How To Update The Latest Version Of Android? [Easy guide 2021]

Android comes with a new update after a certain time to provide some security development with new features. For lack of experience, people fear downloading the new update. After launching Android OS (Operating System) in 2008, Android has had 12 versions. All the latest versions were safer & upgraded with new features than the first update.


Today, our main purpose in writing this article is to deliver how to upgrade the version of Android. After discussing the features of Android OS, we’ll show you a step-by-step process to download & install a new update of Android. If you don’t care about the Android system update download, your device will face difficulties. So, we are jumping into our discussion. 


What is the Latest Android Version?

The latest Android version is Android 11. The stable version of Android 11 was released on 8 September 2020. Within a very moment, Android 12 will arrive. Android 11 has brought some features like a built-in screen recorder, scheduled dark theme, temporary permission for apps & so on. Besides, the latest Android version is offering its users improved security than the previous version. 


The biggest difference between Android version 10 & Android version 11 is about temporary app permission. When you install an app using Android 10 OS, it will ask for permission to use that app whether you use it or not. Android 11 has brought a massive change here. Android 11 provides control to the users for selecting the permission for the specific sessions. 


Features of latest Android version 

After the Android 11 update, you’ll receive some tremendous features. These features will help to get more smooth performance from your Android device. Besides, Android cares about user experience a lot & so, they have brought some massive startles. Let’s see the latest features of Android 11.


Dedicated power button

It’s the talk of the town about the Android 11 dedicated power button. You can easily communicate with emergency service, turn off or restart your device. You can also have access to smart home devices. 


How To Update The Latest Version Of Android


Dynamic media control

After getting the new Android update, you can see your new media player position after playing a song. If you swipe down, you can see the mini media player & swipe down again will open a full-size media player. It is offering side to side control for running multiple media players.


How To Update The Latest Version Of Android


Built-in screen recorder

The trouble of screen recording using third-party apps knows no bounds. Android lovers have been claiming it since early time & finally, Google heard from them. From the notification panel, you can find a screen recording option & when you want to record, just tap on that option & start recording. You have no hassle with downloading screen recording apps & occupying your storage.


Customizable conversation notification

The notification from different chat apps will appear in their own section. You can set the priority of a specific app. You can turn off the sound of a specific app notification or you can make an app visible at the top of your screen.


How To Update The Latest Version Of Android


Scheduled dark theme

The dark theme has been enabled since Android 10 was released. It helps a lot to reduce battery life & creates less stress on the eyes. You need to turn off the dark theme manually every time in Android 10. But, Android 11 is advanced here. You can fix your convenient time to use the dark theme. If you love dark themes, you can use them whenever you want. Scheduling dark themes is one of the remarkable features of the Android 11 update.


Smart voice access 

This feature allows you to control your device interface via voice command. The action of picking options using numbers is unnecessary now. Just put a voice command & Android will smartly follow it.


Temporary app permission

For using an app for a specific period, you can set the temporary app permission. If you turn off the app, it won’t work with your permission anymore. This is also a revolutionary feature of Android 11. Besides, if you want to give permanent permission to any app, you can give it. 


How To Update The Latest Version Of Android


Why upgrading is important

Upgrading to the new version of Android is up to you. If you don’t want to download the update, Android won’t force you. But, it’s your necessity to upgrade the Android version from time to time. We are describing some facts that will help you to understand why Android version upgrading is important.


Improved performance

When you’re at the end of the old version of any OS, systems malfunction with your device. It decreases the optimization capability & drops the performance level. The android update arrives with improved performance. You’ll notice that you got a faster phone after having the new version. 


Bug fixes 

World-Class software also contains some minor bugs. So, don’t think that your regular app is bug-free. Android updates come with a promising attitude to fix these bugs. But, it’s true that no update can fix all the bugs & glitches. All we can say, the new update is capable of minimizing the software bugs.


Security issues solved

For protecting user data from hackers, it’s Android’s responsibility to fix security issues. Having a big security issue means having a chance of leaking personal information. New updates always remain careful about & solve major security issues.


Updated features

Update means improvement to UI & improvement to features respectively. We’ve already talked about the latest Android 11 features which are more advanced compared to Android 10.


Better battery optimization

If your battery isn’t optimized appropriately, it will cause battery draining. Battery draining can hamper your battery life. It will affect your battery backup for daily usage & require charging again & again. New updates of Android are capable of optimizing battery on a larger scale.


Should you upgrade your Android version?

