Iphone Goes Straight To Voicemail

iphone goes straight to voicemail

Sometimes, you may need to talk urgently with your client over the phone. And what if he calls you but your iPhone forwards the call to voicemail? It’s really troubleshooting when people try to communicate with you but can’t reach you. Or, you just get a voicemail instead of getting your phone ring!


Don’t panic if there iPhone goes straight to voicemail. You might unintentionally change any settings or might silent your phone.


So, all you have to do is find out the common reasons why you are missing the calls to solve them once and for all!


But don’t you know how to solve it? Well, we will surely meet your needs by fixing these issues through this article.



What Does It Mean When Iphone Goes Straight to Voicemail?


Suppose your friend is calling you and the call is coming from their end but you are not picking them up or just forwarding them to voicemails. It’s really a matter of worry when you can’t receive urgent phone calls from your office employees, friends, and family members or near and dear ones.


Sometimes your phone keeps silent or you are not getting the notifications as well. So it’s a serious matter indeed as we use the phone for urgent communications with each other. Moreover, we can’t check the voicemails frequently as we’re not notifying when people call us.


So you have to fix the issue either by yourself or by the carrier end. In most cases, very silly setting options can fix the problem which you can do by yourself just following some simple instructions. Go ahead to know why are calls going straight to voicemail.


Why Does a Call Go Straight to Voicemail iPhone?


There must be some valid reasons if you are unable to pick calls on your iPhone as they directly go to the voicemail. You could change some settings of your iPhone that may restrict your phone from ringing.


So don’t worry much about it. Firstly you have to diagnose the issue and then try to fix it.


Let’s go through some issues that may occur while iPhone goes straight to voicemail.


Reboot Your iPhone


Sometimes software-related bugs create these kinds of issues that you can solve easily by restarting your device. Reboot your phone before doing anything.


Restarting is not a big deal though, you simply hold the power button along with the home button for a while. When you see the Apple logo disappearing, leave the buttons straight away.


Moreover, if you use face ID, you can reboot by tapping the volume up button, then the volume down button, and lastly the power button.


Network Settings


You have to be well aware of the strength of the wireless network of your phone, especially if it’s able to connect to the cellular network to make the call.




iphone goes straight to voicemail




Go for the “Airplane Mode”


Don’t forget to check the airplane mode as it enables the voicemail if you unintentionally activate it. So, go to the settings app and click the airplane mode to ensure that it’s toggled off.


Bedtime Features


Many of us track our sleeping habits using bedtime features like the “Do Not Disturb” feature. Indeed, iPhone has many unique features, and the Do Not Disturb mode is one of them. It ensures that your call will go to the voicemail directly as well as you are not getting any notifications in case of other circumstances.


Technically you will get phone calls and notifications, but your phone will not light up or ring.


Checking the Do Not Disturb mode is necessary because you may accidentally activate it but it forward your calls directly. A “crescent moon” icon in the status bar represents this mode.


So, feel free to follow the steps to deactivate the “Do Not Disturb” mode:


  • Go to the settings option from the home screen of your iPhone.


  • Click the Do Not Disturb option.


  • Tap the button at the topside of the page so that it becomes gray.


  • Turn off the scheduled mode if it’s set to turn on automatically after a certain time period.


  • Or open the control center to click the icon and to adjust your settings.




iphone goes straight to voicemail





iphone goes straight to voicemail




Volume and Ringing Tone


You can see a switch on the left side of your phone that can mute your phone or can lower the volume. Too low volume of your ringing calls won’t reach you. So you’ll hardly hear when someone calls you or you get any notifications.


So check the volume of your phone if some calls go straight to voicemail.


  • Search for the Settings option and then click on Sounds and Haptics.
  • Go to the ringer and alert section.
  • Adjust the volume to your desired level by just dragging the slider.
  • Slide your finger to check the highest to lowest volume range.




iphone goes straight to voicemail




Settings Update of Phone


Check the latest update of your phone and update it if needed. Though out-of-date version doesn’t mean that some calls go straight to voicemail. But in case of Apple devices, you’ll be in the safe zone if your device is fully updated. As carrier settings updates sometimes work for these issues.


Go ahead to check the update,


  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Select the General option.
  • Go to Software Updates.
  • You can install and download if any latest update is available.



Silent Unknown Callers


If you won’t keep any calls from unknown contacts, maybe you turned on the Silence Unknown Callers option.


In that case, you need to check for the unknown callers and turn them off if needed so that your calls don’t go straight to voicemail.




iphone goes straight to voicemail




If you are a user of iOS 13 or the updated versions of it, you can see a brand new anti-spam call feature that spam calls from unknown contacts. The numbers that you never saved on your phone will go directly on silent mode and will activate voicemail.




iphone goes straight to voicemail




Third-Party Apps


If you block some numbers using a third-party app, make sure you have unblocked them, otherwise, their calls will straightly go to voicemail.


So change the settings to remove certain numbers from the blocklist.


  • Go to the Settings
  • Click on Phone
  • Check the Blocked Contacts
  • Add or remove any number from the blocklist


Contact Your Carrier


What if you’ve tried all of the following clues but are still unlucky to keep the calls? There’s more likely a chance of having some system-wide issues on the other end. So contact your carrier end to detect and solve the issues. They can fix this by updating any tower or by fixing any software-related problems.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)


1. Why can I send messages but calls are going to voicemail?


As your messages are sent, more likely they’re ignoring your calls with the change of the settings.


2. Does iMessage become green when blocked?


Check the bubble color of your iMessage, though it’s hard to figure out if someone blocks you.


3. Can I have an anti-spam call feature on my iPhone?


If you have an iPhone of iOS 13 or an updated version, you can have an anti-spam call feature that may silent unknown callers.



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Wrapping Up!


It’s really annoying when your employee can’t reach you over a phone call at an urgent moment. More precisely, it makes a hassle when people call you but you just can’t pick them up because of the issues with iphone goes straight to voicemail.


Diagnose the problem with your iPhone from the following issues one by one and try to fix them so that you can keep the urgent phone calls. Contact your carrier at the end if none of them works and let them fix your problem.


So keep in touch with your near and dear ones by fixing the issues so that no phone calls go straight to voicemail.

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