How To Unlock My Android Phone After Too Many Wrong Pattern Attempts?

Hands down, Android users are the maximal among all types of mobile users. Users maintain this device as personal folders keeper or any other confidential information preserver. And its importance is the same as basic needs.


As you know, the android phone comes with a pattern lock feature to keep the information safe. But it becomes complicated when you can’t remember the pattern. Even after a few failed attempts, you become anxious about how to unlock my android phone after too many wrong pattern attempts?


At that moment, your nerves become cold and numb! But the good news is, you don’t need to worry about it as we will show you 4 different methods you may apply in terms of unlocking your android device. We will also walk you through the effective way of factory reset.


So let’s get into it without wasting any time!


 How to Unlock My Android Phone after Too Many Wrong Pattern Attempts without Factory Reset?


Factory data reset is easy and one of the most common methods to unlock your device. But as this process removes phone data and applications, there is a bit of indecision to do this.


For example, suppose you need some installed applications or any internal storage data immediately after the opening. In that case, you won’t be able to make it as you have already removed the data. So, the process may cause more trouble due to internal data loss. For this unwanted cause, it is becoming the last option for the users.


There are a few alternative processes like google account login, FRP code execution, and ADB. These names are complex, but the task is more manageable than even pronouncing. And you can also protect the data from being deleted.


In order to find out the solutions, please keep reading and pick the most yieldable method given below:


1. Emergency FRP Voice Call 


FRP code removes the activated google account on your phone so that you can efficiently operate the phone without a password. It will protect all the data immediately after the activation. So again, you can activate your Google account and restore all your phone’s data.


This is the primary method that you can apply and unlock the device without losing any data. But for this method, you need the device FRP code, which is almost the same for all android phones and just keep changes every month, so just collect the FRP code from google before starting the process:


  • Turn on the screen and press “Emergency Call” at the bottom of the screen


  • Now Dial *#98686*125*2525# for three times in a row 


  • Press “OK” whenever it appears after each dial, it will send a command to your phone’s security developer option


  • After the command, the developer option will be activated


  • Now put the FRP code on the dial seven times


  • Every time press “OK.” 


  • After the last method, you will see the home button option bottom of the phone


  • Don’t press the back button


  • Press the home button and change the new password.


After applying this method, we hope you will be able to unlock your device without any hassle.


1. Google Account Login


Google login is the easiest method if you have synced your Google account on your device. For applying this procedure, your mobile needs to connect with Wi-Fi or data; if the device is not connected to the internet, you won’t be able to function this method:


  • After applying the wrong pattern again and again, “Google account login” will appear.


  • Then apply the “google id” and “password.’’ 


  • You must have to apply the connected google id with the device


Google login is one of the smoothest methods and safe if you have an internet connection. Through the procedure, you can protect your data from permanent removal.


3. ADB Pattern Change Method


ADB or android debug bridge is time-consuming but gives an accurate result without losing any data. For this unlock process, you will need a PC or Laptop and a USB cable. While applying it, the user needs to be very cautious as a minimum mistake can remove all the data.


Keep the data cable connection steady, so the link doesn’t get disconnected. Follow the orders mentioned below:


  • At first, enable or setup ADB function in your PC


  • Select USB debugging from the developer options


  • Connect your android device with the desktop PC or laptop via USB cable


  • Go to “Command Prompt” and type “ADB SHELL.”


  • Now “ALLOW USB DEBUGGING” and select ALLOW/ OK/ Yes


  • Now you can change your lock pattern.


  • So now you have to follow the pattern, if you see closely, you can see that there are nine dots available, and the dots are exactly designed as old manual phone numbers pattern.



how to unlock my android phone after too many wrong pattern attempts




  • So according to that, the middle dot is no 5, and the first one is number 1, the second dot is number 2, and the last dot is number 9.




how to unlock my android phone after too many wrong pattern attempts




  • Now select “set ADB” pattern 


  • Now the old pattern will appear, and you can set the new pattern (Lock setting>set pattern >old*** new ***)


4. The “Find My Device” Option


For this feature, you must know your google account password so that you can operate the functions from another device. Through this task, you can manage your phone from another device. You have to fully complete the process once you start, it will either lock the device strongly or you will need an expert.


  • Install the “find my device” application directly or enter the website and log in from there.


  • You will see a list; now, select your phone from the list.


  • Select the “Erase” option and press it repeatedly and it will restore the factory setting and remove the current lock system.


  • Now you can enter to the phone without password


There is a barrier that you won’t be able to login into your device, especially when you don’t connect your phone to the internet.


5. Factory Reset/Master Reset/Hard Reset




how to unlock my android phone after too many wrong pattern attempts




Factory reset is the most commonly used, and almost everyone knows the function. It is also known as master reset or hard factory reset. It plays a significant role in removing all your internal mobile phone data, and the installed applications and will disconnect the Wi-Fi connection straight away.


Your internal data will be affected, but the stored data in the SD memory card and google can restore. But for extra safety purposes, you can remove the SD card. In fact, a master reset will make your phone exactly new, like when you bought it.


So follow these steps given below to learn how this can be done:


  • Press the “Power button” and “volume down/up” key together and keep pressing until you see the commands 


  • To manage the scroll, use the “volume up and down” button


  • Now press to Factory reset/or data wipe


  • Select “YES”


  • Pick the reboot device option


  • After the restart, you will have a fresh phone.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What is FRP google code and how does it work?


FRP or factory reset protection is a safeguard of phone’s data, personal information, and screen lock and it is applicable for android version 5.1 lollipop and upper. It is connected directly with the google account on your phone.


Except for the google account aviation, you cannot use this function. So in case of an emergency, unlocking the device, you can easily use FRP unlock method. 


2. How many wrong patterns will keep my data safe?


There is confusion about the number of maximum attempts. Basically, one to nine attempts are enough. Less than ten times the wrong pattern will keep your data safe. But after ten times, your device will remove all the data and reset functions automatically.


So, in case you forget the password, you can apply this method and remove the SD card before using this. If you want to conserve your data safely, it’s better to try less than ten times and apply another given method.


3. What is the pattern unlocking method for android version 4.4 and lower?


All the discussed methods are actually for the higher version android phones. You can use the Google Login method if your android phone is older than the 4.4 version. After multiple tries, you will see “forget password” at the bottom of the phone; press the option and enter your activated google id and password.


This will direct you to the option of resetting your password. So, you can still save your internal storage data.


4. What is ADB or Android Debug Bridge?


Android Debug Bridge is a control program with the Android operating system. It allows you to interface with a device and do a variety of tasks, including installation and debugging apps, moving data back and forth, and running commands from the “Unix shell.” 


5. How to restore the android phone’s lost data?


Once your Android phone has been lost or stolen, you won’t be able to recover any data from it. You can only use Google’s cloud-cached data, including contacts, wallpapers, calendar entries, and certain account information. It does not automatically back up photographs, games, videos, or other material, so you should set up backups right away.


You can set up Google Drive sync to backup pictures, movies, audio, and other files, and then start with 15GB of storage and add more if you like. Google Drive allows the user to access store files to the cloud automatically or manually.



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Final Words!


The screen lock feature helps to protect personal data and gives safety protection. Being a person and busy with multiple tricky things, it is pretty obvious that your tired forgetful mind can’t recognize the pattern lock all of a sudden. Every single problem has a solution. So if you forget your password, just stay calm.


Yes, because we think this article is enough to teach you how to unlock my android phone after too many wrong patterns attempts without losing any data.


Try to keep your mobile internet on, especially when you are outside, and remember the google account’s Id plus password correctly. This will make your work way easier.

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