How To Update Hp Laptop Windows 10?

how to update hp laptop windows 10

On 14th January 2020, officially, Microsoft shut their support for windows 7 or windows versions before that. That means you won’t get any help or update for windows 7 anymore. That is insecure because, without updates, security will be at tremendous risk.


Therefore update to windows 10 or 11 is a good choice. But, again, windows 11 is in the early stage, and That’s why windows 10 update will be the best decision. So let me show you how to update hp laptop windows 10?


How to Update hp Laptop Windows 10?


System update or Hp laptop update from windows, another version to windows 10 is tricky. You have to ensure some configuration first, then update your system or crash your system. Also, you may lose all data from your laptop. So, be with us, and please follow the instructions correctly.


First, check the compatibility of your hp laptop. For example, is your computer compatible with windows 10 or not.


Hp Windows 10 Compatibility List


Before updating to windows 10, a compatibility check is good. Because you will be secure by knowing that. Otherwise, you may get into trouble. To check that, go to ( and press ctrl + f to search in that website your hp laptop model.


And you will know it, is that compatible or not. So if you have the challenge to do that, then open hp support assistant of your hp laptop and ask them to check it.


And if compatible, then you are good to go. Below you will see how to update your windows 7 hp laptop to windows 10.


How to Update hp Laptop Windows 7


You can install windows 10 by using your bootable USB or downloading iso on your computer. We will do install windows updates by downloading the iso of Windows 10. Before updating, you should start with some processes, and let me show those by step.


1. HP Windows 10 Download


Here I will show you by steps.


Step 1. To download windows, search on google “Windows 10 download” and the first link you get from Microsoft. Open it, and there you will see Create Windows Installation Media, where you will get a button called “Download Tool Now.” Click here, and the download will be started.




how to update hp laptop windows 10





how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 2. After download, you will see your download file with the windows 10 version. (it may vary with mine). Then Click Right Button and select run as administrator. Confirm popup with yes and wait for a few seconds to popup windows like shown.



how to update hp laptop windows 10




how to update hp laptop windows 10





how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 3. Tap next, And wait again a few times (it will work as your internet speed). There will be two options. “upgrade this pc now,” and the other is “Create Installation Media.” Choose between.


If you have a good net connection, go with upgrading this pc now. But in general, Using Create Installation Media is a safe choice. Because the net connection is gone, your system will be corrupted. And you have to format.




how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 4. Select “Create Installation Media” and click next. You will find written, “Use the recommended option for this pc.” So you can go with it. But we will do it manually, so deselect it. And From Architecture select both. Then next for going forward.




how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 5. There You will see 2 options Again. First, select ISO for storing our iso file in the local disk. This is how we can use this iso to USB Pendrive too. And Next.




how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 6. Choose Place Except C Drive To download the ISO file and Save it. To download the Windows 10 ISO file.



how to update hp laptop windows 10




2. Download Driver


In general, Driver is called that software used for interacting with a keyboard, mouse, soundbox, etc. When using a new Operating system (New windows Version), you must use compatible software. To find that software,


Step 1. go to google and search with your laptop company + Model Name + Serial Number And in the last ad Driver. For example, “Hp ProBook 440 g8 Driver”.



how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 2. Go to the hp support site, not other than that. Then, they will ask you about your windows and version—select Windows 10 and the latest version you have downloaded. And submit.




how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 3. You can select detect my drivers for installing software on your device. Then that will install which software is needed for your hp laptop. Or you can manually download by clicking all Drivers, And downloading one by one.



how to update hp laptop windows 10





how to update hp laptop windows 10



Step 4. Our Recommendation is, install “detect my drivers” by confirming, “By choosing to install, I agree to HP’s terms and conditions on data collection.” And Continue. After that, the software will be on your disk, and you can perform it after installing Windows 10.


3. Update Hp Laptop windows 10


To update Now, you need WinRAR installed on your computer. Or just go to ( and download a free version. And do simple steps to install. Then, just do next next next and install.

After installing, find your iso file and click the mouse right button by selecting that. Then follow the below steps.


how to update hp laptop windows 10



Step 1. You will get some extra options from WinRAR. Select Extract Here. And windows will be extracted there.


how to update hp laptop windows 10



Step 2. open the windows 10 folder and right-click on the setup file. And run with the administrator.




how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 3. Wait for a few seconds, press the next button, then install.




how to update hp laptop windows 10





how to update hp laptop windows 10




Step 4. That will automatically update. Just Wait, and you will see the welcome screen after accepting, like the below image.




how to update hp laptop windows 10




And now your windows updated from windows 7 to windows 10. Now you can update the driver by installing that hp support solution, which will be much more helpful. If you are having trouble, though, then follow the steps below.


Missing Driver Update Windows 10


To check if any driver is missing, just right-click on my pc / This pc > Manage > Device Manager > here you will see if any driver is missing. (There will be an exclamatory sign with it).


Tap there to get details, and you can manually install by using those steps we have discussed in the Driver Download section. So now your windows 7 hp laptop is ready with updated windows 10.


How to Update Windows 10 to Latest Version?


If you are a windows 10 user and want to update your windows 10 to the latest version. To do that, check if your windows are already the newest version or have to upgrade. (Normally, Microsoft windows 10 automatic update.


To check that, hold the Win + R button, then run prompt will popup write there “winver” and press enter. There will be a window written windows version. If your Windows version is an old version, you can update it from settings.


Tap to the windows button or hold the windows button, write “windows update,” and press enter. Click Check for an update. It will automatically update your windows version. And will restart.


Then you can check again if that is updated or not. If Didn’t update, then just install as we have discussed before.



Final Words


Updating windows is simple and easy if you use it as instructed and are not professional. Other than that, You may get some errors and could make it difficult.


So our suggestion is just to follow those steps and update with time. I think you have the answer, how to update hp laptop windows 10?



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1. Can I update my hp laptop to windows 10?



2. How to update hp laptop windows 8?


  • To update your windows 8 hp laptop, just follow the steps discussed in windows 7. If you are using Microsoft Windows, actions are the same to update.


3. My hp laptop won’t install updates.


  • If your hp laptop is not installing the updates for Windows 10, please check if your license is genuine or fake. Because sometimes, fake products have turned off updates.

Because if updated, then those licenses will be invalid, and you have to buy a genuine one.


4. How can I update my laptop to windows 10 for free?


  • You have to work some tricks to install windows 10 for free. When installing your windows 10 or updating to windows 10, turn off your internet connection to your device. And, When asks for an activation key, select to give it later.


And you will have a free version. Use it for everything but some limitations with customization. But there will have a watermark that your product has to activate. But you should license it soon.

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