. From there, select the stock messaging app and clear its cache files. If it still does not close, you can try the clear data option, as doing so will erase all data in the app, and the app will reactive in a new way. Many people may think that doing this will delete the important messages, but you do not have this problem if the messages are synced.

There is another method by which you can turn off message blocking for free. All you have to do is enable permission for premium SMS on your android phone. Contact official support from your SIM, and check if your phone number is active. Ensure your account has a text messaging service turned on from customer care. When you’re done, you’ll be able to turn off android message blocking.

There is a block option in all android phones, and if your ass a number, then no message will be sent or received in that number. To fix this, you need to go from phone settings to call settings, there you will see the block list option from where you need to remove the added number, and this way, you will get rid of this problem.

Reasons For Message Blocking

Many factors can block messages from your android phone for various reasons. The most obvious cause for this problem is the temporary maintenance of the mobile carrier. Android messaging services are often turn on the active message blocking for some time due to poor maintenance.

Another reason is that the message sent or received by the blocked listed recipient, even if you block someone’s number, the message blocking will be active. The ultimate reason may be that the user’s premium messaging service is turned off due to a lack of regular maintenance. For all these reasons, you can turn your android message blocking on.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Blocking You?

Your message blocking may be off, but it still doesn’t reach the person after sending the message, so you may have doubts about whether message blocking is still going on. You need to check the block list first and determine if the other person has blocked you. Clear the block list and send the message to the person with another phone.

Then, if the message does not reach them, it is clear that you have been blocked. No need to worry. You may think that the method is not working properly. You can use the above method to turn off message blocking without hesitation.

Final Verdict

Sending a message to a loved one is old, but it is still common. It has a large user base. Android message blocking has many issues, and people often try to figure out how to fix it. This article has explained the message blocking problem, its reasons, and its solution.

We also tell you to eliminate your fears if you have a problem even after fixing the message blocking. You can easily and effectively fix this problem, and you will be able to send and receive instant chargeable messages again. So, we hope you follow the procedure correctly and turn off message blocking.

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