How to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

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So, you got hyped up about enhancing the power of your computer using an IRST. And now you are wondering how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology. Don’t get sad yet. That’s what happened to many of us. After all, who doesn’t want to experience something better?


However, once the setup and configuration are over, we don’t see the results we expected. If you can relate to this situation, then feel relaxed because this article is all you need to fix the problem.


We will start by knowing the IRST a little bit, the consequences of uninstallation, and finally, we will discuss the removal process.


What Is Intel Rapid Storage Technology?


As the name itself suggests, it is a storage application. It adds some extra expandability to your device. Plus, you don’t have to worry about data protection at all. In case your hard drive crashes, it will work as a backup for all the important data. Your recently used documents will be saved through the IRST. In short, it is designed to complement your hard disk management by significantly reducing the time required to access large-size files.


What Happens After You Uninstall Intel Rapid Storage Technology?


Yes, you want to know how you can uninstall and remove intel rapid storage technology. But it will be beneficial to educate ourselves a little bit about the consequences before we commit it.


Most of the time people download intel rapid storage technology programs hearing all the praises. Some might notice a little enhancement in your SSD but some might not. So why keep it? But the overwhelming question is, will the hard disks and SSD work the same as before if we remove them?


We think it’s important to let this fear go away before you decide whether you want to keep it or delete it.


Theoretically, it is safe to uninstall it. It is not a necessity for your computer in the first place. IRST was popular back when we didn’t use it to get powerful SSDs. It was a medium of increasing the performance of the SSD.


Luckily, nowadays almost every SSD is capable enough to store the maximum amount of data without any help from the IRST. So, attaching an IRST won’t make that big of a change. So why let it use up the space?


If you are also thinking the same, then follow the removal part of this guide and select an appropriate method that seems easier to you. And for those who are not sure if you will miss it or not once it is gone, here is an installation tutorial for you. So you can get it back if your decision changes any time in the future.


It will be a pretty quick tutorial and will work for your windows computer.


  • First, go on the web browser. Let’s assume that you use Google as the default web search engine. On the search bar, you have to type “intel rapid storage technology.”


  • Now here you will see multiple download links. You have to go through the details and choose the version that matches your computer.


  • And once you have found the right match, click on that download button and start the process.


  • Select “set up with the executable” and agree with all the terms and service policies.


  • Once the download is complete you should see a little window or a user account control prompt. Click “yes.”


How To Uninstall Intel Rapid Storage Technology?




  • Click the start button and choose settings.


  • Next move on to the “systems.” After that enter the “apps and features.”


  • Now you will see a window that instructs you to choose an app from the list for uninstallation.


  • You can just type the name.


  • Once the intel rapid storage technology application appears in that window choose “uninstall.”


  • The uninstallation process will soon start. You might have to wait for a little.


  • Press “okay” or “yes” for the following stages.


You have to restart the computer after this. Same as before go to the start icon and select “restart.” It should be just below the “shut down” icon.


Control Panel


This is the most commonly used method for app removal. But make sure you can locate the IRST application on your computer. If you can’t then you need to check the later section of this article where we will troubleshoot this issue as well. Till then stick with us.


  • Like the previous method, go to the start icon and look for the control panel. It should be just below the games and computer options.


  • Enter the control panel and navigate all the icons until you find the “programs and features” option.




how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology




  • Among all the programs that you get to see in the list now, you have to select the particular application. In our case, it will be intel rapid storage technology.


  • Select that application and click on the “uninstall and change” button at the top of the screen.


  • After selecting that you will receive a window. Click on the uninstall button here too.


  • The process has been started. Just be a little patient at this point. After the uninstallation is done, choose the finish button. For smaller size apps the process requires only 4 seconds max.


  • Refresh the computer and check whether it worked or not.


We advise you to restart the computer before you start using it again.


System Restore


For many of us who installed a program and then hated it, we wished there was an undo button. Because we want the device to go back to its previous condition and erase all the changes we made through an application. The thing is, there exists such a button on your computer. It is called system restore.


If you want to erase all the changes the IRST made to your device, then this method will be the best one for you. Follow this tutorial step by step.


  • Click on the start menu. On the search bar, type “recovery.” The icon has a blue screen with a clock and a green arrow.




how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology




  • Now choose “open system restore.”


