How To Use Windows’ Internet On Android Phone Through USB Cable

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The desktop Wi-Fi Ethernet speed is more stable than the android phones. So, if you want this equivalent speed on your phone, you can connect it through a USB data cable. This alternative internet browsing option is also wise for people who don’t have a router.


So, people with a low internet budget and who demand stable connections can go for this option. This article will guide you towards all possible tutorials on how to use Windows’ internet on android phone through USB cable.


The USB debugging technique is advantageous for multiple usages. We will also discuss Bluetooth data sharing and wireless hotspot connection methods. So, keep reading to know from the depth!


How to Use Windows’ Internet on Android Phone through USB Cable?


Most android phones reach with the tethering component. The Android version less than 4.4 is not allowed for this Windows USB internet sharing feature.


You will require a USB port and good internet speed for the process. Some devices order specific data cables for the procedure. The entire technique is handy and not time-consuming; follow the given methods carefully and enjoy the debugging –


How to Connect PC Internet to Mobile via USB Cable?


  • In order to begin the process, you have to enable the developer mode. If you have already transferred data earlier through a USB cable, then this term is not required for you.


  • To enable the way, go to the “about phone” option from the phone’s “settings.” Now click on the software information menu and find the build number. As for enabling the mode, click seven times on the build number.



how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable




  • Connect the phone with the cordand turn on the “USB debugging mode” from the developer’s choice. 




how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable




  • Now a few debugging options will appear; select “charging only” and click on it.


  • Under the USB computer connection option, a new “connect as” option will appear. Select the USB storage option right away.


  • The storage option will drag you up on “All settings options” click on it. A new box will appear with internet sharing options. Select “more” to open the USB internet option.


  • Pick the USB internet, and now select the type of the windows you are going to connect.


  • Go to your desktop or laptop and open up the “internet connection.” The status bar will show the most current internet connection. Click on it.


  • Now select the internet connection which you want to share with your android phone.


  • The new windows “Wireless Network Connection” will appear. Click on the properties option that appears below the left corner of the screen.


  • A new box will arise which is the main one, now give the persimmon for internet sharing. Click on the next and wait for a few seconds; the device will connect and auto-share the internet with the second device.


  • Now at the bottom, you will see that the USB network sharing option is on, and the entire process ends here.


Wireless Internet Connection


You can also connect your two devices using the tethering term. For this process, you can avoid any kind of wire equipment.


The following steps are on Bluetooth tethering and hotspot connection. Read on to know more.


How to Connect My Phone’s Internet with Computer via Hotspot?


Hotspot sharing is a popular and very useful option. Using this technique, you can connect your laptop to the internet if your phone has enough data to share. This is a kind of private internet network. Follow the steps given below:




how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable






how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable




  • At first, turn on the hotspot from your phone’s settings option or notification bar.


  • Go to the Network system and then the “Advanced” settings option.



how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable




  • From the menu bar, you will see Hotspot and Tethering; click on that.




how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable




  • The Wi-Fi hotspot option will appear and turn on the permission.


  • You will see the details about the Wi-Fi option, like password, name, and band. Here, you can see the password, or you are also allowed to change it.


  • Now, go to your PC, and click on the Wi-Fi logo or the network logo at the bottom right of the corner.


  • Right now, you will see the list of available networks, click on your network and enter the password. 


By applying password privacy, you can also protect internet use from third-party users. If you keep the hotspot protection free, then it is probable that others can use your internet without even knowing you.


How To Use Bluetooth Tethering for Cable-Free Internet Connection?


Bluetooth tethering is an easy option to connect your phone’s internet with the pc without using any data cable. For this method, at first, you have to pair up your device with the PC. And these are the steps mentioned below:




how to use windows' internet on android phone through usb cable




  • Go to the Bluetooth settings from your phone and turn on the Bluetooth. Make sure you turn on your PC Bluetooth from the settings option, or you can turn it on from the notification.


  • Now, from your phone, search for available devices. The PC Bluetooth name will appear; click on that and pair up.


  • If the pair-up is successful, now go to the network and hotspot and turn on the Bluetooth tethering.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Is Tethering?


Tethering, also known as phone-as-modem, is when a mobile device’s Internet connection is shared with other PCs; that’s called tethering. A mobile device can also connect to other devices by wireless LAN, Bluetooth, or a USB connection.


2. What is the best method to Hook Mobile Internet to Windows without a USB Cable?


Bluetooth tethering and hotspot sharer is the best two methods instead of a USB data cable as they are easy and less time-consuming to set up.


3. Which One is Faster, Hotspot or USB Debugging?


The USB debugging keeps the internet connection stable, as the internet remains in two specific devices through a cable. So it’s unable to drop, where the hotspot runs through data and the spot purchase internet can fall anytime.


That’s why it’s difficult to keep the internet stable and fast. So technically, the hotspot is slower than a USB. 


4. How to Set Hotspot Password?


Go to your phone’s settings option and pick the network. Now, open up the Wi-Fi and hotspot. From there, you will see the password option. Sometimes, your device comes with an auto-save password, but you can also change it.


5. Can I Use My Windows 11 Internet with My Phone?


Yes, you can do it, the methods are the same and easy. But not all android phones are registered to use this method, keep in mind.




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This article has disclosed all the possible answers about how to use Windows’ internet on android phone through USB cable. Here, we have also covered the wireless data sharing method. Hope you can pick the best choice according to the circumstances’ demand.


Most of the updated android comes with USB debugging system, but some won’t offer the data cable internet sharing option. For this crisis, you can pick the hotspot method. If your laptop has the Bluetooth option, you can also go for it. But if you want a stable connection, then there is no alternative to USB!

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