How To Unmute Text Messages On Android [ Easy Guide]

how to unmute all text messages on android

Perhaps someone was messaging you repeatedly on your android phone or messenger or gossiping in a group while you were passing through super busy days. So, you didn’t seem to be interested in joining them right then. You wanted to reconnect with all of them or even individually later.


That’s why you muted either them on messenger or Android. Now, you need to unmute all text messages immediately on Android. But you don’t have enough knowledge of how to unmute text messages on Android. So, you’re stuck in a situation of searching for the answers to many more questions related to this. Well, this can be a full guide on how to accomplish it by following the right path.


Why Are All My Text Messages Muted?

When talking about muted messages, it can be because of tapping on different features such as a mute sign, menu bar, or do not disturb unintentionally or unconsciously. Muted text messages refer to getting the messages but not the notification.


1. Concentration Break/Absent Minded

From Samsung galaxy to many versions of android phones have some features called ‘Mute Sign’, ‘Do not disturb’.If tapping on those features, text messages will be muted. Sometimes, we don’t concentrate on what we’re doing and thus press on the wrong feature.


2. Children

Children are mischievous. And so many times, they can touch your phone without informing you. Many of them don’t have even the average knowledge about phones. Thus, they probably pressed wrongly either mute sign, do not disturb and your unmute option turned on.


How to Unmute All Text Messages on Android

To mute a contact’s or all’s messages means not to be notified when a message arrives from them. To put it another way, it denotes disabling notifications. The procedure of muting and unmuting any text message is vice-versa. What if someone asks how to unmute all text messages on Samsung or Samsung s10? Well, I’ll have to give quite a similar answer to this question as to the previous one.


1. Messages

First, go to the apps and then from there enter into the ‘messages’ app.


how to unmute all text messages on android


2. Select ‘All’

When entered into messages individually, press and hold at any contact’s conversation. Right then an option ‘all’ will be disclosed. Push on it and click on the menu icon or three-dot.In the menu icon, see if there’s an unmute option or not. If found, then tap on it. Now, every notification of any text message will come by. 


how to unmute all text messages on android


3. Mute Sign

If you can’t open the notification as mentioned above, do it by turning off the mute sign. In the display screen or even settings>sound and vibration >notification volume, you can find the mute sign. Thus, you can turn it off and even can increase or decrease the sound of notification.


4. Do Not Disturb

If you go to settings, you’ll find easily the sound and vibration option in there. You can certainly notice the’ do not disturb’ feature, provided that you scroll down in sound and vibration.

You should turn it off in settings or display screen by tapping on it if you want to unmute notifications of text messages. 


how to unmute all text messages on android


how to unmute all text messages on android


How to Unmute Messages on Messenger 

Messenger gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do (mute/unmute) with any chat messages. 


how to unmute all text messages on android


1. Go to the Messenger app and select any conversation for which you don’t want to be notified.

2. Press and hold on to that conversation and different options including unmuting, blocking, etc will show on.

3. Tap on unmute. You’re all done.


How to Mute Group Text Messages in Android 11

Group messages can save up time because we can send only one message and everybody can see it. But unimportant messages hold the right to distract as well as destroy the work environment. And you can’t leave the group abruptly as the people can take it wrongly. Hence, muting group messages is a great and smart initiative to avoid problems.


how to unmute all text messages on android


1. Search for the ‘Messages’ app and select the targeted group you want to mute.

2. Open the group’s conversation and search ‘people and options’.

3. Press on it and eventually, the notification will be turned off 

4. Sometimes, you can unmute the group’s messages by pushing on the group’s title (tap on mute notifications in the same way as before).


What Occurs After Muting a Text Conversation on Android?

1. If a text conversation is muted, you won’t be notified while arriving at new messages on Android.

2. But you can still see through every message entering into the conversation.

3. Even your old messages won’t be hampered or altered in any way, rather they’ll remain the same as before.



Now let’s check some commonly asked questions.


Why Do I Have No Sound on Text Messages?

When new text messages appear but your android doesn’t make any sound. That means ‘sound notification’ is turned off. Or probably you disable message ringtone on android. You won’t hear any sound even if the ‘do not disturb feature is turned on your phone.


How Do You Unmute a Text Conversation? 

When you’re free or want to communicate with any contact, you need to unmute them certainly if they’re muted. Firstly, go to the  ‘messages app and search for the targeted contact. Secondly, select the contact and press on the menu tab. Finally, click on the unmute option in the menu bar.


How Do I Turn On the Sound for My Text Messages?

 You need to turn on sound notification if you want to be notified when a new message pops up. Then whenever a new message will arrive, you’ll hear chimes of it. Turn off ‘do not disturb’ and enable text message ringtone. After that, select any ringtone you want to hear.


How Do I Activate Sound Mode (Vibration/Ringing) on My Android?

If your phone is turned on, you’ll notice a display screen at the top. There will be a sign of crossed bell (if silent or mute), bell if ring mode, or vibrate mode. You can change the options by tapping on them according to your will. You can also change the muted/ringing status from the phone’s settings.


How Do I Turn on Text Notifications on My Android? or How to Unmute Notifications on Android?

If you want to be notified of your text arrival time on android, tap on the ‘notifications management’ option in settings (sound/notifications settings) of messages. Or turning off the ‘do not disturb’ can also work. Meanwhile, you easily may activate the notifications by clicking on the option in the display bar if it’s displayed there.


Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Making Notifications Sound?

It can occur for various reasons including using an old version of the app, having too much chance or problem in system software, carelessness. However, if you kept on the sound notification without knowing or acknowledging it, it’ll make a notification sound too while popping up messages, calls.



We often mute notifications of messages to concentrate more on work as well as avoid misunderstanding. Though it is important to do so sometimes, we need to keep in touch with them for our betterment or to create a strong bond.  We certainly cannot forget the importance of it in our life.


However, it’s not that hard to unmute text messages on Android. A generic procedure is to go to messages, select the designated conversation or contact or group, find the three-dot icon, and finally unmute it by clicking on it. It can differ only a little bit from edition to edition. Even the process of unmuting the individual’s or group’s messages is similar.



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