How To Unsend A Text Message On Iphone?

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Sending text messages is an easy and convenient way to communicate with each other nowadays. But sometimes we make silly mistakes and send inappropriate messages without intention. I think almost all of us are familiar with this awkward situation, aren’t we?


Have you also made similar types of mistakes on your iPhone? In that type of situation, the first thing that comes to our mind is, how to unsend a text message on iPhone? Through this article, I am going to reveal an excellent trick that will assist in that sort of situation. This is going to be helpful for every iPhone user.


Let’s move forward and learn how to unsend a text on iMessage.


Can You Unsend A Text On iPhone?


If you have sent a text message to someone and the message has been delivered successfully, then you can’t unsend the message or undo it. You can delete the message from your iPhone but still, it will be available on the sender’s device. So, is there nothing to do once we send a text message on iPhone?


Thankfully, you can unsend a text on iMessage if the message hasn’t been delivered yet. Suppose you type something and tap on the send option. You will get only a few seconds to unsend text messages. This trick can be pretty helpful in some scenarios. Getting excited to get to know about the trick? Here you go.


How To Unsend Messages On iPhone?


This method will only work when your text message hasn’t been delivered. Depending on the speed of your mobile data or Wifi speed, you will get nearly 2 or 3 seconds to apply this trick. So, you need to be super quick. Let’s make the first attempt.


Step 1: Send Text, Voice, or Picture and Check Delivery Status


At the very first, you have to type anything and try to send the message to anyone. After tapping on the send option, you will notice a processing status. Before it gets delivered, you need to apply the trick as soon as possible. Make a dive on the 2nd step.


Step 2: Open Quick Setting


Now, you have to swipe up or swipe down considering your iPhone model to bring the quick access setting. You will notice the “Airplane Mode” option. Here’s an indication.




how to unsend a text message on iphone




You have to touch on this and enable flight mode as soon as possible. It will disable all sorts of data connections. As a result, your pending text message will be stopped. There will be a red mark showing that “Not Delivered”. But our job is not done yet. At this point, you have to delete the message.


Step 3: Move to the Trash


You ought to tap and hold on the message to get the “More” options. Next to that, click on the trash icon. If you touch on “Delete All”, the entire conversation with that particular contact will be erased from your iPhone. You can also delete selected texts with marking.




how to unsend a text message on iphone




Alright, that’s the trick to unsend a message on iPhone. How was your experience with the trick? You can let us know in the comment box.

Some of you guys might be thinking are there any other ways to unsend a delivered message on iPhone? There are some third-party messaging applications that allow users to do that.


How to Unsend a text message on iPhone After Delivery?


Would you like to unsend a text even after it gets delivered? That’s not impossible at all. In that case, the message receiver and the sender both need to have a 3rd-party messaging application “TigerText” on their phones. This is a free application and is available both for iPhone and Android smartphones.


With the help of Tiger Text, you can unsend a message having texts, images, or videos. Moreover, you can even recall a message when the receiver has read it. Also, you can unsend or undo any text messages whenever you want. Unlike the above trick, there won’t be any time limitations. That sounds convenient, doesn’t it?


If You Delete A Message On iMessage Does It Unsend?


Some of you may think that if you delete a message on iMessage it unsend the message. What’s your opinion about that? Unfortunately, this isn’t true at all. You can’t unsend or recall your text message by deleting it from your iMessage once it gets delivered. But if you enable airplane mode before the delivery and delete the message, then the message will be unsend.



Final Words


So, we can’t recall a text message after it gets delivered. At this point, you know how to unsend a text message on iPhone before the delivery. We need to be a bit more careful while sending texts.


However, there is a buzz that the iPhone will bring the feature of unsend text messages. Stay tuned with us to get further updates.



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1. How do you Unsend a text on your iPhone?


To unsend a text iPhone, you have to delete the message before delivery.


2. Can you Unsend iMessage on iOS 14?


There is no built-in feature to unsend iMessage on iOS 14.


3. How do you delete messages on your iPhone so the other person can’t see them?


You need to enable Airplane mode before the message gets delivered and move the message to trash.


4. Can I recall a text message already sent?


Without using any 3rd-party application, you can’t recall a text message that is already sent. Some third-party messaging applications such as “Tiger Text” have the feature to recall a text message.

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