How to View Your Google Search History | View & delete your Chrome browsing history

In the modern age, the availability of the internet makes our life much easier. You can access the internet from anywhere using a computer browser or smartphone browser.


Accessing too many sites is regular work, but sometimes you may forget which site you have visited.


Therefore, you can see the browsing history you have visited earlier. So, as you are thinking, How do I view search history on phone? Be with us, and we will introduce it to you briefly.


How to View Your Google Search History or recent searches on google from this phone ?


There is various kind of browser available to browse the internet. By looking at the interface, those browsers are different, and you will always have the same functions there. Therefore, we will show you some browsers. That is how you can check to browse history.


How to View & delete your Chrome browsing history on Phone


The most used browser in android devices is google chrome. On the latest android smartphones, the chrome app is the default browser for the internet if you are a google chrome user and want to browse your chrome browser history.



How to View Your Google Search History



Then use this simple trick to see the browsing data of your chrome browser. Open Chrome browser, and on the top right corner, you will find a three-dot menu. Click here and go to history to view search history on phone. And From Here You Can Delete Your Target History



Where is My Opera Browser History Android


Opera browser has been there from the beginning of java mobiles. And the second most used browser in Android also. You may use the Opera browser daily.


Therefore, we give you the instruction to check your opera browser history. Click on the profile pic in the right bottom corner and scroll up to get the history tab to check internet history. Tap on history, and there you will see the history of the Opera browser.



How to View Mozilla Firefox History on Phone?


The second most used browser For Mozilla Firefox Browser, you have to look at the bottom right corner, there you will see a three-dot menu. Click here and go to history to have all of your browser histories.


How to See Brave Browser History?


Many people are using the brave browser daily because of their ad blocker services, and you may also consider Brave Browser for that reason. Let me show you how to see your browser history for brave browser.


You will get a three-dot menu at the bottom right corner. And there you will have a history option.


How to Delete Browser History?


You have already gotten how you can have a history of some popular browsers. Now, What if you want to delete the browsing history of your browser? Let us show you how you can delete your browser History.


To Delete browsing data, you need to go to your Browser History, and there you will see Clear Browsing History or Delete All option. That is how you can clear History or clear browsing data using that method.


How to Check History After deleting Browser History?


Deleting something and then realising the loss or having a need sometimes happens. Suppose you are in some kind of situation where you have deleted your browser history and then thought if you could see those again. Then follow us, and you will get your deleted browser history back.


Log in with your Google account using your phone. You’ll see your google activity and your Android phone activities. You will find your browsing history, an app using history, and so much more. Try it out for an advance query about your device.




view search history on phone






view search history on phone




How do I Check Incognito History of My Browser


Incognito history never shows in a browser. Because those are kind of made for being incognito, and those will have no history. Those are concerned with not affecting your browser’s browsing history or usages. But, If you are a parent who wants to monitor the child or something like this, then there are some spy apps you can use to look at them privately. Those apps will follow web requests using that phone. **(Use those apps at your own risk)





Having search history or site visiting history is good to track your last visited sites, and therefore you can have those back if necessary. Those are easy things to find a record from a browser. And also, here you have seen how to view search history on phone?






How To Check App History On Android?


You can check browser history by using your browser menu. There you will see your browser history. And if you are searching for other apps history like monitoring how much you have used or when you have used it.


Then look at google activity. To see those, go to a browser and open “” this URL. And you will have your app history.


How do I search browser history by date?


You can have your browser history by going to google activity. There is an option you can search your browsing data by date or time.


How do I find my history from a year ago?


You can have your browsing history from a year ago or maybe five years older history also by going to (, and it’s essential that you need to have your that much old email too.


That means you can have a history of that day. Then you have created that perticular Gmail account if that is more than five years. Then you will have an activity or history of that much time.



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