Is It Normal To Use %99 Disk Usage In Windows Task Manager

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Is your PC appearing too slow? Is it normal to use %99 disk usage in windows task manager? Before you blame the hardware, you must check your disk usage level.


Most of the time, when the PC refuses to work or slows down, an error message pops up. It states something like the hard disk at 99% usage level. You might ignore this warning if you don’t know what it means!


As you know, the hard disk is the internal memory of your pc. Any file or folder you use will store up here automatically. These tasks require storage. That’s what a disk usage level generally represents.


However, is it possible that the disk usage will reach 99%? And, what can we do to bring back the previous pace of operation? For your convenience, we have answered all of these questions right here. So check it out!


What Does 99% Disk Usage Mean?


We are all familiar with the hard drives in our pc. The disk usage simply refers to the space that has been consumed by various activities, files, or folders. For example, you see the disk usage of 95%. What would you assume?


It means that only 5% of space is remaining inside the hard drives to operate future activities. That’s the same thing disk at 99%. Only, it is worse than 95%.


Most hard disks come with 64 to 150 GB. It is highly unlikely to finish all that storage.


Some games might eat up a large amount of space. But, if you are not a pro-gamer, this percentage is very suspicious. There must be something else going on with your pc without your knowledge. It can be a nasty piece of malware or some apps continuously running in the background.


The hard drives barely have enough space to get by. Only to respond to your basic instructions and execute them, a decent amount of space is needed. So, what happens when your disk usage reaches a 99% usage level?


First of all, be ready to face a sudden system shut off. And, a simple task will take it forever to complete. It gets too annoying!


What Are The Causes Behind It?


There is no particular reason behind it. However, we can point out several factors that might add up and cause such inconvenience to your pc. Let’s list them out for you:


  • Malware or spyware in your operating system.


  • Too many unnecessary or junk files.


  • Outdated driver.


  • A large number of drivers simultaneously running in the background.


And the list goes on. But, for an average user, these causes appear to be the most common and dangerous.


How Can You Fix It?


Let’s get familiar with some quick fixes in order to overcome the issue:


1. Clearing Up Unimportant Folders & Junks


In this process, we will show you how to clean up your system and delete junk folders.


Delete Windows Update data:


  • Just go to this pc > then open your C: drive > next, choose the ‘windows’ > and, finally select “software distribution.”



is it normal to use %99 disk usage in windows task manager




  • Go through the list and click on “downloads.” Inside you will see all the “update data” available. We don’t normally need it. Just select the whole folder and delete everything in it. It will make some space in the disc.


Delete the Temporary Files:


  • Go to the home screen and click on the windows icon. Here, choose “run.”


  • A little window will pop up. Here, type in “%temp%” and click on “okay.”



is it normal to use %99 disk usage in windows task manager




  • Now, all the temporary files will appear. Just select all of them and press “delete.”


After the first clean-up, go back to the “run” window. This time, type “temp” and choose “okay.” It will show some more temporary files. Make sure to delete them too.


Delete the Pre-fetch Files:


  • We will open the run dialogue box again by clicking on the Window +R key together.


  • Now, simply type in “prefetch.”


  • Then, select the files up here and press “delete.”


2. Uninstall Programs and Apps


  • Go to the start menu and search for ‘add or remove programs.”


  • Inside it, you will be able to see all the apps on your windows 10 pc.


  • Scroll the full list and choose the unnecessary apps.


  • Once you click on a particular app, it will show you an “uninstall” button automatically. You can just click on it and get rid of that program.


3. Scan Through “Anti-virus”


If you have a windows 10 pc, there is nothing for you to worry about. Because it comes with an in-built security system called “windows defender.” So, today we will show you how to launch it on your pc and scan for viruses –


  • Go to the Start menu on your computer.


  • On the search bar, type in “virus.” That’s all. The “virus and threat protection” program will show up immediately.


  • Move your mouse over it and left-click once.




is it normal to use %99 disk usage in windows task manager




  • The virus and threat protection window will appear before you. If you don’t want complications, just press the little “quick scan” button on the top. It will start looking for outside malware in your system.


  • However, if you want a thorough scan, left-click on the “scan options.”


  • There you get multiple choices like a quick scan, full scan, or a custom scan. Please be aware that a full scan will take several hours.


Now, you don’t have to run a scan daily or weekly. The defender will keep checking any new file that comes into the system without you doing anything.


Another thing to remember is that, if you have some other antivirus installed on your pc like Norton, AVG, Avast, etc the windows defender will deactivate itself.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Is the Minimum Storage Capacity Of A Hard Disk?


The minimum storage capacity depends on the model you use. If it is an older model, the minimum space can be as low as 16 GB to 32 GB. However, the lowest capacity might be around 100 to 120 GB for modern devices.


2. How to Find Out the Storage Capacity of My PC?


First of all, go to the Start menu > Select “settings” > then, choose “system.” And, finally, click on “storage” to see the capacity of your pc.


3. How Much Disk Usage Is Normal?


It depends on what kind of apps and programs you use. For an average user, the normal usage percentage is 0 to 10%. If you install high pace games, the usage will go up accordingly.


4. Why Is Your Disk Usage So Abnormal?


Sometimes, we see disk usage as high as 99%. It seems abnormal if we don’t use the pc for gaming at all. Check whether the system is currently scanning for viruses or not. Such procedures can increase the disk usage level too high for a short time.


5. What Happens When The Disk Usage Reaches 100%?


When the disk usage level reaches 100%, there is practically no room for further activities. The hard disk requires some space to respond and operate smoothly. You can expect a power down on your pc even before the usage reaches 100%.




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We enjoy our windows 10 without ever wondering about the storage. The problem arises when notifications like the “disk at 99 % usage” keep popping up. Then, we become aware of the situation.


Is it normal to use %99 disk usage in windows task manager? Without knowing the right disk usage level and what causes it to increase, you can’t tackle this bummer. That’s why we tried to give you an insight into the whole situation. Hopefully, you can fix this unusual disk usage notification by yourself!

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