How to Update My HP Laptop to Windows 10(3 Simple Method)

Updating Windows is indispensable as every new update solves bugs and adds more features. Your Windows gets smoother, and efficient. But many of us don’t even know how to update my hp laptop to windows 10? Some of us also face issues with updating the driver. If you are wondering how to solve these issues and update your HP laptop to Windows 10, then you are at the right place.


In this article, we’ll dive deeper into how to update my hp laptop to windows 10 and guide you with the step-by-step solution. Without any delay, keep reading.


3 Ways to Update HP Laptop to Windows 10:

There are three ways you can update your HP laptop to Windows 10. These methods are quite tricky but we tend to describe in a simple manner down below: 



Method 1: Manually download HP laptop drivers:

Well, to update your HP laptop you can download the required drivers from the manufacturer’s website for your HP laptop. 


Before we start describing the process, first you should know which particular driver you need to update. For that navigate to the Device Manager in your Windows 10 to give a check. But the truth is this checking-up process takes time and needs computer skills. Now, if you don’t have any of these two then we suggest directly go to Method 2, to do things automatically. 


That being said, let’s dive into the process.


Step 1: In the beginning, you have to go to the device manufacturer’s website where you can get the relevant information. For example, you can browse the HP support center. 


Step 2: Now using the HP laptop model name that you have, start searching for the driver from the website.



How to Update My HP Laptop to Windows 10



Step 3: Make sure you choose the correct operating system.




How to Update My HP Laptop to Windows 10




Step 4: Once you have selected the correct one, then start downloading the HP laptop’s latest version of the driver. 




How to Update My HP Laptop to Windows 10




Note that: This is risky and time-consuming, we only recommend this process if you have a good take on the set of computer skills and are confident about it.  



Method 2: Using Settings:

You can update to Windows 10 using the Settings app only. Follow the instructions below:


  • Firstly, you have to go to Settings from the Windows Start key. You can use the shortcut key Windows key + I to do the task. 


  • In the next window, select Security & Update. 


  • Then you have to click on Download or Download and Install.


  • Your Windows system will automatically download and install everything. During the process, it’ll take several restarts. Besides, as this is time-consuming, don’t turn off your laptop by any means. 



Method 3: Automatically update HP laptop drivers: 

If you don’t have time, then you are in the right place. We will be using Driver easy to complete our task. Using Driver Easy, you can automatically update the HP laptop driver of yours. 


Driver Easy can automatically detect your device and help identify the appropriate drivers. Not just that, it’ll reduce more of your burden like you don’t have to know what operating system your computer is using, you don’t have to be concerned about making a blunder during the installation process, and you don’t have to be bothered about installing the incorrect driver.


You can use either the free version or the Pro version of Driver Easy to update your driver automatically. You can use the free version, but the pro version gives you more freedom. With the help of two clicks, you can do everything. Moreover, you will get dedicated support as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Anyways, follow the steps given :


  • Firstly, you have to download Driver Easy and install your Windows 10.


  • When you are done installing, run the software and start the scan by clicking the Scan Now key. Now, Driver Easy will take on your computer and find out which driver has the problem. 




How to Update My HP Laptop to Windows 10




  • In order to automatically download the exact version of the driver, you have to pick the Update button placed next to the flagged device. You can even do this using Free versions as well. Then, start installing the driver on your PC.


  • Otherwise, you can opt to Update all so that you can download and install the correct version for all the drivers that are antiquated or missing out on your system. 



How to Update My HP Laptop to Windows 10




  • After that, give your computer a restart to apply all the changes.


That’s it. So simple, right? With the help of these three methods, you can easily solve your problem. You can also use an Hp Support assistant to guide you with the upgradation process. However, there are several things you need to take care of, they are: 


Upgrade Timely: 

Make sure you are upgrading your Windows timely. As it is a time-limited offer that’s why to get the free upgrade simply click on Get Windows 10 app from your taskbar. This offer is valid till next summer. 


Upgrade Safely: 

Once your Windows takes an upgrade there is a chance of losing your data. Ensure you take a backup of all the data i.e. software, applications, documents, and personal files. Also, upgrade to the most recent version of your antivirus program and configure this to update automatically.


One more thing, sometimes using HP Protect Tools or any security software could make your hard drive encrypted. This happens with some business PCs. Therefore, before you start any up-gradation make sure you decrypt the hard drive.  




Q1: What should I do before upgrading to Windows 10?


Answer: There are a couple of things you should do before you upgrade your Windows 10, as follows: 

  1. To see if your system is compatible or not, you should go to the manufacturer’s website.
  2. For your existing version of Windows, you can download and create backup reinstalling media.
  3. Check if your system has enough disk space. 
  4. Make sure your laptop is charged and your PC is plugged in. 
  5. You can turn off all the background software.


Final Thoughts: 

Hey, don’t futz any more time. Keep your HP laptop updated every time a new update comes. With the help of the above-described methods, you can easily update your laptop with finger-snapping. 


What are you waiting for? Go nuts, solve the issue. Still, if you have any queries, you can comment down below. We’d like to help you out.

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