How to use a Windows 10 Key(Easy guideline)

Hey, have you ever heard about the latest operating system of windows? Yes, it’s windows 10. We believe that you are feeling down without the sophisticated windows operating system. Are you thinking of making your computer operating system updated? No worries, install windows 10! But you need a key or product key. Do you know what is it?


Well, if you want to activate the operating system Windows 10, you need to know the key. This key seems like a digital license or entitlement. Do you think this is extra trouble? Not really. Never be discouraged to install the windows 10 operating system for an amazing experience. We will make a proper idea about How to use a Windows 10 key. Stay with us, you won’t be Desperate. Okay, let’s get started. 


Windows 10 Product key- The Ultimate Digital License 

Okay, the product key is the digital License of the windows 10 operating system. If you want to install windows 10 on your computer, you need to activate this. To activate this operating system, you need to enter a product key. Generally, this key is 25 Digits.


Furthermore, the product key can be letter formatted or numerical. You can say the product key as a product code also. With the product key or code, you will be able to unlock your software license also. Always remember that you can’t use this key twice. Because the operating system windows can be installed on one computer device. But, if you want to reinstall the operating system, you don’t need the product key or code again.




How to use a Windows 10 Key




The product Key Location- Windows 10


It depends on the situation. The situation means, how you got the operating system windows 10. Okay, we will show you how the situation Occurs. 


  1. If you buy a new computer with a running windows operating system.
  2. If you copy the windows operating system from a permitted retailer (Amazon and Microsoft).
  3. If you copy a digital version of the windows 10 operating system from a permitted retailer.
  4. If you take a digital copy of windows 10 from the Microsoft website.
  5. If you buy the operating system windows 10 from the store application.
  6. Free upgrade to operating system windows 10.


For your new computer, you need to buy the product key from the store. You can buy it from Amazon and Microsoft. Because they are both authorized retailers of it. After Purchasing this from Microsoft, you will get a copy of the key in your Microsoft account. You have to check the confirmation email to get the 25-digits key. 


To find the location of the windows 10 product key: 

  • You have to tap on the windows key and X.
  • Click on the command prompt on your computer screen.
  • Now type here whatever you can see in the picture. As a result, you will get the product key.


How to use product key- Windows 10


Well, now you will see how to activate the operating system Windows 10 using the 25-digit product key. We will attach pictures with steps for your better understanding. Follow our steps.

  • Tap on the Start Button and go to the settings option. 
  • Now, you will see the Update and Security option. Click on this.



How to use a Windows 10 Key




  • Then, you will see Activation. Select it.



How to use a Windows 10 Key



  • Now you can see here an option named Change product key. This is located under the windows activation option. Select this option.



How to use a Windows 10 Key



  • Now, this is the time to use the 25-digit product key. You got it using command prompt administration. Type the key.


Now you are done. Your windows activation with the product key is successful. Congratulations! 




Q1: How many times can you use a windows 10 key?


Answer: Well, you can’t use an Operating system window 10 product key for the second time. 

Because operating system windows can be installed on a computer. You need to purchase the product key from the store or authorized retailer. Typically, each product key might only be used for a single computer. But some keys are usable for up to five devices. So, those keys would be used five times. 


Q2: How do I transfer a product key to a new PC on windows 10?


  • Tap on the start icon.
  • Go to the command prompt and run it as administrator. 
  • Now you have to type slmgr /upk this to remove the existing product key and tap on the enter option.
  • Now type this slmgr /cpky and enter to clear the key from the registry. 

 Now, activate windows 10 for your new setup.

  • Tap on the windows icon and search the command prompt.
  • Run the command prompt as administrator.
  • Now you have to type this slmgr /ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx command to use the product key again. Now click on the enter option. 
  • Now you have to verify the windows activation with this slmgr /dlv and press on the enter button. 
  •  Finally, you are done with clicking on the confirmation of license status. 


Q3: How do I activate windows without a key?

Answer: Yes, you can activate without a key, but you have to buy a key from the store. Follow our instructions.

  • First, tap on the start button and select the settings. Another way is going to Cortana and searching for settings. 
  • If you open the settings, you will see the Update and security option. You have to select this.
  • Then, you will see the activation option on the right side of the windows.
  • Finally, you will see the store option. Just go to the Microsoft store and purchase a license. You can activate windows 10 following this process. 


Q4: Can I get windows 10 for free?

Answer: Yes, you can get it free. When you download the operating system Windows 10 for free, you can install it without a product key or license.


Even, the free version of the operating system of windows 10 is better than a printed key of windows 10. Because, if you print the key, there are some safety issues. Your device can be attacked by malware and spyware. So, feel free to download the free version of Windows 10 from Microsoft official website. 



Q5: How much is a windows 10 product key?

Answer: Well, for purchasing the product key for activation of your windows 10, you must go to the Microsoft store. You can buy it from Amazon also. Because they are both authorized retailers. 

If you want to buy the Home version, you have to pay $120.

Again, to get the pro version of windows 10, the cost will be $200. 

So, make sure your account has a sufficient balance to buy the license. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want to activate the operating system Windows 10, you need a product key or license. You must enter the 25-digit key at the time of activation. By the way, you can know the key’s location with the help of the command prompt or manually whatever you prefer. You can buy this digital code from the store. 

Anyway, you were confused about How to use a windows 10 key. We hope you have got your solution and are clear about this. So, no more worries! Just active your windows 10 operating system with a product key and explore a new experience! Good luck.

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