What is OsuLogin App and What Is It for in Android & How to Delete It?

You might be familiar with the osulogin app, probably because of the claims that Android users make about this app. Or you perhaps have discovered the package on your Settings menu. And you are wondering what this app is doing on your phone or whether the claims are true about the app or not!


Most users think that this app is spying on user data to misuse them. And others even claim that this app helps hackers to clone your device. Well, find out the truth with us as we will go on discussing its use on your phone.


Following that, we will include its deletion process in case you want to remove it. Stay connected!

What is OsuLogin App and What Is OsuLogin For?


OsuLogin refers to the Online Sign Up Login process for connecting your mobile to a Wireless or Wi-Fi network. It lets you access the public Wi-Fi available within the Hotspot 2 Networks.


When you click on public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, restaurant, or mall to connect it to your phone, your device instantly connects to the OsuLogin server. And it is possible because of the pre-installed OsuLogin app on your phone.


Manufacturers have pre-installed it on Android phones so that you can easily get access to public Wi-Fi networks. For Android, it works as a medium to create a Hotspot 2 profile so that you can sign up to a Wi-Fi network. It stores all the login credentials needed to access the network available.


As you have this app, you do not need to go through the sign-up process again to access the network for which you have a user profile saved on the OsuLogin server. This is the reason you do not need to enter credentials again and again to access your Home, Office, or Public Wi-Fi.


You shouldn’t delete this app if you rely on the Wireless Internet network. But if you do not want to connect to any Wi-Fi network ever, you can delete the app.


How to Delete the OsuLogin App from Your Phone?


If you have dealt with system apps before, you probably know that there is no straightforward option available to delete these apps. And the OsuLogin app is not the exception. But with some different tweaks and methods listed below, you can delete it –


  1. System App Remover or Titanium Backup App


Those of you using rooted phones should not put in much effort to uninstall the OsuLogin app. Because root access allows you to get some third-party apps that can instantly delete the system or the pre-installed apps. But note that these apps will not work on non-rooted devices. Follow these steps


  • If you are pretty sure that you can root your non-rooted device without any difficulty, follow any video tutorial meant for your specific model.


  • On your rooted phone, download the System Remover App from the Google play store.


  • Open the app and go through the list of apps to locate the OsuLogin app, then checkmark the box beside it.




What is OsuLogin App




  • Select the Delete or Uninstall Box at the top, or you might need to select the Uninstall option from a popup.


  • After a while, the app will delete the app from your phone, if this app does not do the work for you, download the alternative app suggested below.


  • You can download the Titanium Backup app from any reliable store and open it after installing it.


  • Look for the OsuLogin app and tap it to select it, then click on the Uninstall option. It will remove the app and its data history.


  1. USB Debugging 


In case you are not ready to risk your phone’s warranty or OS by rooting it, you can go for the USB Debugging option. For this, you will need your computer as well. Here are the instructions to follow –


  • Follow the Settings path to locate the Build Number.




What is OsuLogin App




What is OsuLogin App




  • You need to enter the Developer mode, for that, tap the Build Number seven times, on some phones, you might need to tap 10 times.


  • Then from the main Settings menu, click on the Developer Options followed by the USB Debugging option.




What is OsuLogin App




  • Download and extract the ADB ZIP file into a folder on your computer.


  • Open the folder with the ADB file, hold the Shift key from the keyboard, and right-click on a blank space of the Window you can see.


  • From the menu or options that pop up, click on the Open Powershell Window to open the command window.


  • Then run the following command and connect your phone to the computer.


adb devices


  • Enter and execute the following scripts or commands one after another to uninstall the app completely.




What is OsuLogin App




  • You will see a confirmation text on your PC screen after you have deleted the OsuLogin app.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


  1. Is It Safe to Delete or Uninstall the OsuLogin App From Your Phone? 


Yes, it is safe to delete the app unless you do not like to enter credentials every time you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network. So, if you keep forgetting the passwords, it is better to keep the app, especially for your home Wi-Fi.


  1. What is OsuLogin Hotspot 2 Network?


OsuLogin creates a connection between the public Wi-Fi and your device within the Hotspot 2 network. And Hotspot 2 is the wireless standard that provides secured access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.


  1. Is the OsuLogin App Spy On You?


No, OsuLogin is an official app meant to make your wireless connectivity easier. It does store the credentials needed to login into a network but it does not spy on the user data to misuse them.




The osulogin app is misinterpreted more than any other app probably because of its cryptic name. But in reality, this pre-installed app is the medium to sign up to a Wi-Fi network. Every time you walk past your favorite coffee shop or enter the home, your phone automatically connects to the Wi-Fi because of osulogin.


We will suggest you not delete the app even if you do not use the Wi-Fi internet. Because once you remove it, you cannot reinstall it, keep in mind!

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