New Iphone Won’t Make Calls Verizon



Almost every other home in the US has its broadband connection from Verizon. If you are using a Verizon wireless connection and an iPhone, it may sometimes happen that you have your New iPhone won’t make calls Verizon – it’s quite a frustrating situation. This is why I am here with some quick solutions I hope you can try the following fixes.


New iPhone won’t make calls Verizon – Reasons with Solutions




new iphone won't make calls Verizon




You are using a new iPhone or any other Android, but you can’t make phone calls or messages. There can be numerous reasons behind the failing calls. Here are some possibilities why you are failing to make calls.




new iphone won't make calls Verizon




Your network connection or signal or coverage is weak


To make calls, your network coverage must be good. Check the signal bars on your iPhone, and if you see no coverage or low signal, then it might be the reason why you couldn’t make a call from your new phone.




In this case, try changing the location if you are getting good signals. And then try to call again. If you see the signal bars are precise, just try once again. If it does fail again, try the second fix.


Your sim has been inserted in the wrong position


If the SIM is not set properly into the SIM slot, you can not get the signal even if you are in a good coverage area of the network. Many of us just ignore this possibility, but it is an important issue.




To fix this problem, put the SIM out of the device, and insert it accurately.  Then, restart your device. Sometimes, rebooting your iPhone can just fix such petty issues too.


Damaged SIM


Tried all of the above solutions? Still can’t get the signals? Insert your SIM on another handset and see if your mobile is working properly. If you see that your SIM is not working into other handsets, there is a possibility that your SIM is damaged. You can take your SIM to the service center for more precise information.




If your SIM is damaged, you need to replace your SIM, and your problem will get solved easily. Before you go to a conclusion, check out all the possibilities.


The flight mode is on


If you accidentally turn on the device flight mode, you will not be able to make calls from your new mobile. Check the flight mode status to make sure of the problem if you have mistakenly turned on the airplane mode on your iPhone.



new iphone won't make calls Verizon





Just toggle the fight mode off, and wait for a while. Your problem will be solved within a few seconds. Now try calling again. I hope this time you won’t be disappointed.


Problem with customer Account


If you use a monthly package and the deadline or limitations are just over, you will fail to make Verizon wireless calls.




Check out your package and update it accordingly. Enjoy a smooth connection again.



Final Verdict


Is Verizon wireless unable to make calls?  Don’t panic. I hope if you go with the above solutions, you can solve the problem of failing to make calls easily.  If all the fixes don’t work for you, I will suggest you take your phone and SIM to the customer care center to check the ins and out. It will help you to go deep down to the issue as well as solve your problem effortlessly.




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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is my Verizon phone not letting me make calls?


Answer: Call barrings, damaged SIM, Network Issues,  device settings can be the reason behind the problems. Figure it out by doing a proper check and take the initiative accordingly. 


How to fix the Network problem while Verizon calls are failing?


Answer: If you are facing network problems or poor network connection, reach out to the Verizon helpline. The Customer Service Associate will guide you properly.


Can I make calls and receive calls when flight mode is on?


Answer: The answer is simply no. You can’t make any phone calls nor receive any when the flight mode is on.  To make calls, you need to turn off the flight mode.

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