How To Watch Youtube On Amazon Fire Tablet?

How to watch youtube on amazon fire tablet ? When smart devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and many more occupy you all the time, why should Jeff lag behind ? No, he didn’t and brought you the Amazon Fire tablet. It is quite a popular device for the kids to enjoy the latest features of the tech world.


So far, people most often wanna know if they can watch Youtube videos on Amazon Fire tablets. I would like them to know that yes, you indeed can watch youtube on amazon fire tablet.


So, let’s learn how to watch youtube on amazon fire tablet. To learn, just start going through this article right now.


Why do you watch Youtube on Amazon Fire tablet ?


This is the generation of online. In this generation, we all love to watch blogs, reviews, and entertainment videos. Whenever we get to know about a new product or a new place, we look for a review or a tutorial video. This is where youtube comes to help us.


You know already, youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform.Nowadays, youtube has almost 6 billion hours of video watching every month.


Why is Youtube so unique?


Youtube is so popular because of the sheer number of videos you can find. One hundred hours of video gets uploaded to youtube every minute on average. So you can find something new to watch every minute.


There are all kinds of videos here on youtube. You are looking for something educational? No problem! Youtube has it. You want something about traveling. You got it. You want something about healthcare. Well, youtube got it.


Youtube Kids on fire tablet


YouTube has billions of videos and users. YouTube’s videos also have billions of content. So in this amount of content, all youtube videos might not be appropriate for everyone. There are a lot of videos that are meant for adults. So youtube won’t be entirely suitable for underage kids. Especially kids under 13 years old.


But no worries, there are also tools for that. Safety Mode will restrict the videos that you choose to restrict. You can also use parental controls. Parental control will give you control over the types of videos for your kids.


Moreover, you can also use the youtube kids on fire tablet. YouTube kids made especially for the kids. You will find all kinds of kids’ content here. You won’t get any kind of adult or inappropriate content here.


How to watch youtube on Amazon Fire Tablet


Amazon fire tablet is developed and manufactured by Amazon. Amazon doesn’t use google. Which is the reason google play store doesn’t support amazon fire tablets. Amazon uses its own account on the amazon fire tablet. They also have their own AppStore. And there is no YouTube on Amazon Appstore


Do you want to watch Youtube on Fire Tablet? Well, you have to follow some steps then. There are some ways here to watch Youtube on a fire tablet. Here are some ways to watch youtube on amazon fire tablet.


1. Using browser


Amazon Fire Tablet doesn’t have youtube on their device. Their AppStore also doesn’t have youtube. So basically, you are not getting any youtube app in the amazon fire tab.


Are you not getting any youtube apps on your device? No worries, youtube also has a website. So, whatever you can watch on the app, you can also watch on the website.


What do you have to do? First, open a browser on your fire tablet. Then write on the search bar. The Youtube website will be there on your page. Now you can enjoy all your Youtube videos.


2. Using Youtube as a Third-Party app.


As you know, Amazon AppStore doesn’t allow you to use YouTube on Fire Tablet. And you don’t want to use the browser to watch youtube? Are you looking for the youtube app for amazon fire?


No worries, I am going to show you the way to do it. To use Youtube as an app on your device, just follow these steps:


1. First, you have to enable the installation of unknown sources on your device. Just swipe down on;’ home screen’ and tap ‘more’ and then choose ‘device.’




how to watch youtube on amazon fire tablet




2. Now turn on ‘Allow installation of Applications.’ It will show you a warning note that it could harm your device, tap ‘ok.’


3. Now download Youtube.Apk on your device.


4. After downloading the file on your device, run it.


5. Now Autoplay will show on your device. Click on ‘Open Device’ now.




how to watch youtube on amazon fire tablet




1. Go to the downloaded folder. Now copy the APK file to it.


2. Now download and install ES File Explorer to side-loading apps. Now open the ‘Download’ folder.




how to watch youtube on amazon fire tablet




1. Now you will see the files of downloads. Tap on youtube and install it.


Youtube is installed on your Amazon Fire tablet.


Final Verdict


In sum, watching amazon on youtube fire tablet is fun and enjoyable. I hope now you can try it effortlessly.  Moreover, now you can also get a youtube kid on fire tablet for your children. Hence, experience the journey through the entertainment world with your entire family.



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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you download apps on Amazon Fire?


Answer: Yes, you can download apps from the Amazon Appstore. It can be done with relatively simple steps.


  • How to download and install apps on the Amazon store?


Answer: To download and install apps, you can follow the following pathway:

Open AppStore >Search for your app > Tap ‘Get app’> now Tap download.

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