Mobile Network State Disconnected : What Is It and How To Fix It In 2022?

Not everyone uses a Wi-Fi connection all the time to access the Internet. There comes situations when you need to rely on the mobile network. Unfortunately, the killjoy is when the mobile network decides to act up!


And it starts pushing the network disconnected error message. So, you might be wondering what it means. Stick with us as we will explore the mobile network state disconnected: what is it and how to fix it?


Before you get into the workarounds, you should always remember that one primary fix will not work for everyone. So, before becoming disappointed, try out the alternative methods as well, based on the causes of the error. Let’s dive in!


What Is Mobile Network State Disconnected Error on Your Phone?


Mobile Network can act up sometimes and send some push notifications or popup that says that the network state is disconnected. It is one of the most common errors faced by Android users, especially if you use mobile data to access the Internet. The error indicates that the mobile network cannot access the Internet, and the connection is poor.


Due to the disconnected mobile network, you will not be able to send SMS or call without using Wi-Fi or another network carrier. But you can apply the tweaks discussed in the next section to come out of this mess.



How to Fix the Mobile Network State Disconnected Issue On Your Phone?


Before you think of calling the customer service of the problematic network carrier, you can try out some primary fixes that can resolve the disconnected network issue. Until you succeed at getting rid of the problem, follow these methods listed below:



  • Use Another Carrier


This method can be your first move if you use dual Sim on your phone. In case you are having trouble with the default network carrier, you should switch to another sim. Sometimes server errors or bad weather can be the reason for the disconnected network of some carriers.


So, to switch the carrier, follow the steps given below:


  • From your phone’s Home Screen, go to the Settings menu by bringing the quick-access panel.


  • Proceed to open the Sim card and Mobile data section followed by the Mobile Data option that you can see at the bottom of the Default Card Settings area.




Mobile Network State Disconnected: What Is It and How To Fix It In 2022?





  • Enable or checkmark another Sim network as the default network for using the mobile data.


  • After giving a quick restart to your phone, the Network should be back to normal.



  1. Properly Set the Configurations


For a stable mobile network connection, setting configurations are the key. Even after setting up the configurations, due to glitches and other problematic apps the settings can be messed up. So, to properly configure it, here are the instructions you need to follow:


  • From the Notification or the quick-access panel, go to your Phone’s main Settings menu, or you can pull the Settings app from the App Drawer.


  • You may need to scroll through the Settings menu to find and select the Reset options.


  • Then press the Reset WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth section. Afterward, you will have to confirm this action by clicking on the Reset Settings option.




Mobile Network State Disconnected: What Is It and How To Fix It In 2022?




  • Your phone’s system will ask for some information to confirm that you are the one that is making the changes. So enter the PIN, password, or any other form of credentials that your phone requires.


  • After these steps, the network configurations will be set properly. Thus, you will not see the Network Disconnected error.



  1. Disable the Default Wi-Fi Connection


Nowadays, users are pretty much used to using the Wi-Fi network connection. And probably that is the reason you have the Wi-Fi connection set as the default connection. Sometimes the network can conflict with the mobile network connection to make it disconnected.


So, to fix it, disable the Wi-Fi with these steps:


  • Open the Settings menu followed by the Wireless and Network Settings section on your phone.



Mobile Network State Disconnected: What Is It and How To Fix It In 2022?





  • Then deactivate or turn off the Wifi Connection or its slider, and to be on the safer side, you can disable the Bluetooth as well.


  • You need to scroll down a bit to locate and click on the Network Mode section.


  • Enable the Mobile Data as the Network Mode and do not select the Data Roaming option. If the roaming is on, you need to turn it off.


  • Finally, set the Mobile Data to the Always On mode. Now, you can check the state of the mobile network after connecting to it.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 



  • Will You Be Able to Send SMS over Sim Carrier If the Mobile Network Is Disconnected?


No, you will not be able to exchange any SMS or calls over your mobile network, if its connection is not stable or poor. You might not be able to see incoming calls or texts sent via the mobile network.



  • If You Do Not Have a Mobile Signal, Can You Use the Wi-Fi?


Wi-Fi does not require the mobile network to send or receive calls and texts. So, if your mobile network state is not stable, you can rely on the Wi-Fi connection.



  • Can You Use a 3G Mobile Network on Your 4G Enabled Phone?


If you do not change the Network settings to 3G, you will not be able to use the 3G network on your 4G enabled phones. Instead, you will face the disconnected mobile network error.



  • What Causes the Disconnected Mobile Network Error?


The most common cause of a disconnected or poor mobile network is a damaged mobile tower. Because of storms or bad weather, the server can go down. Other than that, airplane mode, minor bugs, misconfigurations, or wrong network settings can cause the error.





Sometimes, the mobile network can have a poor connection due to several apps running in the background. In that case, a quick restart can do wonders to the network state. But even if the error persists, you can rely on our detailed “mobile network state disconnected: what is it and how to fix it” guide to troubleshooting the issue.

If nothing seems to work for you, do not try out any more solutions on your own. In this case, immediately contact the carrier support service.



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