Navigation Panel Button Double Tap To Open Side Panel

navigation panel button double tap to open side panel

Moving from one phone device to another comes with more shocks than expected. And struggling to open the side panel is one of them!


For larger phones, it is especially true because you might have a hard time sliding the bars each time a notification pops up. That’s when we crave the idea of using the navigation panel button double tap to open side panel.


Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this tutorial so you can fix this home navigation bar issue without anybody’s help. So if you are ready, let’s go forward…


What Is Navigation Bar In Android?


Before we start our step-by-step process, let’s get to know where is the navigation bar on my phone. It is the foundation of your device’s navigation system. Basically, you use the bar to give direction or instructions. It typically consists of a home, back, and menu button.


Our purpose with this article is to find ways for you to hide the obvious buttons and use gestures or swipes to give direction.


Navigation Panel Button Double Tap To Open Side Panel


How to Open/Close Notification Centre with Double Tap Home Button in Navigation Bar Customization?


Remember that this technique will work if your android phone has an installed feature for gestures in it. And if it doesn’t have the features, we have solved the issue in the latter segment of this article. So, stick with us.


  • First, you need to enter into the settings.


  • Look for the “systems” button and check on that.


  • Scroll down and navigate till you find the “gestures.”


  • We are pretty close. Click the “gestures” button and see if it has more options inside it or not.


  • If yes, you will be able to see “quick tap” and “quick tap slider.” Your task becomes super easy. Just turn it on and you are good to go.


  • However, if the option is not available there, you have to do something more manual than adjusting the settings.


How to Change the Navigation Bar System?


Now we have covered the gesture issue for phones with this built-in feature. But what if your phone doesn’t have the feature in its system. Does it mean you can’t enjoy a button-free home screen? Duh, of course, you can. And that’s what we are discussing right now.


  • You will have to install an app for this function since the device doesn’t have an option to hide the home navigation We will use the “fluid navigation gestures” app as an example. You can use whatever you desire. The app will provide the option for “enabling navigation bar” but it won’t come with a “hide the bar” option.


  • To hide the bar, we will move on to the settings> about phone> software information. Here you are supposed to find a build number. Tap seven times on the number (keep a count) to unlock the developer’s option.


  • How do you know you have unlocked the developer’s option? Well, because going back you will see “developer’s option” added to the list. Click into it and inside you will find “USB debugging.” That’s what we are looking for. So just quickly turn it on. No worries. It is totally safe.




navigation panel button double tap to open side panel




  • The next step is to install an ADB driver application from their official website ( Neglecting this step can ruin the whole process, so that’s a precaution.


  • And then, you have to download some platform-tools compacted in a zip file. You can search for them on your browser and push the download button for SDK platform tools for android. Once you have downloaded the file, extract the content inside it and rename it. Suppose we will name it “android tools.”




navigation panel button double tap to open side panel




  • Then save the folder on your laptop or pc.


  • Now we will type some commands. For that, go to the windows start icon and search with “cmd” or “windows+R.” it will take you to the command prompt.




navigation panel button double tap to open side panel




  • Over here type “c:\android tools\platform-tools” and then press enter.


  • In this stage, connect your phone with the laptop through a USB cable. After the connection is secured, type “adb shell pm grant com.fb.fluidandroid.permission.WRITE-SECURE-SETTINGS.”


The app you downloaded will have the hiding option after this. And yeah, you get your custom navigation bars just the way you wanted.


How to Move Apps Around?


Maybe your phone went through a reset or an update and now you hate how it looks. You are not the only one with this issue. Here’s an easy way to rearrange the apps on your phone and make it look more appealing to your eyes.


  • Let’s assume you want the “Youtube” app on the first screen rather than the last one. So, you long-press the “Youtube” icon and the mini-versions of the screens will appear just below.


  • Since we want to move the app to the first screen, we will drag the icon to the mini first home-screen below. And Boom! The app has been moved.


  • Once the app is there, you can use the dragging formula to locate it practically anywhere you like within that frame.


Wasn’t that easy? We think so!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to Move between Screens?


Go to the home screen> long-press the “back” button > choose among the small windows of your recent activities. That’s how you can jump from one webpage or app to another without starting from scratch.


2. How to Add Buttons to the Navigation Bar?


Some people love to have simplicity in their devices. Go to settings> systems> navigation bar system> choose either a two-button bar or a three-button bar system. In the two-button bar “<” this sign means “back.”


3. Can I Use Double Tap To Slide Notification Bar?


Yes, you can. You can even completely hide the bar if you want. Plus, turn on the ‘gesture navigation system” before using double-taps.



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We all check our phones several times a day. It is only fair that we use simple gestures like double-tap to close or open the side panel. Otherwise, it really becomes a hassle for users with bigger phones. We hope you follow the guideline and get your navigation bar gesture ready!


So that was our take on how to use the navigation panel button double tap to open side panel.

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