How to uninstall nox player?

With NoxPlayer, running Android apps/games on either Windows or iOS is a piece of cake! But this app can be irritating when it slows down your computer performance and eats up too much space on your hard disk.


And removing it might seem a bit overwhelming if you are not a tech expert. And this is probably why you are wondering how to uninstall nox player without any headaches, right?


Well, to make things easier for you, there are some uninstall tools and system features available. But you need to maintain some Dos and Don’ts while following the methods. Otherwise, you cannot remove the app once and for all.


So let us walk you through the methods to make sure you do not mess anything up!


How to Uninstall Nox on PC (Windows)


Whether you use Windows 7, 8, or 10, you can easily remove the unwanted nox player from your pc with the built-in features. Just follow any of these easy methods to get it done:


Method 1: Uninstall Program


  • Open Start Menu then the Control Panel


  • Now, select “Programs”


  • Find the Nox Player and once you right-click on it and Uninstall a Program will appear


  • Afterward, from the progress bar, remove the app straight away




how to uninstall nox




Method 2: CCleaner


This method works best if you have malware on your PC. So let’s see how to perform:



  • Open the CCleaner and find the Tools option from the left panel


  • Click on the Uninstall, then find out the Nox player


  • Select the Nox App and then click on the Delete or Uninstall button to remove the app permanently




how to uninstall nox




Method 3: Apps and Features


  • Press the Windows button on your keyboard or click on the Search Bar from the taskbar


  • Now, write “Apps and Features” then open it


  • Once you are done, find the Nox Player and Select it


  • After following the steps, make sure to check the bin. Feel free to clean it as well for complete removal of the Nox player




how to uninstall nox




  • An Uninstall popup will appear, you need to click the Uninstall option twice


  • The App will be removed in a while


How to Uninstall Nox Player on Mac?


Mac OS does not come with any separate removing feature, unlike Windows. So if you are a newbie in terms of using Mac, removing an app may seem too much of work. But in reality, it is a lot faster compared to Windows. You just need to follow any of the methods we have given below:


Method 1: From the Launchpad


This method can be effective if you have installed the app from Mac App Store. All you need to do is:


  • If the app is running in the background, right-click on it and select the Quit option 


  • Now, open the Launchpad from the Dock and find the Nox app




how to uninstall nox




  • If you long-press the Nox icon, it will start jiggling


  • Once the Cross or Delete button appears on the left corner, click on it straight away, and it will remove the app


Method 2: OSX Uninstaller


  • If you think you cannot remove the app manually, an OSX uninstaller can make things easier for you


  • Once you install and launch the OSX, open it and click on Run Analysis




how to uninstall nox




  • Right now, click on the Complete Uninstall or Removal option and grant the permission




how to uninstall nox




  • Within a minute, it will remove the nox player completely


After following any of the methods, do not forget to remove the app cache data. And to do that you need to follow these steps:


  • Select Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/ on the empty box, then press Return on the keyboard



how to uninstall nox




  • Then from the Application Support, find the Associate Files or Cache and Preference folders to clear them




how to uninstall nox




  • Make the bin fully empty and it will remove any data from the Nox player


These steps are a must to follow. It will ensure no leftover data from the app lingers around your system.


How to Uninstall Nox When Not Showing?


Sometimes, you cannot find the nox player icon on your home screen. And you cannot either find it from the Launchpad or search bar. It usually happens if you run Mac OS X. In such a case, don’t forget to follow these simple steps mentioned below:


  • From the home screen, you need to select Finder



how to uninstall nox




  • Now look at the left side-bar and you will find the Applications option from the drop-down list


  • After you click Applications, you need to find the nox player icon, then drag and drop it to the bin located on the taskbar




how to uninstall nox




  • Remember that, before you drop the app to the bin, sometimes your OS can ask for a password. So, enter the password of your user account


  • You need to right-click on the bin to empty the bin completely




how to uninstall nox




  • If you cannot find the trash bin or the nox app bounces back to its original place, right-click on the app and select the Move to Trash option to remove the app


Finally, take off the leftovers as reviewed above, and that’s it!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Which Button Uninstall Nox If It’s in Chinese?


The nox player is an app developed in China. So by default sometimes the language is set in Chinese, especially if the update is done in China. And it can be in Chinese because of the device’s default language.


But you can change it to English from the Go to General, and Language options. Then you can find the uninstall button in English for nox player in the Apps and Features.


2. How to Uninstall an App in Nox Player?


If you do not want to uninstall the whole Nox player, you can uninstall some of its apps. All you need to do is open the Nox app, and hover your cursor over the app you want to uninstall. Then click on the right mouse button and hold it until a delete or Uninstall menu appears.


After releasing the click, drag your cursor over the menu and click uninstall button to remove any game or app.


3. Is Nox Player Safe to Use?


Yes, the Nox player is safe to use as it is not any non-registered emulator. It does not invite any malware. However, it can slow down your operating system. And in such a scenario, it is better to remove the app.



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Wrapping Up!


Not everyone wants to run the Nox player forever on their computer, especially when the OS is getting too buggy. If the app seems too laggy, uninstall it immediately with any of the methods reviewed above, and it will give a boost to the performance of your PC.


No matter which method you follow, make sure not to fall for any non-registered uninstall tools. So now that you know how to uninstall nox player in the safest way possible, you will not have to depend on any method that might invite malware, hopefully!

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