How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10 [Step By Step]

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Users have repeatedly found that after some updates of Windows 10, some drives of the PC malfunction. One of the major issues is not having Bluetooth installed on the PC. Knowing how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10 can help restore your connectivity with other devices.


If your PC doesn’t have a Bluetooth driver, you can download its software. Also, some drivers can come pre-installed on your PC. After installing the driver, you can start using Bluetooth or attach an external Bluetooth adapter to your PC. Both of these methods will restore Bluetooth connectivity in your device. In some cases, just troubleshooting your PC or updating Windows can restore Bluetooth connectivity as well.


Nowadays, Bluetooth is not only the medium of sharing files. It is used to connect wireless headsets, printers, mouses, keyboards, and lots of other external accessories with your desktop or laptop. Bluetooth versions of gadgets are gaining more popularity every day.


Checking If Your Computer Already Has Bluetooth


Before you continue, we’d ask you to give your PC a twofold check for Bluetooth radios. Assuming to have an up-to-date PC, it’s a given that it already has Bluetooth features.


Be that as it may, it used to be a non-existent element on primitive PCs. Over the last couple of years, computers and laptops have started coming bundled with Bluetooth radios.


With the following steps, you can check Bluetooth’s existence on your PC.


Step 1: Go to the “Control Panel.”

Step 2: Open the “Network and Internet” option.

Step 3: Take a look at “Network Connections.”



how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10




If your device has a well-established Bluetooth connection, it will be shown under “Bluetooth Network Connection.”

If not available in the Control Panel, you will need to look in the Windows Device Manager. Device Manager shows the existence of the Bluetooth feature even if it is not correctly installed.


How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10


Turning on the default Bluetooth radio is relatively easy. You can do it in two ways. Those are:


1. Using Keyboard


Some updated PCs have a specific button on the keyboard to activate Bluetooth. Either it is a separate key or under any function key.


Simply switch on the Bluetooth and wait for it to pair with the wanted device. Once they are paired up, you can connect them.



how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10




2. Settings App


If your Windows 10 device has Bluetooth, it will be diagnosed automatically. With the following steps, you can turn on the Bluetooth on any of your PCs with Windows 10.




how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10




Step 1: Tap on the windows key on your PC and follow it by going to the “Settings app.”

Step 2: Open setting option for “Devices.”

Step 3: Go for “Bluetooth and other devices.”

Step 4: Switch on the enabling key by clicking on it.


With Bluetooth enabled in your PC, this will show all the available devices around you. After sending a pairing request, you will be able to connect your device using Bluetooth.


Pairing up


Pairing with devices gives you the choice to interface with different Bluetooth gadgets, like earphones, earbuds, PCs, phones, and fitness watches.


The gadget needs to be set to “Pairing mode.” It should be discoverable. To associate with a gadget, click on it from the list of found Bluetooth items. Afterwards, select “Connect.” The connection ought to get set up fast.


What To Do If The Bluetooth Is Not Working


Sometimes even in the presence of the Bluetooth service, it doesn’t seem to work. In this case, you will need to do some work on it.


Let’s look at some solutions that can help you get back your Bluetooth button.


Run the Windows 10 Bluetooth Troubleshooter


In case your Bluetooth is not working, Windows 10 has Bluetooth troubleshooting. Run the troubleshooter, and it will help you to detect the issue.


Sometimes it will ask you just to restart your PC, and the Bluetooth will be working again. You might need some technical help or move to other solutions in other circumstances.


Update the Bluetooth Driver


When a function on a Windows PC doesn’t work, you should update the driver. As with most parts, Bluetooth connectors do need drivers to work. And as we know, Windows 10 updates break your PC drivers and their ability to function.


Drivers can be updated both automatically and manually. The manual technique may need some technical support to do the work.


You have to find out which PC supports which Bluetooth driver from the Device Manager. Then, search and download the drivers from the official site.


Alternatively, you can download an outsider program that consequently downloads any missing drivers to your PC. These softwares are frequently paid choices.


But be cautious of using these sites, though. Some sites are more apt to download unnecessary drivers. Back up your system drivers before using the sites to update your system.


