Is Apkmirror.Com Safe For Download And Install Android Apps?

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We hear about so many amazing apps from the social media circle or other online platforms. Then, we get highly eager to install the application and use it. But all efforts go in vain when the app is not available even on the Play Store.


Can you relate to this situation? Well, that’s when we think about using platforms like But is safe? It will keep bothering you if you don’t get a clear understanding of how it works.


That’s why we prepared this short guide to clear up all your queries regarding what is and whether it is safe or not. This is going to be fun. So, don’t go anywhere else!


What Is An APK Mirror & Why It Used For?


Where do you go when you need to install an app? The answer is Google Play Store. It’s so common that many people don’t know other applications allow us to do the same. One such application is


In simple terms, the purpose of is to sideload apps for your device. Now, what is sideloading? When you install an app from outer sources other than the Google Play Store, it will be sideloading.


Don’t worry as side-loading is not illegal. People use this method all the time to get a hold of their favorite Ebook, videos, and audios that are not available in their region.


Here are the reasons why you might need to install apps. Check it out –


  • Censorship In Certain Regions


Local regions have specific rules and regulations that any app has to fulfill. But it gets hard for some apps to abide by these rules. That’s why they block the android users of that specific area from using that application. The main reason is that culture and values can vary between two regions.


  • For The Older Versions Of Apps


With so many upgrades, most applications lose some of their older features. And, not every user is going to be happy about that. Some of us crave the familiar interface of our favorite app.


However, once an update is available, Play Store removes the older version automatically. That’s when we need to use third-party ways to install the rare older versions.


  • Play Store Issues


Play Store can cause trouble on some android devices. For example, there are a lot of cache data. It will cause the app to run in the background non-stop. It can make the Play Store stop responding to your commands. When such things happen, you need to give some time and effort to reset everything.


For that period, if you need an app, you can’t ask for it in the Play Store. So, there is no other way but to use


  • To Be Ahead Of The Play Store


We talked about the older versions already. Now, let’s discuss the newer versions. Sometimes, Google Play Store takes some time to launch a new update for a specific app. It can be due to a thorough virus scan or quality test.


However, we are not that patient. So, excited users go to websites like to get a hold of the newly-released version before the Play Store.


  • For Apps That Didn’t Make It To The Play Store


For an app to be available within the Play Store, it has to pass some tests. There are other guidelines and terms as well. If any app fails to do so, that app will never be available for download or installation. For the same reason, some successful apps get kicked out of the play store forever.


But, those apps don’t become invisible. They are available in other sources like If any such app caught your eye and you want to install it, is the way.


How to Download Files through APKmirror.Com?


Okay, here’s the most important part. Follow this easy tutorial to download your favorite app from


  • First of all, we will search for “” in the search browser. A lot of results will pop up. Don’t enter any unofficial site.




is safe




  • Look for the tag “android police” on the URL. Click on that website.


  • Once you are inside, a list of apps will appear. You can search for more on the bar above. Different versions of the same app will be available also.




is safe




  • Choose your app and start downloading in the apk format.


  • Once the downloading is complete, go to the taskbar. Now, click on “install.”


Is safe To Use?


The thing is, Google is putting too much effort into enhancing the quantities and qualities of apps within the Play Store. There is hardly any app that is not available there already. If you might not face some issues with the play store, you won’t even have to go for third-party extensions like


However, we already discussed the reasons that might tempt you to use outer sources and get APK files of the specific app.


What we like about is that only free apps are eligible to get on the list. So, you can be sure that no app will try to scam you, which is very common for most third-party sources.


That being said, you shouldn’t trust it 100%. Because, even though has applied a screening test, there are chances of mishaps. We can’t deny the fact that that extra layer of Google’s protection is missing with outer sources. So, it can be hard to detect malware or bloatware in disguise.


What you can do is, install some APK file checkers. These tools will scan two codes with the specific APK file (SHA 1 & 2). If both codes match perfectly, you have nothing to worry about.


However, if there is some mismatch, remove the file as soon as possible.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is APKMirror Legal?


APKMirros is a fully legal extension. You don’t have to worry about the piracy policy either. It only contains free apps and is widely popular in Play Store.


2. What Is APKMirror Installer?


APKMirror installer is an android app available on the Play Store. You can download it and use it to install any app you want. It acts the same as an extension.


3. How Can I Download APK?


You can use the APKMirror extension to download the APK format of any app. However, there are more options than that. For example, you can pick APKpure, APK Downloader, Yalp Store, and so on.


4. How to Upload an App on APKMirror?


All you have to do is, tap on the menu button of the specific app. Then, select “upload” and choose “APKMirror.” That’s all you have to do.


5. Can I Trust APKMirror?


Users have all the good things to say about Among all the other APK file downloaders, it is the most trustworthy and reliable. Plus, all the apps are completely free to use.




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Apps are the lifeblood of your android smartphone, it doesn’t matter which model you use. A high-quality app can enhance our android experience to a greater extent. And sometimes, we need to go through some extra steps to get those apps. is your way to do that.


So, is safe? The owners of also built this extension. That should be enough to convince you regarding its credibility. And that was all for Hope you enjoyed it!

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