Link2SD Mount Script Error Fix

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If you are facing issues with the internal space of your android phone, you might consider using your external storage in the same way as your internal storage. And in this way, you can try to use the Link2SD app. The info regarding the Link2SD mount script error fix will be handy in this case.


To fix the “mount script cannot be created” error on your device, install the Link2SD and convert the app into a system app through a file explorer app with root access. After this, restart your device and set your 2nd partition method as ext2/ ext3/ ext4 on your phone through the apps2SD app. Again, restart your device.


Usually, our internal storage is limited and not large enough. You might feel like connecting your Micro SD card to your internal storage. Try the Link2SD app and explore the freedom of having large apps on your device quickly.




link2sd mount script error fix




What Is Link2SD?


Link2SD is an application available on the Google Play Store for users to connect internal and external storage. In this process, both the repositories get linked, and as a result, they can identify each other.


The app offers you to move and exchange file locations between the spaces. As you create the partition in this feature, you can access both the storage while moving an app or any data from your internal storage to your SD card or vice-versa. Android 2.0 and later versions support this application.


What Are the Issues of Link2SD?


While you intend to use Link2SD on your android device, you must remain aware of some issues you may face while using Lnk2SD.


It might show you a script error. For this error, you might not be able to access this feature though you have completed the preconditioned tasks properly.


You might encounter read-only file system errors as well. This also will prevent this feature from working according to your command!


There might also be account-related issues, black/white screen problems, and so on.


Link2sd Mount Script Error Fix


When you are using the Link2SD app for creating a linkage between your internal and external storage, Link2SD prepares a script to connect both spaces.


While this linkage needs to function, Link2SD has to mount it. And if your Link2SD doesn’t have proper access to your storage or there were issues while partitioning your storage, Link2SD fails to mount your data.


How To Install Link2SD?


You must have a rooted android device to use the Link2SD feature. And you can simply install Link2SD on your android device as almost as other usual apps. Just ensure that your device has proper storage for Link2SD installation and is compatible with Link2SD as well.


Here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.


Step 2: Search for Link2SD through the search box.


Step 3: Tap on your desired search result.


Step 4: Inside the search result, tap on Install to have Link2SD installed on your device.


Before usingLink2SD, you must have your phone rooted and an extra partition on your SD card.


How To Automatically Download Apps to Your SD Card?


You can get the help of the Link2SD app to connect your both internal and external storage. When you are done with the connection, you can easily use your SD Card as your downloaded apps’ destination.


To do so, perform the following acts accordingly:


Step 1: Launch Link2SD on your phone.


Step 2: You will find the display menu button floating on the top-right corner of your display. This button is a three vertical dot button. Tap on it


Step 3: Among the given options, select Settings.


Step 4: In Settings, scroll down a bit. You will find a checkbox against an option labeled ‘Auto Link.’ Mark the check box. And you are done.


When you download new apps on your phone now, they will be stored in your Micro SD Card.




link2sd mount script error fix




Fixing The Link2SD Error


As you encounter the mount script error on Link2SD, you most probably will face a message saying Mount script cannot be created or mount: No such file or directory.


Now it’s time to learn some DIY tricks to resolve the issue.


Required things


Before even trying Link2SD, you cannot but have a rooted Android smartphone and a partitioned SD card. These are the first and foremost required things.




link2sd mount script error fix




This is provided that you will use your first partition for media in Fat32 format and the second one, your internal storage in ext2/ ext3/ ext4 format.


You can use free apps like ‘MiniTool partition wizard home edition’ for windows to do the partition. For Linux, you will find Updated and Disk Utility in the case of Mac OS.


Installation Of Link2SD


Firstly, install Link2SD on your device. Simply install it from the Google Play Store.


Installation of Apps2SD


Now carefully search for an app called apps2SD on the Google Play Store. Don’t confuse app2SD with apps2SD. Install the latter one properly.


Conversion of Link2SD into System App


Use ‘Titanium Backup’ like an app to convert the Link2SD app into a system app. You may also use ‘Root Explorer’ (a file explorer that has root access) for this purpose.


To do so:


Step 1: Open Root Explorer on your android phone.


Step 2: Navigate to /data /app /com.bauk.Link2sd-1


Step 3: Now copy the base.apk.


Step 4: Again, navigate to /system /app.


Step 5: Now paste the copied apk.


Step 6: Rename the base apk as com.bauk.Link2sd-1.apk.


Exit the Root Explorer.


Restarting Your Device


Now you need to restart your phone. Long press your Power button, and among the available options, choose ‘Restart’ or ‘Reboot’ according to your smartphone model to restart your android device.




link2sd mount script error fix




Fixing The 2nd Partition Method


Now you need to set the 2nd Partition Method. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to accomplish so:


Step 1: Open the apps2SD app on your phone.


Step 2: Among the options, choose Link Apps to SD card.


Step 3: You will be asked to set the 2nd Partition format. Select ext2/ ext3/ ext4.




link2sd mount script error fix




Restarting Your Device


Again, you have to restart your device as previously mentioned.


Check Link2SD


Now open your Link2SD app on your phone. It’s time to check whether the problems are solved or not. To review so, do as follow:


Step 1: In the Link2SD app, tap on the three vertical dots on your top right corner.


Step 2: Now, choose Storage Info.


Step 3: You will find your SD card labeled as mounted.


And there you are. Your issue should have been fixed by now.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is an SD card link?


Link2SD is an application administrator that makes it simple for Android 2.0+ clients on their gadget to move apps from their internal storage to the SD card. It enables you to deal with your applications and storage without any problem.


Link2SD utilizes a secondary partition on your SD card and uses it as one more internal storage option.


What is the second partition in the SD card?


The good news is you can make a second part on the external SD card. Afterward, move applications and games with Link2SD to that created partition to let loose the inner SD card.


Again, assuming the inner SD card has a lot of room, you will want to make a second segment on your SD card to speed up your smart device.


Does Link2SD work on Android?


Link2SD is quite a famous instrument for Android gadgets. This application can work on any Android device that uses the Android 2.0+ version.


Ensure you have appropriately rooted your Device before using this application. This application won’t deal with non-rooted smartphones.


How do I root my phone?


If you wish to root your android smartphone, follow the following steps:


Step 1: Make sure that your device can be supported by the Root Availability Tool.


Step 2: Download the Windows/Mac One Click Root program.


Step 3: Associate your device using a USB link.


Step 4: Empower USB debugging on your phone.


Step 5: Run One Click Root and let the software deal with the tricky crucial part.


Does Link2SD require root?


To utilize Link2SD, you will need to root your Android device to begin with. You will have to make an individual partition on your SD card and simply download Link2SD from the Google Play Store.



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Final Words


Knowing the Link2Sd mount script error fix will definitely help you out in such an awkward situation where you cannot access the Link2SD app. With this, you may apply the fix for link2sd mount script cannot be created marshmallow and link2sd mount script cannot be created operation not supported lollipop as well.


Enjoy the Link2SD app feature and unleash your options like installing apps on your external storage and many more. You will learn many more uses of Link2SD for your own good at the same time.

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