  • A new window will appear with the information regarding your recent installation and updates.


  • Now you can choose the most recent restore point and click “next.”




how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology




  • You must pay attention to the notifications that come along. If you are happy to go with it, press “yes” or “finish.”


  • A message will warn you stating “once started, system restore can not be interrupted, do you want to continue?”


  • If you are comfortable press “yes.” Now the screen will go blue and the procedure will start. It might take around 25-30 minutes depending on the computer.


  • Once it is over, you will receive another message that will notify whether the restore was successful or not.


  • However, if it was not successful, you can go back to the system restore window and choose a different restore point.


  • Click on “Choose a different restore point” and go “next.” You can use any point you like until one of them works.


Another thing with system restore is that sometimes it will show the unsuccessful message but the problem will be fixed anyway. So you can assume that the restore worked.




If all the methods above failed in your computer, we suspect this is malware disguised as the intel rapid storage technology. Since we have to download it from browsers, it is possible to download it from an unreliable source. Plus, hackers are good at labeling their infected programs as authentic ones, so people get easily confused.


If that’s the case with you too, you have to remove it just the way you would get rid of a virus from your computer. We advise you to download a reputed antivirus and let it do the job for you.


But if you use windows 10 then we have an easier solution for you.


  • First, go to the start menu and type “run” on the search bar.
  • Pretty soon the run icon will appear before you. Check on it.



how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology




  • Then you have to write “cleanmgr” on the typing bar and press “ok.”




how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology




  • Now choose the drive where that particular malicious file is located.


  • And put a tick on that application. Make sure you remove the ticks from the other safety programs. Otherwise, you might lose them as well.


  • Once this process is over, repeat it but this typewrite “temp” on the typing bar of the “run” window.


  • It will show you a list of viruses available on your device. Select them all and delete them.


  • Moving back, go to the Run window again and this time, write “%temp%.” don’t get tired yet. It’s the last step we promise.


  • You will again see a list of viruses. Select all of them and press “delete.”


And that’s how you get to remove this unwanted application from your computer.


Is The Intel Rapid Storage Technology Not Showing?


Remember we told you to wait while describing the method of uninstalling rapid storage technology from the control panel? Well, thanks for the cooperation. Now we will resolve the issues that many of us face while using the control panel to remove unwanted apps.


The problem is that some apps like the intel rapid storage technology are often not shown when we go to the control panel. As a result, the process gets complicated more than it should. So what is the remedy?


No worries. We will describe to you how you can uninstall an application that is missing in the control panel.


  • Yes, it is very much possible to have a program installed on your computer and yet missing in your control panel.


  • All you need to do is go to the search bar located at the bottom of your home screen and type “intel rapid storage technology.”


  • Once it appears in front of you, look at the details beneath it and choose “open file location.”


  • On the location, you see two things. One of them will be “uninstall IRST.” Click on that and wait.


  • A prompt will come. Just press “okay” to get it over with.


And that’s all. After the wait is over you can check for its presence on your computer.


Got more queries for us? Check out the FAQ section below to find more related questions and answers.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is It Safe To Uninstall Intel Rapid Storage Technology?


Yes, it is completely safe to uninstall intel rapid storage technology. Your computer doesn’t need it in the first place. Following the methods in this article, you can remove it.


2. Do I Need Intel Rapid Storage Technology?


It depends on the computer. Most of the new generation computers come with highly-efficient SSDs and hard disks. So there is little requirement for an IRST for further flexibility or improvement. At the end of the day, it is your choice.


3. How Do I Know If My Intel Rapid Storage Technology Is Working?


Go to the task manager> enter the services tab> locate intel rapid storage technology. Here you can see if it is running or not. If it’s not running, you can right-click on it and make it start working again.



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So that was our take on how to uninstall intel rapid storage technology. We elaborated on multiple methods to resolve this problem. There is another solution. It includes giving certain commands on the registry.


However, that requires a lot of precaution and should be done by experts only. Because a small mistake in typing the command (even a spelling error), can be enough to crash the entire system. It will cost you a good chunk of money to recover the computer after the mishap.


That’s why we would suggest you don’t try that yourself. It would be better if you just stick with the methods we described above.


Hope you enjoyed the entire article!

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