Is Legit? What We Know So Far

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There is a website getting immense popularity in the gaming arena. Mostly because it offers free versions of some premium gaming apps. Not just that, it includes other applications for making money online. Furthermore, it acts as a station for you to pick the software you want and download it. Yes, we’re talking about the “”


But Is Legit? That’s the question we will be tackling today. It is important to get an idea of how this application works and its purpose. After that, you are enough to judge whether it is legit or just a waste of time!


We will first explain the mechanism of and whether it affects our device or not. Then, if you feel the need to remove it, we also have a short guideline for that.


So, what are we waiting for?


What Is Appzilla.Vip?


Many people installed the to download cash++ and make money on the internet. But, we are too naive to understand that all of this is a scam. Yes, scam is the right word to describe it. Because the users complained that they couldn’t make a single penny through this. We hope by the time, you finish this article, you understand that nothing comes free.


Plus, the requirements will be upgraded continuously. So, you will never be able to catch up with those.


So, what is this website/app anyway? It is an application or home for other apps. For example, you will notice tweak apps, GTA 5++, cash ++, and so on available in a single app list. All you have to do is click on them and the download is over. It is hard to find such apps online. Plus, another important feature of this software is that it modifies android apps.


For most gaming apps, there are paid versions. You can play the game on a “free trial” for some days. But, after the period is over, you have to switch to the paid version. Or, the game might demand coins from you to unlock a certain feature. We all have experienced this while playing online games.


But, the games you find on the don’t have such requirements. Interestingly, you get all the amazing rewards and coins without doing anything. As a result, gamers see this application as a golden opportunity and earn free coins and play games.


But, why does the app/webpage offer so much for free?


  • The thing with is that it takes control over your browser. Users blame it to be a browser hijacker. There are so many sketchy websites trying to steal money from you. Thankfully, Google doesn’t allow such pages to rank and hide them from visitors.


But, this is sponsored by those third-party websites. As a result, it traps you with a “free game” service and in exchange hacks your web browser. After you install it, you won’t get relevant search results. Chances are that the first SERP for any query will contain those malicious websites selling sketchy products.


If you are not aware of this issue, you might end up losing your money to them.


Is Legit?


In a word, “no,” it is not legal to use the After all, it doesn’t provide the real version of the android games. Instead, it modifies the apps and turns them into a free app for the users. This will significantly reduce the revenue of the owners. So, there is no doubt about this app being illegal or not permissible.


It is not available in the iPhone app store anymore. Apple excluded this application due to the complaints and negative feedback. It can bypass a jailbreak on the IOS device with ease. That’s why you could get the illegal mods of android apps without going through any technical process. But, it is impossible to do such sketchy activities under Apple’s nose.




is legit




After facing several bans, the app owners decided to change the domain name. is the new version of the Appzilla series. The date of domain registration is March 2020. That’s very recent.


The app also goes by GTA or tweak names. You must avoid all of those applications no matter what. Sometimes people want to download this stuff for testing purposes. We wouldn’t even recommend that to you. If you want to check out the free version of different games, there are other ways to do that.


All we can say is that this app is not stopping any time soon. It will keep changing domain and appearance to fool the android OS or Apple’s IOS. That’s why you have to make sure that you recognize it well and avoid it at any cost.


Is It Safe To Use The


Since it completely controls the browser, you will face a lot of redirects. It will change the website URL and forcefully take you to the websites that sponsor it. Your overall experience with the search engine will become bitter and annoying.


  • And, that’s not the end. The worst is still to come. Besides ruining your search results, it injects Trojans and ransomware into your device. These are literally viruses that pop-up irrelevant apps continuously.


You might get around 50 pop-ups, including notifications, online messages, promotional content, images, and so on. Although we don’t mean that having pop-ups only can confirm the presence of malware.




is legit




Because there are certain websites that send those ads to our device as we surf through them. But that’s tolerable and doesn’t mean any harm.


  • In this case, you are continuously bombarded with such promotions. Then, you know that your device is under trojan attack. And, you need to do something about it. Plus, it makes your OS vulnerable to the web hackers out there.


Anybody can easily hack into your account and run as many ads as they want for profit. The purpose of this app is to turn your device into a revenue-generating machine for the owners. Your safety doesn’t matter to them.


But all of us get easily distracted by the promise of “free money or coins.”


How to Remove It from The iPhone?


Your experience with the iPhone will get weird once you download stuff from non-reliable sources. For example, the offers you a free tweak app or GTA 5. You have to understand that there is something sketchy behind all of these free games.


As you fall into the trap, your phone will be hijacked. You will notice that runs ads in the background without your knowledge and operates Safari too.


To get yourself out of it, you have to do a factory data reset. Make sure you have backed up all the important data on your iPhone and then restore it. We suggest you back up manually. You don’t have to worry about your user information on PUBG or other games. This information is already placed into the server or iCloud.


  • Go into the settings> Then, select “general settings.”


  • Scroll down to “reset.” It will erase everything on your phone.


Unless you choose to let the virus enter your iPhone, this is not very common. Apple has a reputation for making it super difficult for malicious applications to get a place in the App store. However, we are greedy for the free versions and easily break the rules of the iPhone for such third-party software.


And that’s when we realized that we opened our terminal for various ransomware on the web. It keeps popping up ads and scamming your home screen all the time.


How to Remove It from the Android?


What do we do to delete any app from our android? We just long-press on the app icon and then drag it up to the “cross” sign. There is no complexity. However, apps like are slightly different than usual apps. Even if you long press and delete the app, it will again find its way into your smartphone.


In order to remove this from the device, follow the procedure given below:


  • Go to the phone’s settings> enter into “app management.”


  • Try to locate the particular app and uninstall it manually. But, the uninstall button doesn’t work, right?


  • So, you have to move into the “lock screen settings” option.


  • Then, look for “device administrators.” Just click on it.


  • After that, you will see all the applications are activated and running in the background. That’s why it was getting so tough to uninstall it.


  • So, click on the app icon and deactivate it manually by toggling the button. It might ask you for verification and


  • Okay, now the app is not running in the background anymore. Go back to the “apps” option.


  • Locate the specific app from the list and enter it. You will see the “uninstall” button is available.


  • So, just click on that and get rid of this browser hijacker.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is Safe to Use?


 No, it is not safe for your device. We would never recommend you to download it. It keeps running irrelevant ads on your system without permission.


2. Why Are My Search Results Disrupted?


If you feel that Google is showing you the results you are asking for, scan the device for browser hijackers. These hijackers enter your device through some apps and take full authority of the web browser. And, then the browser only shows you ads or results of some specific websites.


3. Is The A Virus?


No, the is not a virus. It is a browser hacking tool. There is a difference between these two. Unlike a virus, the browser hacker disrupts your search engine experience by messing up the results.




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In this article, we tried our best to warn you against such scamming apps. Becoming aware is the most important step in protecting your device. Especially, the web is full of malicious software like the So, you must be sure of the app’s history and effects before trusting any source on the internet.


In case you have already fallen into the trap, we have prepared a short tutorial that you can follow to help yourself.


So, Is Legit? We hope you already have got the answer you’re looking for!

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