How To Uninstall The Invasive Weatherport App On An Android Phone?

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Weather apps are a fundamental part of android devices. You probably use the app too. Remember when you opened the phone and got an umbrella reminder? And that saved you from getting all wet on the journey.


If you can relate to these incidents, then you already know the weather port app. But today we will focus on the nature of this app and why it is so hard to uninstall. And not just that, we will also show you a step-by-step tutorial of how to uninstall the invasive weatherport app on an android phone.


So, if you are ready to get some education, then let’s dive straight into it!


What Is The Weather Port App?


Before we talk about the functions of the weather port app, we need to understand launcher apps. What is a launcher app in android?


Well, launcher apps are responsible for making your home screen customizable and trendy. That’s the best thing about android. You can decide which theme or pattern you want on your phone. This feature is missing in the IOS. But thanks to the android launching apps, you can go beyond limited stock interfaces.


Now, why are we talking about launcher default apps here? That’s because the weather port app also falls into this category.


Being a launcher app, this software changes the home screen interface. It provides you weather report based on your location. You can also customize the report position to anywhere. In short, this app has access to change or organize the apps on your phone.


How Does It Work?


The basic purpose of this app is to deliver weather reports with a touch of a finger. The unique characteristic of this app is its detailed updates. For example, the temperature or weather forecast gets updated hourly and weekly. The report includes temperature, wind condition, cloud cover, and humidity level. So you can be prepared for the day before going out.


It allows you to choose a layout for the display. You can go dark or bright according to your mood. As you open the phone, the first thing you will see is a weather port user interface and then you can access all your apps with a swipe.


Deleting it wouldn’t be as easy as other apps. You can press on the app and enter the info page. The “uninstall” button would be in a grey shade. That means you can’t uninstall it directly.


How to Uninstall the Invasive Weatherport App on an Android Phone?


Deleting it wouldn’t be as easy as other apps. You can press on the app and enter the info page. The “uninstall” button would be in a grey shade. That means you can’t uninstall it directly. But there are some methods you can follow:


Method 1:


  • Enter the settings> find app manager.


  • Find the weather port app and check on it> click on “app info.”


  • Select the home screen. It would show you an interface with two options. One is the weather home and another one is UI home. It would have a tick beside the weather app.



how to uninstall the invasive weatherport app on an android phone




  • All you have to do is tick the first option that says on UI home. And Boom! Your phone is back to normal.


  • Now, find the app again using the app manager. Then press and hold it for a few seconds. It will show you a notification with the option for uninstallation.


  • Just click on “uninstall” and that’s it.


This method might vary a little for Motorola users. So let’s clarify the steps given below:


  • Before entering the settings app and tap on apps.


  • You have to choose the “default apps” button. As you do that, you will have the list of apps running as a default.


  • Locate the specific app there. Press and hold the app for some seconds.


  • Then, enter the app info page and press on “uninstall.”


Method 2:


In this second method to uninstall weather port, we will use the Google Play Store. So let’s see:


  • Open the Play Store App. Click on your profile.


  • Tap on the first option you find there. It will be “manage apps and devices.”


  • Change the mode to “manage,” when you enter the next interface.


  • You get a list of apps that you installed through this portal. You have to find the “weather home” app from this list.


  • Tap on the app and choose “delete.” Simply click on the trash icon.


Method 3:


This method is for rooted devices. Many people wonder why they can’t uninstall weather port even though they have full control of the phone through rooting. This can be frustrating.


You might have a system app remover software. You can download the app from the play store easily. Once you agree with the terms and enter the app, you have all the apps within your phone available there. You can find and choose the weather port app there.


Put a tick on the box and click on the uninstall option. It will ask for “root” permission. After you grant that, the process will start.


However, for many rooted devices, this method didn’t work. After clicking on the uninstall button, you will get a failure notification. So how do you solve it? There is an alternative way to do it. Our main job is to not let this app run as an administrator.




how to uninstall the invasive weatherport app on an android phone




When an app has the permission to run as an administrator, it doesn’t require your interruption to make any change to your device. The rule of “uninstall” doesn’t apply to those apps.


Follow the steps below in order to delete it –


  • Go to the settings app> scroll down and select the “security.”


  • Under the category “device administration,” you have to put a tick beside “unknown sources” and “verify apps.” By checking on the unknown sources option, you are giving this phone permission to allow applications from sources other than the Play Store.


  • Now, click on the device administrations. Deactivate the third option from there. Just simply remove the tick.




how to uninstall the invasive weatherport app on an android phone




  • And then, you can go back to the applications manager. In the list, you have to find the weather home again.


  • Click on the app and enter the info page. Now, you would see an “uninstall” button that’s working.


  • Just click on “uninstall” and the phone will delete the app permanently.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to Uninstall System Apps?


There are many ways to uninstall system apps. You can use a third-party uninstaller for that purpose or root your phone. Most of these apps will require root access to your phone.


2. Is The Weather App Free?


The weather port is completely free. Most people assume it to be bloatware. They think it offers a free trial for some time. After that, the nudging starts. That’s not the case with this app. The makers claim that they have not included any hidden price in it.


3. Is The Weather App A Virus?


No, the weather port or the weather home app is not a virus. A virus or bug creates confusion within the operating system and destroys it slowly. However, the purpose of this app is something else. It makes sure that you never have to encounter sudden rain or snow.



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Android users get a lot of convenience through launcher apps. It helps the users maintain their unique taste and individuality. However, some of us might not like the idea and want to go back to the old home screen. That’s not a problem. Launcher apps like weather ports are easy to remove.


But you have to follow some specific tricks for that. And many people struggle in that area. That’s why we explained all the different methods elaborately. Hope you don’t have any more doubt regarding how to uninstall the invasive weatherport app on an android phone.


With that, we are signing off. Hope you enjoyed the entire article.

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