After installing updated drivers, restart your PC. Then turn the Bluetooth on once more.


Re-Enabling the Bluetooth Software


Sometimes errors happen, and it disrupts work performance. This occurs with Bluetooth very often. The best option for this is to remind the PC.


By going to the Device Manager, track down your Bluetooth. Right-click it and choose Disable Bluetooth device. Again right-click the section and select Enable device. After this, Restart your PC and switch on the Bluetooth once again.


If enabling and disabling doesn’t work, uninstall the driver. Once in a while, a new installation is all it needs. This won’t tamper with the device or cause it to be removed from the list except if you decide to erase the driver.


Bluetooth Support Service


All the mentioned steps should have dealt with issues regarding Bluetooth connection. Still, if they fail, it is time to look up a bit deeper.


Now you need to use the “Run” feature. Take the following steps to get the Bluetooth support service.


Step 1: Press ‘Windows + R” to open the “Run” window.

Step 2: Type “services.msc” in the box. Now press “Ok.”

Step 3: Another window will show up with a list of sections. Right-click on “Bluetooth Support Service.” And choose “Start.” If you can’t tap on the Start, go for “Restart.”




how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10




This should resolve Bluetooth connectivity issues. Except if you want to repeat this each time you start your PC, there’s another step to take.


On the “Service” window, click “Bluetooth Support Service” once more. Find the “Startup type” situated in the “General” tab. Select “Automatic” Click on “Apply.”


Other Factors Causing Bluetooth Failure


Sometimes, it’s just about as straightforward as neglecting to introduce or satisfactorily reattaching the Bluetooth device when playing out a PC for cleaning or fixing. This will remove the Bluetooth icon from the Device Manager, and Bluetooth will not work.


For the most part, one of the above strategies should deal with Bluetooth issues in Windows 10. There’s a little possibility that you will have to take further steps for Bluetooth to work. You can also use manual methods of reintroducing Bluetooth to your device.


Why is Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Still Missing?


After checking your device, you might find that your device is missing the Bluetooth drive. There are a few reasons behind this – such as Corrupted drives, Malware, Outdated Software.


Before getting disheartened, you should know that you can still access Bluetooth. Several ways help you in this process.


How To Add Bluetooth To Windows 10 On A PC That Doesn’t Have Bluetooth


Due to software build-up or hardware build-up, Bluetooth service might not be available on your Windows 10 PC. Whatever the reason is, there are ways you can introduce Bluetooth to your device. If your PC is way too backdated, these processes might not work.


Before introducing Bluetooth to your Windows 10 PC, ensure that the window is updated to the recent version. Also, no Malware should be present on your device.


Here are some ways you can add Bluetooth to your Windows 10 PC.


Install Bluetooth Driver Windows 10


If you do not have Bluetooth drivers, the first thing you want to do is get those installed on your PC. This should be possible immediately, and our suggestion is to ensure you take the speediest course to utilize Bluetooth connectivity.


You can do it in three steps. These steps will ensure that the newly installed Bluetooth supports your computer’s system and works properly. The steps are-


1. Check Your System Information


Before downloading a Bluetooth driver, you want to get some data about your system and note down significant points. This will guarantee that you download the correct Bluetooth drivers viable with your arrangement and Bluetooth technology.


Assuming you download the wrong drivers, you might face wireless connection issues. The system information can be found in the following ways:


Step 1: Hold the “Windows + R” buttons on your keyboard to get to a utility called Run.

Step 2: Now, just input “control” and go for the “OK” button.

Step 3: You will be shown the Control Panel application.

Step 4: Ensure that your view mode is fixed to “Category.” Afterwards, click on the “System and Security.”

Step 5: Then, tap on the “System.” This is where you can see the general info of your device.

Step 6: Check and know the provider of your PCs’ processor in the “System.” The most recognized companies are Intel and AMD. Make sure to down the System type, whether 64-bit or 32-bit.




how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10




After checking your system info, you can precisely determine which Bluetooth driver is needed.


2. Download the Bluetooth Driver Windows 10


After figuring out your system requirements, you can continue to find and download the suitable Bluetooth driver programming that matches your PC.


