Multiple Db.Crypt12 Databases In The Whatsapp Databases Folder

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If you explore your file manager or SD card section, you will come across multiple db.crypt12 databases in the whatsApp Databases folder. And they can take up a considerable amount of space on your SD card.


So, you might want to delete these files. But before doing that, you need to know what these files do and whether they are worth keeping on your phone or not. And to help you with all the information you possibly need, we will explore the files and their functions right here in detail.


The data stored on the files will not make any sense to you unless you know how to decrypt the files. So, for your educational purpose, we will cover the method as well. Stay connected!


What Are DB.Crypt12 Files In The WhatsApp Databases Folder?


The multiple DB.crypt12 files you see in your WhatsApp Database folder are nothing but the backups for your WhatsApp chats and contacts. The DB in the file name refers to the database, and the crypt means that the database is encrypted or secured.


The number 12 at the end is nothing but the version of the encryption for a specific version of WhatsApp. The number will keep changing for different versions of WhatsApp.


There are multiple DB.crypt files because WhatsApp automatically stores all your WhatsApp data for the past seven days in seven crypt files. And if you set the backup cycle on “Daily” frequency, there will be a new DB.crypt12 file every day in the folder. From the day when you have downloaded the app, the database folder stores multiple or seven encrypted files.


The DB.crypt12 files store all the attached files in your WhatsApp chats, messages, or multimedia files you have sent or received. The files also contain status, contacts information, timestamps, and all the associated data to your WhatsApp.


You will not find the crypt12 files in the Windows or iOS versions of WhatsApp. Because the crypt12 version is only for Android WhatsApp users.


Can You Delete the multiple db.crypt12 databases in the whatsApp Databases folder?


You can delete the DB.crypt12 files easily from the File Manager of your phone. If you want to free up space on your SD card, you can delete the files. For that, follow these instructions thoroughly:


  • From your Home Screen, locate and open the My Files or File Manager.


  • Press the SD Card section and open the WhatsApp Folder.


  • From the folder, click on the Database section and long-press or tick off the DB.Crypt12 files.




multiple db.crypt12 databases in the whatsapp databases folder




  • After selecting the file, the Delete icon should popup at the bottom. Or you might need to find the icon from the drop-down or three-dot menu. It varies depending on the handset you are using. So, select the Delete icon to remove the files. 




multiple db.crypt12 databases in the whatsapp databases folder




Is It Possible to Decrypt the DB.Crypt12 Files on Your Phone?


There are several ways to decrypt the DB.Crypt12 files to make them human-readable. If you have a rooted device, it is comparatively faster to carry out the process. As not everyone wants to root their phone, we will include the method below that requires no root access.


So, follow these steps carefully:


  • Take a USB cable and connect your computer with your smartphone or tablet. Then you need to download the Omni-crypt for Android program from any reliable APK site. We recommend using the APKMirror or APKPure sites as their files do not contain any virus or malware most of the time. 


  • From your computer, go to the site to download the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor, it is a must to have the extractor. Without it, you cannot extract the encryption key needed to decrypt the files.


  • After downloading the extractor, go to the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor folder. Now locate the file, right-click on the file and click on the Properties option from the context menu. 


  • From your PC, go to the Permission Tab and tick off or checkmark the box that you can see next to the Allow Executing File as Programme section. 


  • Now you need to click on the file name and a prompt will appear. From there, click on the Run in the Terminal option and the file will open in Mac’s terminal.


  • A command will ask you to unlock your device. And it also asks for the backup confirmation. So, to do that, you need to take your phone and press the “Back Up My Data” option. 


  • It will take some minutes for the WhatsAppkeyDBExtract to restore the WhatsApp so you need to wait patiently. Once it restores WhatsApp, press the Enter key from your computer keyboard to exit from the Mac Terminal. 


  • On your smartphone, launch and open the Omni-crypt tool that you already downloaded a while ago.


  • Now from the Omni-crypt home screen, select the ENABLE CRYPT 6-12 BACKUPS first. After that, tap on the DECRYPT WHATSAPP DATABASE section.




multiple db.crypt12 databases in the whatsapp databases folder




  • You need to open the extracted folder after opening the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor folder and you will see all the msgstore.db and wa.db files there.


  • The msgstore.db file stores all the attachments, messages, or multimedia you have sent or received on WhatsApp. And you will find your Contact information stored on the wa.db file. 


  • Finally, if you enter the msgstore.db and wa.db paths from the WhatsApp Viewer software you can read the conversation or data stored on your WhatsApp database.


Note: Remember that it is illegal to decrypt someone else’s data to misuse them so we have added the steps only for your educational purpose. 



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is It Safe to Delete the DB.Crypt12 Files?


Yes, it is completely safe to delete the DB.Crypt12 files as long as you do not uninstall WhatsApp. Because if you have your WhatsApp open, the software will create the db.crypt12 files every day.


And without these files, your phone and the app will run perfectly. But if you remove the files and uninstall WhatsApp you will lose some of the WhatsApp backups.


2. What Is the Size of the DB.Crypt12 Files?


The size of the db.crypt 12 files can vary depending on the contents stored in the files. If there are heavy attachments, it can reach from 200MB to 2GB in size. 


3. Can You Convert DB.Crypt12 to DB.Crypt14?


The DB.crypt14 is one of the latest encryption technologies released in 2021 for WhatsApp backups. Both db.crypt12 and 14 versions are not convertible. So, you cannot convert one to the other yet.


4. When Does WhatsApp Create the DB.Crypt12 Backups?


Usually, WhatsApp creates the db.crypt12 files backups at 2 AM in the morning. As the traffic on WhatsApp is comparatively less at that hour, it creates a local backup then. 


5. Why Are the Database Crypt12 Files Encrypted?


To protect your WhatsApp data from malicious entities, WhatsApp encrypts the crypt12 files. It prevents anyone from reading or stealing your data easily from the SD card or WhatsApp folder. 




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We believe there is nothing to worry about the multiple db.crypt12 databases in the whatsApp Databases folder. They only help you to keep and restore your WhatsApp data. But once they start taking up too much space on your phone memory, it is better to get rid of them without uninstalling the app.


You must not decrypt the WhatsApp db.crypt12 files data of anyone else unless you have a legal ground to do that. Otherwise, it will create a mess for you.

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