How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10( Quick Solution )

Have you ever noticed a software  PC accelerator when you were working on your computer? If you noticed, what you did? We believe that it offered you a better computer optimization program! Did you think it helps your PC to run better? Have you installed it? 


We guess your computer performance is decreasing now. It hurts! Don’t be Upset. You didn’t know the actual story of how the PC accelerates but will know the actual solution. As you installed it, this is possible to uninstall also. Once again, you can get your old and faster computer! If you are a user of the Operating system Windows 10, this is the right place to learn. Today we will share with you the technique of How to uninstall PC accelerate on windows 10


What is PC Accelerate


PC Accelerate is a potentially unwanted program that damages computer performance. Generally, PC accelerate software convinces users with false information. It is an intentional Deception. At the time of using a computer, it appears randomly. 

Furthermore, it shows that it is an amazing computer optimization program. PC Accelerator will show more if you purchase it your Computer will run better. But the sad reality is, it damages the computer speed and other programs. In reality, all of the features it shows are wrong.


How PC accelerate Pro Gets on computer


Most of the users are not aware of PC accelerator pro. Seeing wrong information, users install this unwanted program. This type of software is promoted or offered through advertisements. Even, these types of programs like pc accelerator are offered as bundled with other applications. So, most of the time, users become perplexed and ask where it came from?

Generally, this is the easiest way for viruses to attack a computer. So, you should be more responsible when installing programs or applications. 


Uninstall PC Accelerate pro – The Ultimate Virus Removal Guideline


To uninstall your unwanted programs like PC accelerate pro, you have to follow some steps. Be attentive and watch carefully. We will attach pictures for your better understanding. 


Step-1: Remove Pc Accelerate from windows


For removing the unwanted programs like PC Accelerate, 

  1. Go to the settings. If you don’t know where the setting is, click on the start button from the taskbar. Now choose the settings option.
  2. Now click on the apps option. Then you will see apps and feature options. Select it.
  3. Now you have to find out the malicious programs and remove them.



How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10



Step-2: Use Malwarebytes to uninstall Unwanted program


Now, you are in the second step! In this step, you have to install Malwarebytes to scan and remove viruses. Follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to download Malwarebytes for free from the Microsoft store.
  2. If you installed Malwarebytes, click on the scan button.



How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10



3.Now you will see the quarantine button. Click on it.


How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10


4.Finally, restart the computer.


Step-3: Use Hitman Pro 


In the third step, you need to scan the Malwarebytes. Do you need help? Okay, we are showing steps.

  1. Firstly, install the Hitman Pro software.
  2. After scanning, you must activate the free license. 



How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10



Step-4: AdwCleaner 


In this step, you need to use AdwCleaner to scan for other settings that may be changed on your computer. So, follow this:

  1. Go to the store and download the AdwCleaner application.
  2. Then set up the application and click on the scan option.



How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10



3.Now you will see the clean and restart option. Tap on it. 



How to uninstall PC accelerate on Windows 10



Now you are done! You can remove all of your malicious programs effectively if you follow these steps. You know that each unwanted program is responsible for slowing a computer device. So, this learning will be productive. 




Q1: How do I know if my computer has Malware?

Answer: Okay, you can understand easily this. If your computers get malware, you must notice some actions. We are mentioning some.

  • Slow computer performance: Have you ever noticed your computer takes more time to open? We know your computer is late in showing search results now. Yes, it has got malware. 
  • BSOD. This stands for Blue screen for Death. 
  • Not enough space to download applications or software.
  • Too many pop-ups, unwanted applications, toolbars, or websites appearance. 
  • Unexpected activities of modem or hard drives.
  • Spam messages and links, etc.

These are some common factors of attacking malware. If you face these types of issues you need to scan your device. 


Q2: How do I check my computer for malware?

Answer: If you noticed any suspected activity on your computer, never be late to check it out. We are showing you the process of checking malware on the computer. Look carefully.

  • Firstly, you have to open your computer. Go to the settings on it.
  • You will see here the update and security option. Press on it. 
  • Now go to the windows security option and open it.
  • Now click on the virus and threat protection button to do an anti-malware scanning.
  • Furthermore, click on the quick scan button. Now, your system will start scanning. 

Finally, you will get all of your scanning results. Your windows security will show you the list. Hurry up! Scan and check them out!


Q3: Is PC Accelerate pro a virus?

Answer: Well, we are answering your question differently. In our opinion, you will understand your Question.

PC accelerate pro is an unwanted program. Although, it is explained as a PC optimization application. Again, it will offer you a better cleaner application. For a better computer running experience, you will install it. But it is not in reality.

As a result, you can feel your computer is performing slowly. You may face some pop-ups issues and spam also. You won’t like this and try to remove it. 

Is your answer clear? 


Q4: How do I set up Malwarebytes?

Answer: Follow these steps carefully.

  • Go to the store and search for the latest version of Malwarebytes software for windows.
  • Now you will see the download button. Do double click on it.
  • Click on the set-up option. Choose the personal computer icon.
  • Now, this is time to install!
  • After the free installation, you will see a scanning option. Tap on this.
  • After some time, a quarantine option will appear and you have to select it.
  • Now, it’s time to restart your computer. 

You are done.


Q5: Is AdwCleaner free?

Answer: Well, AdwCleaner is a program that finds Adware and deletes them. 

From your computer, you can easily search toolbars, PUP, and browser hijackers with the help of AdwCleaner software. It is available in the Microsoft store. 

Yes, this is free software!


Final Thoughts


Overall, PC accelerate is not a trustworthy program. It offers more but does less. The main problem is that this could be harmful to your device.

Anyway, you have faced problems with your slow computer and suddenly you came here for the solution. We think that you are clear about How to uninstall PC Accelerate windows 10 now. No more worries! We trust that you can check, scan and remove malware now. 

So, Don’t be late! Go to your computer and make it safe and faster! Good Luck!  

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