How To Unlock Disabled Iphone?

how to unlock disabled iphone

It’s pretty common for people to forget their iPhone passwords. When they try to enter with the wrong password, they fail several times. Too many attempts trigger the iPhone, and it gets disabled. Therefore, how to unlock disabled iPhone to use it further?


It’s not tough to unlock your disabled iPhone without losing your data. You can unlock disabled iPhones without iTunes, with iTunes, with iCloud service, with a computer, without a computer. But remember to use the recovery mode or have any backup plan while getting your iPhone unlocked.


Though it’s possible to recover the data and unlock your iPhone, it’s better to avoid such situations. But for any unwanted accidents, you should learn the recovery techniques.


Why Does the iPhone Get Disabled?


The reason for disabled or locked iPhone is pretty straightforward, which is too many attempts of logging in through the wrong password.


The first five attempts of the wrong iPhone passcode are considerable. But for the sixth attempt, you have to wait one minute. And this time, you will get two attempts to enter the correct passcode. If you are wrong seven times straight, you will have to wait for 5 minutes for the next attempt.


The time will gradually increase by 15 minutes, 30 minutes for your 8th and 9th attempt. And lastly, when you are wrong for the 10th time, the system will erase iPhone data for good.




how to unlock disabled iphone




How To Unlock Disabled iPhone?


There’s literally no way of iPhone data recovery without unlocking your phone. That’s why you need to learn how to unlock the iPhone disabled. If you don’t, you have to go to the nearest Apple store and ask Apple support to unlock your phone.


But do you know how much does apple charge to unlock a disabled iPhone? Well, you can buy a new phone with this Apple pay. Typically, you can unlock an iPhone in several ways. Use the one that seems appropriate to you.


How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone with iTunes?


Typically, all the iPhones are synced with iTunes. If you have also synced your device previously, you can easily reset your iPhone and won’t have to wonder how to unlock a disabled iPhone without losing data.


Here’s what you should do to fix the disabled iPhone:


Step 1: Get a USB cable to connect the iPhone with the computer. Make sure the laptop has the previous synchronization with your iPhone.


Step 2: Launch iTunes to detect all the information line iPhone contacts, files, photos, etc.



how to unlock disabled iphone




Step 3: You may see some prompt over the lock screen notifying you about your iPhone being disabled. Ignore the messages.


Step 4: Press the home button and power button simultaneously to reset iPhone. As your phone is already connected to iTunes, it will show a recovery mode screen. Don’t remove your finger from the home button until you see this message.


Step 5: Choose the restore option.


Step 6: After a hard reset, all the data will be restored on the iPhone.


How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone Without iTunes?


Is your iPhone not syncing with iTunes? Well, don’t worry because you still have some hope. So, how to unlock an iPhone that’s disabled? The answer is recovery mode.


For iPhone unlock, here’s what you do:


Step 1: Connect the computer with the iPhone with a USB cable.


Step 2: Launch iTunes on your computer and update the latest version.


Step 3: Open finder, which is basically an iPhone unlocker. Then restart your iPhone.




how to unlock disabled iphone




The rest of the procedure is different for different iPhone and iPad series.


How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone 6s or earlier/ iPhone SE?


Press the home button and power button together. Don’t remove your finger until the Apple logo appears. After that, hold a bit longer to let the device enter into recovery mode.


How To Unlock Disabled iPhone 7 Without iTunes?


In the 7th series and iPad 7th generation, things are a bit different.


For iOS system recovery, you need to press the volume down button and hold the top simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. And keep them pressed until your iOS device enters recovery mode.


How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone 11/XR/8/8-Plus/12 Series?


The system recovery has changed for iPhone 8, iPhone X, and the upper series.


At first, quickly press and release both volume down and up buttons serially. After that, press and hold the side buttons. Release them when the device enters into recovery mode.


After that, the whole process is the same for all iOS devices. Tap “ok” to carry on restoring the data. It may take a while (about 10 to 15 minutes). All the files will be removed because of a factory reset. And then fix the restore iPhone default factory settings to the latest version.




how to unlock disabled iphone




How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone with iCloud Service?


iCloud is one of the amazing features of Apple inc. You won’t need a computer for that. So, how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or a computer?


Well, here’s how you use iCloud backup:


Step 1: First, turn off cellular data and connect to a WIFI network.


Step 2: If you are an iPhone 7 user or earlier, go to iCloud storage and backup from the settings


Step 3: If you are an iPhone 8 user or later, go to backup from the settings.


Step 4: Turn on the iCloud storage backup.


Step 5: Tap on the “manage storage” option for selective transfer and details.


Step 6: Restart your iPhone and log in with your Apple ID.


Typically, Apple gives 5GB storage for free with every Apple ID. If you need more, you can buy it at a reasonable price.


How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone Without a computer?


You can also reset your iPhone and have backups without a computer. The process is pretty simple to fix iPhone that’s disabled:


Step 1: Go to the “find my iPhone” website and log in via iCloud.




how to unlock disabled iphone




Step 2: Access the Apple account.


Step 3: Select your iPhone from the drop-down list.


Step 4: Select “erase iPhone” and confirm it.




how to unlock disabled iphone




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How To Unlock Disabled iPhone Without Touch Screen Working?


It would be a great problem when the iPhone’s touch screen is not working. Therefore, you need to go to settings and enter your Touch ID and password. Then, enroll more fingerprints and make sure iTunes and App store is on.


After that, try the new fingerprints and see whether it’s working or not.


How Can You Avoid Your iPhone Getting Disabled?


To avoid the hassles of backup and restoring, you need to take some measures. How can you avoid such a situation?


There are ways to avoid disabled iPhones, and all are hidden in the iPhone features. You can enable raise to wake or tap to wake from the accessibility mode.


Reduce the lock time by keeping it at least one minute. Set an easy passcode to remember. And don’t forget to enable touch ID and face ID. These Apple features are pretty secure and helpful.



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Bottom Line


Forgetting the passwords of your iPhone would be a massacre. No files will be left on your iPhone. You can use iTunes, Find iPhone, or iCloud to recover your iPhone.


Hopefully, the described methods of how to unlock disabled iPhone will come in handy if you ever face such a situation. Don’t be too hasty while setting a password on your iPhone!

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