iPhone Not Receiving Texts from Android? [ How to Fix]

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iPhone and Android use two different types of software. Whenever iPhone users do not receive a text from Android, they get curious. iPhone not receiving texts from Android?

There can be several issues regarding this factor. One major issue is setting preferences. iPhone users mainly use iMessage as the primary texting medium. Thus, network issues can be a reason for not receiving Android texts. Not updating apps can also cause text delays from Android to iPhone.

iPhone and Android use different media for texting. Therefore texting between them can cause some issues. With some tips and tricks, you can efficiently resolve the problem. You can identify them and then try the solution on your device.


Reasons iPhone Can’t Receive Texts From Android

Before searching for any technical malfunctioning, you will need to look at their messaging applications. Here are some of the fundamental reasons that can block text receiving text in an iPhone from Android.



iMessage sends text from one iPhone to another using the internet. But Android uses SMS or MMS as the primary medium of texting.

Therefore if your iMessage setting is not in the preferable set, you might not receive a text from Android. iMessage setting plays a vital role in sending and receiving texts from Android devices.




iPhone not receiving texts from Android



Blocked Number

If the phone is not receiving texts from any specific number of Android users, you should check your block list. Any number enlisted in the block list cannot send you a text.

From the sender’s end, it might show that the text is delivered. But your iPhone will filter the text from receiving. Therefore, the texts will not be accepted from your end.


Added Contact

Most iPhone users input email addresses in their contact to connect through iMessage.

If your device didn’t have a contact number added in your sender and receiver settings, then text might bounce back. In this case, an Android user not having your email will fail to send a text.


Old Message Thread

Having old messages on your iPhone can block Android users from sending a text.

This is not an issue for sending a text from iPhone to iPhone. They use iMessage as their medium of conversation. But the text from Android to iPhone gets saved on the device as an SMS.


Network Error

iMessage sends and receives texts through the internet. When it communicates with an Android device, it chooses the medium of SMS or MMS.

Sometimes corrupted network settings create bugs in sending and receiving a text from iPhone to Android.



Fixing iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android

Without any doubt, the iPhone is one of the best smartphones. But communicating between Android and iPhone through  SMS or MMS  can face some difficulties. Changing some settings and restoring some default settings can resolve texting issues.


Restarting Your iPhone

Before trying out any other settings, restart your iPhone. Hold your power button for a while, and it will come up with the option for restarting your iPhone. Select it, and you will have your iPhone restarted.

Not only texting but for any unconventional issues in your iPhone, the first go-to move is to restart it. It can help solve some minor technical problems that create restrictions while receiving any text from Android.


Resetting iMessage

To receive a text from Android devices, you will need to enable some functions in iMessage.

Step 1: Go to the iMessage app.

Step 2: Open the setting option.

Step 3: Enable SMS, MMS, iMessage, and Group messaging.

Your iPhone is ready to receive any text from Android in the form of SMS or MMS. Now your iPhone can receive SMS and MMS from individual or group texting as well.




iPhone not receiving texts from Android




Removing Block Numbers

iPhone rejects any kind of text received from any blocked numbers. Therefore if the blocked number is an Android user, you will not be able to accept that text on your iPhone.

For receiving a text from the person, you will need to remove the contact from the block list. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the settings panel of the iMessage.

Step 2: Scroll down to “Blocked.”

Step 3: Open the “Blocked” option. Now select the number you want to remove from the block list.

Step 4: Selecting the number will redirect you to the unblock option.

After you have unblocked the desired number,  you can send or receive any text from the user.



iPhone not receiving texts from Android



Deleting Old Message Thread

An old message thread doesn’t create any restriction in case of receiving or sending text between iPhone users. All the messages are stored in iCloud. But if you are texting between iPhone and Android users, the old message thread needs to be deleted.

Choose the message thread you want to delete. Now delete it permanently, and your message thread will be cleared out. This will make receiving a text from an Android device to an iPhone smoother.




iPhone not receiving texts from Android




Restoring the default network setting can remove the network error. It can give you access to receive a text from Android devices. Restoring the network setting to default will not tamper with the saved documents.

Here are the steps to carry out the restoration process:

Step 1: Open the settings option for your iPhone.

Step 2: Go for the “General” setting option.

Step 3: Browse to “ Reset.”

Step 4: Choose “Reset Network Settings” and enter your password.




iPhone not receiving texts from Android




With this, the default network setting will be restored. It would make receiving a text from an Android device smoother.


Go To iCare

All these suggested solutions should enable receiving a text from Android to iPhone. In case you’re still facing problems, you can take your device to iCare. They can take a deeper look into the issue and propose a viable solution.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to enable MMS on iPhone?

To enable MMS on iPhone, visit the setting of the iMessage. You will find an option for allowing MMS. Enable the virtual key, and you get yourself access to receiving and sending MMS to an Android through iPhone.


Is it true that iPhone can’t receive texts from Android?

Yes, an iPhone can receive a text from Android in some cases. But with the right setting and network preferences, an iPhone can seamlessly receive and send texts to Android phones.


Why do some texts not come through on the iPhone?

Sometimes, some texts might not come through the iPhone due to some technical bugs. Restarting your iPhone can resolve the issue.

In some cases, you might be having network problems. Look into the connectivity setting and check your network connection. These should resolve your issue in receiving text on the iPhone.


Can Android receive iMessage?

iPhone uses an end-to-end encrypted system in iMessage. Thus, Android users cannot use iMessage. But any text sent from iMessage will come to Android users in the form of SMS or MMS.



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Final Words

Due to the differences in software and encryptions, users often face difficulties receiving and sending texts between Android and iPhones. Then they end up googling – iPhone not receiving texts from Android?

There can be several reasons like setting preferences, network connectivity, etc. With some tips and tricks, you can easily overcome all these difficulties. But be careful not to tinker with your phone settings too much!

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