How To Use Android Pay On Rooted Phone?

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Experiencing the advanced features of a rooted device is all fun until you need to use Android Pay because using such an online payment system on a rooted phone is not always an easy task. And if you are here, there is a high chance that you are struggling to use the app and looking for a solution.


Well, sit back and relax because we will dive deep into how to use android pay on rooted phone without any issue!


Believe it or not, there is no one specific workaround that will work for everyone, why? Because not everyone has rooted their phones with the same tool. That said, we will be covering an alternative method as well, for which all of you can get rid of the issue.


Why Is It Hard to Run Android Pay on Rooted Devices?


The Android Pay or Google Pay wallet platform is a Google Play Services product. Android phones come up with SaetyNet API for such products. Because of the API, the Android Pay app can detect unauthorized software and it will not let you use the app to ensure your digital security.


In order to simplify, the API checks whether your Android is safe or its security has been compromised. So it can identify whether you are running a custom ROM or you have rooted the phone. Sometimes rooted phones invite malware or spyware which can transfer your confidential payment or account data. So, the app prevents you from using it to keep your data safe.


But once you can trick the payment solution to believe that you have not tampered with your device, you are good to go. So, our next section is all about how to hide root android to use android pay on rooted device.


How to Use Android Pay On Rooted Phone?


It is hard but not impossible to use Android Pay on your rooted phone. You just need to be patient and meticulous to follow any of the methods below. So far these two methods are most effective and commonly used.


Before diving deep into any process make sure your phone and computer are at least on 50% charge.


1. Disabling SuperSU Root


The easiest way to trick Google Services is to unroot your device temporarily. This process is only for phones with SuperSU root. In a couple of minutes, you can follow these steps:


  • Go to the SuperSU app and click on its Settings tab.


  • You need to uncheck the Enable Superuser option. Now your phone has no root access.




how to use android pay on rooted phone




  • Go to Android Pay and click on the cards option to set up your payment method. Now exit the app once you are done with your work there.


  • To get back the root access, open the SuperSU app and turn on the superuser


This method works almost every time. But if its current updates fail to hide the root, try out the next method.


2. Hide Root Magisk


This method will not take much time if you have rooted your device with Magisk before. But if not follow these steps:


  • First, keep a backup of your important files and data. It is a must to do.


  • On your phone’s Settings menu, you will find the Reset option. But if you cannot locate it, use the Setting’s Search box and type Reset. 


  • Click on the Factory Reset option, Let the process complete. It will remove the previous root tools like SuperSu, KingoRoot, etc. 




how to use android pay on rooted phone




  • After restarting the device, root your phone with Magisk. You can visit the following Magisk official website to get proper instructions on rooting


  • Now you need to pass the SafetyNet check. For that, open the Magisk app.


  • On the app homepage, you will see a three-line menu located in the upper-left corner. Click on that.


  • From the drop-down menu, press the MAGISK HIDE option. 




how to use android pay on rooted phone




  • A list of the installed settings and apps will appear. Check or click on all the Google apps and their services




how to use android pay on rooted phone




  • Go back to the Magisk app homepage and select the Modules option from the drop-down menu.


  • Click on all the modules there. Then press the plus (+) icon you see at the bottom center of the screen.



how to use android pay on rooted phone



  • If you do not know what type of CPU your phone has, download the Droid Hardware Info app from the Playstore.


  • Open the app, and click on the System tab. It will show you the CPU type.


  • If you have an “arm64-v8” CPU, install the Magisk module named SQLite. This module helps to use Android Pay on your rooted phone.


  • Note that, phones that do not have arm64-va CPU should flash any of the universal ZIP


  • x86


  • armeabi-v7a


  • x86-64


And now download the SQLite-universal-binaries from a trusted source


  • It is time to reboot your phone


  • You should download the “GPay-SQLite Fix Magisk” module now.


  • Transfer the downloaded ZIP file to your phone and open the Magisk app.


  • From the app, select the Downloads option.




how to use android pay on rooted phone




  • Then you need to click on the Modules to install. You need to confirm the action by pressing the Install option from the pop-up.


  • Now open Android Pay and select your payment method by adding a card.




how to use android pay on rooted phone



  • Restart your phone and now there is no issue to use Android Pay with root.


Remember that, it is better not to update Android Pay frequently. Because with every update Google makes changes in security to mitigate any chance of vulnerability. Once you update it, the Magisk setup might not help you anymore to use Android Pay without unrooting.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Should We Use the Xposed Modules to Use Android Pay with Root?


Using the Xposed Framework and modules had been a good fix to the issue in the past. But now you should avoid using it. Because Xposed modifies the boot IMG files and it causes the SafetyNet to trigger.


And it detects the root and holds you back from using Android Pay. However, you can try using the EDXposed module instead to fix the issue.  


2. Is the Android Pay and Google Pay the Same?


Yes, they are the same app. Android Pay is the former name of the current Google Pay app. Google has united Android Pay under its Google Pay Service. So, they work as the same app.


3. Does Using Android Pay on a Rooted Phone Make the Account Vulnerable?


Rooting with trusted files and a secured system does not make the security prone to risks. But if you install files or apps from unsecured sites, malware or spyware might affect the security.


So, always do your research before browsing or downloading any app on your rooted phone to secure your Android Pay data. 



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Sometimes, there is no other way than unrooting your phone to get a hold of some of the Google app services. But luckily, that is not the case with Android Pay. Using the app on a rooted smartphone might seem tricky at first. But once you understand how to use android pay on rooted phone, you can get the best of both worlds!


We cannot stress this enough that downloading ZIP files or Magisk modules from a trusted and secured website is a must. It saves you from unwanted risks.

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