How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10 | 4 Ways to Make a Zip File

Zipping a file helps you save space in your PC and reduces the file size by compressing it. Besides, it encrypts your data too. Moreover, for sharing any large files within a short time, it is considered one of the best ways.


In a word, zipping a file comes with a lot of advantages. But still, zipping a file is a question mark for many people.


If you are also among them, who want to know – how to create zip files in Windows 10 operating system, go through the whole article. I bet you will get to know many things you never knew.


Does Windows 10 have a zip program?


You will be glad to know that most windows 10 have free zipping or compressing systems.  Since Windows 10 is one of the latest versions, you are definitely going to get the facility of compressing any file you want. Besides, you can unzip the compressed file anytime within a few seconds.


You don’t need any external app to convert any file or folder into a zipped file. You have to pass your folder or files through a few clicks!


How To Create Zip Files In Windows 10?


You must have known that it is free and easy to zip a file in Windows 10. It is also essential to know how you are going to do that.

Let’s learn the way with a few steps.


Step 1 – Put all the files into a new folder


Click the right button on the desktop and create a new folder. Rename it as you need. Put all the files into the folder.


Remember that you can skip this step and just directly zip or compress a file by selecting your desired file.


Creating a folder helps you to arrange and organize the file most efficiently.


Step 2 –  Click the right button on your mouse


Secondly, select the folder using your mouse and click the right button. You can see different options here.


Step 3 – choose the ‘Send to’ option


Have a look at the options. I hope you can see the ‘send to’ menu. Select it with a single click. I have shown it in the picture.


Step 4 – finally select ‘Compressed (Zipped) Folder


After choosing the send menu, you will get new options. Select the ‘Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Congratulations!  You have zipped the folder. See, How easy it was!




How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10




How do I unzip a file on Windows?


You can zip any file to compress it and make it shorter, and then use it again by unzipping it when you need the file again.


Unzipping a file on windows is as easy as zipping the file. Do you want to know how to unzip any compressed file? Okay, don’t skip any part and keep reading.


  • To unzip a file on Windows, locate the zipped file first.
  • In the second step, put your mouse on the compressed folder and click on the mouse’s right button.
  • Now, select the ‘Extract all’ option.



How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10




By following just three steps, you can unzip a zipped folder or file.


You may want to know; what can you do if you need to unzip a single file without unzipping other files from the compressed folder.


The answer is; click and drag the file you want to unzip and put it into a different location. For example, you can set the dragged file on the desktop to find it effortlessly.


How to Create Zip and Unzip a file online Free?


Now, you can even create zip and unzip a file on your PC or Mobile with an online file Compressor. It is easy to use on both your phone and PC. Let’s have a look at the instructions.


Zip a file online


For zipping any file, turn on your internet connection first. If you have done it, kindly follow the following steps.



  • Choose the file that you want to zip.




How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10




  • In the last step, click on the zip file on the converter website’s screen.




How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10




Your file has been compressed. Now you just need to download it.


Unzip a File online


You can also unzip a zipped file by following it almost the same way. The link will be different slightly.



  • Then choose the zipped file to unzip similarly the way you zipped a file.

How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10


  • Finally, please Tap on the unzipped file from the counting characters and download it.




How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 10




It is very easy for new users. I hope you have understood the method well. Please look at the pictures if you are confused about getting the steps.


Do Zip files ruin quality?


This is really a common question if Zipping a file affects the quality of files as it reduces the file size? Well, the answer is a big ‘NO.


When you zip a file, you compress it without damaging its original quality. So, after you unzip the file, you gain the same file size again.


In sum, Zipping and unzipping don’t make any difference to your file. Thus, you can use the process whenever you need it.


Final Verdict


I hope you have learned all the necessary facts about zipping and unzipping files on your windows. By following the mentioned way, you can zip and unzip any files on your computer.


So, from now on, you can quickly transfer or share any large files with zipping it. Apart from this, you can save a lot of storage on your PC by creating zip files in windows 10.



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Frequently Asked questions


  • How to add a new file to the existing zipped file?


Answer: If you already have a zipped folder or archive folder, you can easily add a new file to that. Please select the desired file with your mouse and put it into the archived or compressed folder. You can add the file into the zipped folder just with one click.


  • Can I use the Zip program on my phone?


Answer: Yes. Though you can not use the zipping program directly, you can use it with the help of any zipping app. There are a few free zipping apps such as WinZip, RAR, and ZArchiver. These apps can help you in zipping effortlessly without any cost

  • How to Zip files on Android?


Answer: Follow these steps to zip any file on Android.

  1. Install WinZip on your Android > Activate the app
  2. Choose or select the file for compressing
  3. Now hit the ‘ZIP’ option.
  4. Then again, click on the button ‘Zip Here.’

In this way, you can zip or compress any file on your Android.

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