How to type umlaut on windows 10 [Type äëïöü & ß in MS Word]

Hey, What’s up! Have you ever seen Umlaut letters like this ö? Do you know about this type of letter? If you know about this, we are sure that you have a great interest in it! Do you think about making your Instagram profile more gorgeous? You can type your name with Umlaut letters. It is really interesting! 

You might know, typing Umlaut is not possible with your general keyboard. If you want to do this, make sure you have changed the keyboard settings. Do you use the operating system windows 10? Well today, you will see How to type Umlaut On Windows 10. Let’s have a tour!


What is Umlauts? And Everything You need to know about Umlauts


Let us introduce Umlaut Alphabets. These letters have Individual features. Have you ever noticed anywhere these letters? Umlaut letters carry two dots over them. Even, you can’t relate the pronunciation of Umlaut with the general English alphabet. 

If you think about the origin of this letter, let me clear you. History says, all the signs of Umlaut were formed in Germany. If you go to Germany ever, you might see the letters are available there. 

The meaning of Umlaut is Revealing. That means, Around Sound in German. The dots over the letter means, this is a process where a Vowel sound shifted in the past.


Different Types of Umlauts



Well, the most commonly seen types of Umlauts are: 


  • Vowel raising 
  • Vowel Fronting


Vowel raising is commonly triggered by a high volume. If you notice carefully, you may understand this. This often specifically a high front vowel such as/i/.

Again, Vowel fronting is commonly triggered by a front vowel. But often specifically a high front vowel such as/i/.

If you want to pronounce umlauts, follow this:


  • Ä- You have to make the sound “eh” without gliding into the sound “ey”.
  • Ö-If you want to pronounce this, make sure your lips are in an O shape. Make the sound ê.
  • Ü-The first thing you have to do is “ee” then make your lips as if you are whistling.


How to type umlaut äëïöü On windows 10


Generally, if you want to type umlaut, you have to use your keyboard effectively. To enter characters with Umlauts,

  • you have to try typing <ctrl + ;>
  • Release the keys then type the vowel you want to write. a o or u.

Adding a piece of information, the symbol of Euro is obtained on a British Keyboard. You can get the sign of euro if you type “alt Gr” key and 4 at the same time. I am showing here pictures for your better knowledge. 



How to type Umlaut on windows 10



How to type umlaut äëïöü in Microsoft Word and Office : Things You should follow in Windows 10


To get the keyword or symbols in windows 10, you have to 


  • Open Microsoft word.
  • Now select the Insert tab on the ribbon. You can click insert in the menu bar also.
  • Now select the symbol option from the insert drop down or insert tab.
  • Now select the preferred accented symbol from the list of symbols.



How to type Umlaut on windows 10



If you want to type Umlaut with your keyboard, see these. 


  • ä: If you want to type this, just press on Alt + 0228.
  • ë: Just press on Alt + 0235.
  • ï: for this click on Alt + 0239.
  • ö: Click Alt + 0246.
  • ü: Click Alt + 0252.
  • ÿ: For this, press on the Alt + 0255


For your betterment, I am adding pictures. 


Now you are done! Following these, you will be able to do umlaut letters on your windows 10. 





Q1: How do I umlaut in outlook?


Answer: Okay, follow my technique. It will be a better experience for you.


  • First, Insert a symbol. 
  • Now you have to click on Outlook’s insert menu.
  • Again, click on Symbol.
  • Now do scrolling and search your umlaut letters.
  • Finally, double click on your symbol to select.


Now, you are done. Nice day! 


Q2: How do You type special Characters?


Answer: Well, you need special characters while you will go for coding or something like this. In general, you might need to use these for different purposes. So, this will be good if you have the fluency of typing special characters. 

Keep good attention to my instructions. You will be helped. Suppose, you need to type ÿ this special character.


  • First, you have to press on the Num Lock. Without this, you can’t activate the numeric key section of the keyboard. So, make sure you have pressed!
  • Now, click on the Alt key of your keyboard. You must hold this down.
  • Now type the sequence of numbers on the keypad. For your mentioned special character, you have to type alt + 0255.


Now you are done. You can type all of your special characters with their number sequence like this process.  


Q3: What is the Alt code for umlaut?


Answer: Well, when you will type umlaut on your windows 10 or any computer operating system, you should know the Alt code for Umlaut. We are sharing with you the ultimate Alt codes for Umlaut.


  • For letter Ä the alt code is 0196. The letter type of this is Uppercase Umlaut (A).
  • For letter Ö the alt code is 0214. The letter type of this is Uppercase Umlaut (O).
  • If you want to type Ü this, remember that the code is 0220. Anyway, this is an Uppercase Umlaut (U) type of letter.
  • ß is a Eszett letter (ss). The alt code is 0223. 
  • For this ö letter, the code is 0346 and this is a lowercase Umlaut letter.
  • Ü this letter is a lowercase umlaut letter. For this, you have to type alt 0252. 


That’s all from me. Now you can umlaut easily.



Q4: What is ß called in German?


Answer: well, In German this character is called eszett. If you want to type this on your computer, type alt code 0223. Anyway, this is used in starße and Scheiße. You can say this SS also. 


Final Thoughts 


Overall, you have to know the alt codes if you want to type umlaut on your computer. Again, you can insert symbols and umlaut from your Microsoft word. Whatever this depends on you.

Anyway, if you got the solution of How to type Umlaut on windows 10, don’t be late to make your Instagram profile gorgeous! You were excited and now this is the time to embody your wish. Open your computer and press on your favorite alt codes and insert them! 



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