Iphone Battery Draining Fast | How To Fix?

iphone battery draining fast

In general, the iPhone comes with a great battery backup. But sometimes iPhone battery draining fast can make you tense about your battery health. There are several reasons why the iPhone’s battery can deplete quickly.


Keeping mobile data, location service, etc., data consuming service can lead to low battery life on your iPhone. If you keep news apps in the background, they will consume a lot of energy. Some small measures like enabling power saver, auto-brightness, night mode, auto-updates can save a lot of battery energy.


iPhone has unique features like Battery Health that can save your battery from being drained. If you take help from this feature, you will have longer battery life.


Why Is iPhone Battery Draining Fast?


If you ask how to stop my iPhone battery from draining so fast, you need to identify the reasons behind battery draining. There are several reasons why the iPhone battery drains fast even when not in use.




iphone battery draining fast




Using Mobile Data


Mobile data consumes a lot of energy to stay connected with the Internet world. Even when you are not using your mobile to browse the Internet, it will keep consuming energy from your battery. This works to keep your dynamic apps updated.


Using Location Service


Location service is an essential feature of the iPhone. Lots of apps and services on the iPhone are location-based. Using a location service lets you find your device if you have lost it. It constantly gives your location updates in iCloud.




iphone battery draining fast




Even though the iPhone location service helps you in many situations, it also consumes a lot of battery life. Therefore, keeping the iPhone location service enabled all the time will drain your iPhone’s battery fast.


Background Apps


In the iPhone, you can leave apps in the background to run. This allows you to run several apps consecutively. But in the long run, as a consequence, it consumes your battery energy, and your iPhone will run out of power.


Sometimes you might think that there are not many apps in the background. But you might have left unattended apps in the background in subconsciousness. They will consume your battery life and make you tense about your iPhone health.


Excess Brightness


If you or someone has high brightness in your device, it will drain your battery. To provide high brightness on your screen, your iPhone needs to use a lot of energy. As a result, using your iPhone on high brightness will eventually drain your battery life.


There can be many other miscellaneous reasons why the iPhone battery is draining so fast. Once you recognize what is consuming your battery life, you will be able to fix it accordingly.


How To Stop iPhone Battery From Draining Fast?


When you know the reason for higher battery energy consumption in your iPhone, you can solve the problem. But it is not always easy to recognize the problem and act accordingly.


In such a case, you might take the following measures to save your battery energy.


Restarting iPhone


If your iPhone is suddenly running out of battery life, then the first measure to take is to restart your iPhone. Sometimes, your battery may show that it is running out of life, but it’s not due to a minor bug. If so, then you can just restart your iPhone and get back your regular battery.


Nowadays, just press and hold the power button to restart your iPhone. Now tap on the “Restart” tab. With this, your iPhone will get restarted.


iPhone Battery Health Suggestion


The iPhone has a feature that suggests what steps to take to maintain healthy battery life. To do so, you will need to go to “Battery Health” through Settings App > Battery > Battery Health.




iphone battery draining fast




Here you will find different suggestions to make your battery usage more efficient. Tapping on its recommendations will lead you to the required settings.


If the Battery Health section is empty without any suggestions, then that means your iPhone doesn’t think that you need to make any changes. But in reality, you might need to take some other measures.


Balancing The Screen’s Brightness


To stop battery drain, you must balance your device’s screen brightness. The best option is to enable Auto-Brightness. This option sets the screen brightness according to the light in your surroundings.


Also, from the settings, you can enable Night Mode on your iPhone. This can cause a lot of battery energy-saving services in your device.




iphone battery draining fast




App Updates


Sometimes, if an app on your device is not updated, they consume more battery life. Therefore, it is always the best option to update your apps.


You can update your apps from the App store. You also can enable “Auto-update” for apps whenever under Wi-Fi. This will save a lot of battery life on your device.


Switch Off Background Apps


Even though you are not using your background apps, they keep running. They use the same amount of battery energy as if you were browsing them. Sometimes the battery consumption is higher in background apps. Therefore, your battery keeps running out in no time.


To clean the background app, press and hold your home button for a few seconds. All the apps in the background will appear on your screen. From there, you will be able to remove the apps that you don’t need in the background. Thus, a lot of your battery life will be saved.


Turn Off the Unnecessary Widgets


There can be many unnecessary pages on your home screen that you don’t need. You might find them harmless, but in reality, they have been consuming your battery life. And in no time, you end up losing precious battery energy.




iphone battery draining fast




These are some of the easy and practical measures that can save your battery energy. Once after taking these measures, you will find that you don’t need to charge your phone constantly.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I maximize battery life on my iPhone?


Here are some tips and tricks to have excellent battery life:


  • Use Low Power Mode.


  • Lower Screen Brightness.


  • Turn Off Location Services.


  • Turn Off Background App Refresh.


  • Cut Down on Notifications.


  • Switch to Airplane Mode while charging.


At what percentage should I charge my iPhone?


Try keeping your iPhone battery charged between 40 and 80 percent. Getting up to 100 percent isn’t necessarily optimal. But it won’t necessarily damage your battery.


On the other hand, if it regularly runs down to 0 percent, it can prematurely lead to a battery’s damage.


Is it OK to leave the iPhone charging overnight?


Charging the iPhone overnight will not overload the battery. Once the lithium-ion in the battery hits 100% of its capacity, it will stop charging.


In case you leave the smartphone plugged in overnight, it will use a bit of energy constantly. The battery will get recharged every time it falls to 99%.



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Final Words


Even if you have identified why is iPhone battery draining fast? it might not be the only reason. Therefore, taking the mentioned measures will save battery energy and give your battery a longer life.


Even after doing every possible DIY, if your iPhone has battery drainage, you might need to take it to customer care to replace the battery. This process might be costly but will be worth it!



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