The Android version comes with a more stable OS. The software update is a regular part of your device usage & you can’t use the updated software smoothly if you don’t download the latest Android version. If you don’t migrate to the new version of Android OS, you will miss some latest features. Besides, your device will work slowly & the battery may also start draining. 


Except in some cases, you can upgrade your Android version. It’s better to wait for the opinions of tech enthusiasts before upgrading to the new version of Android. If there is any major bug or security issue, you’ll be warned. Android is very strict about it & if any problem arises, it will be fixed soon. 


How to upgrade the version of Android

This part of this article will teach you how to upgrade the version of Android. You can upgrade the Android latest version on your own. If you have questions about how to update Android 11, follow the ways. This method of manually updating the Android version will be displayed with Android 7 but the methods are the same.


Remember one thing, Android doesn’t put updates for very old devices. You’ll receive at least one Android OS update after buying your Android device. So, if there is no update available for you to download, the next topic can be suitable for you. You’ll be shown an update status if there is no update available for your device.



You need to be connected with Wi-Fi first. Swipe down your notification panel & turn on Wi-Fi. You can use mobile data for doing this but as it’s a big file, Wi-Fi is the recommended way. 


How To Update The Latest Version Of Android



Open settings from your Android phone. You can use your notification panel to find the settings easily. Just tap on it & enter.


How To Update The Latest Version Of Android



After getting into settings, scroll down & find the option called “System”. From that sub-option, you can find the phone segment containing your running Android version information. Tap on it & go for the next step.


how to upgrade the version of android



There must be a system update option there. This is the desired option we have been looking for. Tap on this option & move on to the last stage.


how to upgrade the version of android



After tapping on the system update, you’ll find a download button. Upside it, you can see details about the updates. Which features you will get, what’s improved – everything you need to know about the new update will be expressed there. Click on the download option to install the latest update. 


How do I force an Android software update?

Sometimes it takes a very long time to get new updates. You can force your device to be updated. You can do it by clearing data for the Google service framework. Clearing the data starts your forcing process & a download option may appear. Let’s see how to force an Android software update.


Methods of Google Service Framework data clearing



Go to the settings of your device. After that, find the app segment. You can use the search option to find out easily.



A visible three-dot menu will be seen. Tap on it & select the “Show System” option.



Keep searching for “Google Service Framework” from the app list. Once you find it, tap on it & move to the next stage. 


how to upgrade the version of android



A storage option will be visible on your Android screen. Tap on it & then select “clear data”.


how to upgrade the version of android



At this step, you’ll need to restart your phone. After restarting, follow our writing symbolized with the “how to upgrade the version of Android” heading. A download option will appear if your device is compatible with the latest update.



Having some questions on upgrading the Android version? Take a tour of this segment.


Can I manually update to Android 10?

Answer: From Android 9, you can manually upgrade to the Android 10 version. All you need to do is go to the about phone option from settings & look for the latest update downloading option. 


How do I upgrade to Android 10? 

Answer: You can upgrade to Android 10 using two ways. One is the forced way and another is the normal way. By clearing Google Service Framework Data, you can make the device forced to download the latest update. Normally using the about phone option from settings you can upgrade to Android 10 from the lower version. 


How do I update my old Android tablet? 

Answer: If your old Android tablet is compatible with updates, you can update your tablet the same way as the Android phone. From the settings option, go to the about phone part and then download the update.


Can Android 5.1 1 be upgraded? 

Answer: This version of Android could be upgraded from Android 4. It’s a very old version of Android and nowadays, more updated versions are running. 


Can I install Android 10? 

Answer: If your device is compatible with installing Android version 10, then you can. If you are an Android 11 user, then it will require some setup to back step to Android 10. But if you are an Android 9 user, then you can install Android 10 if your device supports it.


How can I upgrade my Android to 9.0 for free?

Answer: You can upgrade your Android version to 9 for free by downloading a new update. Check your updates by going to settings. From the settings option, find out about the phone section and then check for an update. Just install the update and upgrade to Android 9 for free. 



We’re at the conclusion part of this article. The people who haven’t listened to the name “Android update” yet can realize our messages. We have tried to deliver our messages with some topical photos & simplified steps. We believe that this way helps readers to understand the complicated steps nicely.


Through the whole article, we have tried to show you how to upgrade the version of Android. After going through this article carefully, there will be no issues with upgrading to the newer version of Android. Besides, you’re now aware of the features & convenience of the new Android version.

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