#Images Not Working on iPhone? Try These Fixes

Inside the #images application, you can discover several GIFs with countless variations. By using this feature, you can send, receive and save GIFs too. Moreover, you will be able to add any type of image to the text and send it to an individual.

But new users these days often complain that #images not working on iPhone. While searching for any GIF, the store looks gray or shows can’t find any image. This is an aggravating problem because while texting with someone, you are trying to express something using a proper image, but the result is ditching you!

This article will cover all the solutions that will give you the accurate result you are looking for. So, let’s see what they really are.


What is iPhone #Image and How to Fix iPhone #Images Not Working Problem?


Apple included a new #images feature to the Messaging app that allows users to send their friends’ GIFs and image files. You can also consider it as a keyboard tool that allows its user to find images with keywords.


If you are having #image loading issue or a GIF not working problem on your iPhone, following the instructions will help you –


#Images Not Working on iPhone


  1. Restart the Wi-Fi


One of the significant causes of not working issues is a slow network and unstable Wi-Fi. Disconnect the phone’s Wi-Fi control under the settings option. Toggle the switch under the internet option, keep it off for 10 seconds, and turn on the mode again. If the system doesn’t work, restart your router and enable it after 5-10 seconds.


  1. Reopen the Message


The image not working issue may also occur for the message software glitch. Then a fresh start can fix this problem as this is a system application, so force stop is the only method.


If you are the iPhone-Max or the updated version user, you have to open the app switcher. Drag up the screen from the bottom to up and manually turn off the message application.


You must follow the technique for iPhone 8 and the older version. Double click on the home screen, and it will extract the app switcher and now manually off the messaging app.


  1. Re-Adjust the Image


Sometimes, the images get missing, or while loading, it can’t detect the image. In this case, you must follow the steps to adjust the image:



#Images Not Working on iPhone



  • Go to Messages option.
  • Open any existing message or type a new message.
  • Select the “A” icon and then swipe left.
  • It will extract the app drawer, and under it, you will see the “More” icon. Click on that.
  • Now tap on “Edit.”
  • Select the Remove and Re-add the #image again.


  1. Change Internet Connection


If you are using Wi-Fi internet connection, then turn it off and try another link, or you can enable the cellular data mode.


  1. Check SMS Mode


This is a common cause among the many. If the recipient doesn’t use iPhone, then possibly you can face the issue. To minimize the problem, enable the normal SMS mode.


  • From your phone’s setting option, click on the Message section.


  • If the switch with Send an SMS is on the green light and it’s on, then you don’t have to touch anything. But resetting the switch will not be a bad idea.


  • If you found the blue mode switch, turn it off and start it back.


  1. Update iOS Latest Version


The outdated iOS version can cause the image not working issue. If the software has the new update available and you haven’t availed of it, then update your phone’s current operating system using the given instruction:


  • Go to phone’s settings option.
  • Extract the general menu to search for updates.
  • Select software and search for the update.
  • Click on download and install.
  • If your device has a new update, then this command will auto-update the OS.


  1. Region Settings


This feature is offered according to the region differently. As this is a country-based feature, and if you are inside the country where the feature supports, then you can apply the fixing method following these steps:



#Images Not Working on iPhone



  • From the settings option, ensure to select the General.
  • Under General, find the language and region.


  • Inside the Region menu, change the country where the feature is available, and note that you cannot pick any random country where the feature is restricted.


  • After the selection, restart your device.


  • Now again, redo the same method and change the location to the current one.


  1. Factory Reset


This is the ultimate solution, and you should apply this to the end when none of the discussed methods give you the desired result. Before doing that, make sure the backup mode is on.


  • Go to the settings option and extract the General.



#Images Not Working on iPhone



  • Under “General” option, find Reset.



#Images Not Working on iPhone


  • Select Reset and tap on the Select All Settings.



#Images Not Working on iPhone




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


  • What Third-Party Application Can Fix the #Image Not Working Problem?


The iPhone offers the same content on the GIPHY application, and you will get it in the Apple store. If you are having issues with images not working, then download the application and enable all permissions from “manage application” settings.


  • Why the GIF no Result is Occurring?


The GIF keyboard is a graceful feature of the iPhone, and it gives the picture a lively mood. But you can face the no result command due to too many GIFs on the same conversation, the MMS mode is off, and the reduce motion function is on the enable mode.


  • What are the Reasons for #Image Not Working?


The possible problems can be many. Apart from the hardware glitch, the internet connection, server down, backdated old device, outdated software, and regional country acceptance are the common causes of the #image not working.




As an Apple user, you can experience the #images not working on iPhone or #GIF no results trouble every once in a while, especially if your device has the feature. That’s the reason why this article has explained all the possible troubleshooting solutions right here.


However, if you still cannot see the impact, then seeking help from the Apple help center is a wise idea, we guess.




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