Bluetooth download can sometimes go wrong, assuming that you haven’t done it previously. So follow the steps below to get detailed information.


Step 1: Open an internet browser. Microsoft Edge or any other browser will work perfectly.

Step 2: Start a web search and put in your processor type. Afterwards, add “Bluetooth driver download” close to it. At that point, hit search.

Step 3: Find the site that takes you to the authorized download. Make sure to download files from the authorized source to avoid viruses and malware contamination.

Step 4: Download the most recent adaptation of the fitting Bluetooth driver for your system. Focus on the architecture form, and download the driver that matches your system.


After you ensure that you have the correct device drivers, the last thing to do is install them.




how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10




3. Install the Bluetooth Driver


To install the Bluetooth driver, open the folder you downloaded in the past and adhere to any on-screen guidelines. This process is different for every operating system. Therefore, the step-by-step approach might be confusing.


Eventually, you may need access to a “local administrator account” to have the option to install the driver. This is a safety feature in Windows 10 to guarantee no wrong or virus-infested drivers can be installed on the PC.


After the installation is finished, you might have to restart your PC. At that point, check if you can get a Bluetooth connection and use Bluetooth and wireless gadgets on your Windows 10 PC.


Install the Bluetooth Adapter to Your Computer


Having a USB Bluetooth adapter attached to your computer is always an easy option. This introduces a USB-type adapter in your computer that helps you connect your device with other Bluetooth.

Here are the three steps you will need to follow to install a Bluetooth adapter on your Windows 10 PC.


Step 1: Having USB Port


Once you settle that your PC undoubtedly needs a Bluetooth radio (in addition to a driver update), it’s an ideal opportunity to ensure you have a free USB port.


In case you don’t, and there’s no making room since you want all your present ports, you will need to get a suitable USB device or a USB extension cord.


Step 2: Installing Dongle


In case you’re introducing the Bluetooth dongle on Windows 8 or 10, the procedure is pretty straightforward: simply plug it in. Windows incorporates the essential Bluetooth drivers needed by the dongle and will install them consequently when it detects the new device.


Installing the dongle on a previous adaptation of Windows, you’ll have to introduce the Bluetooth drivers manually. You’ll realize that you require the drivers depending on the information in the Device Manager.


Step 3: Pairing Devices


Since you have the dongle introduced, you’re now prepared to pair it with another device. A Bluetooth symbol will show up in the framework tab once you insert the dongle (and the suitable drivers are installed).


Right-click the logo and pick “Add a Bluetooth Device” from the setting menu. Just hit the “Pair” button of the device you need to pair up with.

This way, you can get yourself an external Bluetooth adaptor installed on your device.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to add a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to PC Windows 10?


For connecting Bluetooth devices, select Start > type Bluetooth > select Bluetooth settings. After turning on Bluetooth, select the device.


This will show the option to pair. It is a one-way pairing procedure. Clicking on the Pair option will connect you with the speaker.

How do I add Bluetooth hardware to my Windows 10 PC?


Bluetooth hardware can be connected through a dongle or directly with the default Bluetooth connectivity. If the hardware has a dongle, it will not need a paired Bluetooth device. Otherwise, it will pair up with the device.


How to add a PS4 controller to PC Bluetooth windows 10?


On Windows 10, go to the Settings application. Select “Devices” and choose “Bluetooth” from Bluetooth settings. The DualShock 4 will show up here as a “Wireless Controller,” assuming it’s in pairing mode.

Then you will be able to choose it. Now select “Pair” to connect it with your PC.


Why isn’t my PS4 controller showing up on Bluetooth?


Ensure your controller has sufficient battery (above 10%). Afterwards, restart your PC. Click on Cortana search > type Control Panel > pick the first choice from the top. Look for the Bluetooth PS4 controller in the rundown > right-click on it > Select Yes.


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Final Words


Bluetooth is a medium of connecting Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and many other accessories with your computer. Due to some updates of Windows 10 or any other internal issues, Bluetooth problems might arise on your PC.


In all of these cases, knowing how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10 can make your life a lot easier. Otherwise, taking it to a technician for such a trivial issue can cost you a fortune!




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