Plex There Are No Items In This Library

plex there are no items in this library

It is not uncommon for our daily lives to get repetitive and boring. To get out of this mundane life, we often seek shelter in movies and series. Among several online media service providers, one massively successful and common service is “Plex.”


However, sometimes many users have faced an issue where their Plex media would show an error that says, “Plex there are no items in this library.” If you have encountered a similar error and are unable to figure out a way to solve it, this is the right place where you’ve entered!


Here, we have listed up the best solutions for you. To know more about it, let’s dig deeper into this article.


Why Does It Show “No Items in This Library” Plex?



plex there are no items in this library




There are several possible reasons for this error to occur. It is not uncommon for media players to not detect files. However, the first thing we should check is if you have added the file to the proper library.

Moreover, it is wise to check if you have accidentally deleted the files. This may also be a reason for this error. Other than these, here are some prime reasons for this error to occur:


  • Folder Permission: Check and make sure you have permitted Plex to access your folder in the library. Otherwise, it won’t be able to see or add any files.


  • Plex not up to date: Sometimes, as software let older, it starts making an error and resulting in a faulty outcome. So it is necessary to keep the firmware up to date.


  • Device error: It is possible that there is a glitch in the hard drive causing the files to get deleted. This may be another reason for this error message occurs.


  • Corrupted files: A lot of bugs and glitches occur in the software, which may cause its files to get corrupted. With corrupted files, it is unable to function, thus causing the error.


Ways to Fix Plex There Are No Items in This Library Error



plex there are no items in this library




Fear not; we won’t let your movie night go to waste. We have researched and come up with a few good solutions that should fix the Plex there is no item in this library error.


However, before we tell you about these steps, make sure to try restarting your software and device once. Many to most bugs and glitches get resolved with a reboot.


If rebooting does not work for you, here are some fixes you can follow:


1. Manually Refresh Your Library


So, in this step, we will try reloading the library by ourselves. There is a possibility due to some possible bug, Plex is not able to load anything. Manually doing it will possibly bring everything back.


In order to refresh your library,


  • Completely close Plex media software.


  • Once you have done that, go to your system tray and make sure Plex is not running in the background.


  • Then restart your computer


  • Now try opening Plex media


This should fix the issue you are facing and bring back all the files. It is a common and working solution for this error. However, if it does not work, follow the latter steps.


2. Re-setting Folder Permission


This step usually fixes all the file-related problems you have may have. What happens is maybe for some reason, Plex media’s permission to access the media file got denied


Re-setting the permission settings will fix this issue, and to do so, we will follow these steps:


  • Start by opening your control panel. You can open it by searching for control in the start menu.


  • Next, you want to look for all the folders that are associated with your Plex’s library.


  • Once you have located the folder, enter the permission tab


  • Right below the permission section, there is an option called Editing Window; open it.


  • Now there are two options, you can either set the permission to R/W, or you have the freedom to set it to R/O. Both will work perfectly fine.


  • Press okay to close the control panel.


Just as a side note, in order to fix your error, you may have to repeat this step for every folder in the Plex library.


After completing every step in order, you have to reboot the Plex media for the changes to take place.


3. Re-Extracting And Re-Enter The Media File


So far in this article, we have only taken into consideration that something is wrong with Plex media. Maybe it’s time for a different point of view.


We will try entering the media files again; if it still says error, we will re-extract all the files again.


Remember, as there is no direct feature in Plex to extract files, extraction issues can be a reason for this error.


Here is a step by step guide for re-extracting and re-entering the media file:


  • Firstly re-extract all the files using third-party software such as WinRar.


  • Once re-extracted, open my computer.


  • Then find Plex’s media folder


  • Once you find it, copy all the re-extracted files and paste them into Plex’s media folder.


  • There will be a popup asking for permission to either skip or rewrite the existing files.


  • Choose rewrite and wait for it to complete.


If this step works for you, repeat it for every file not visible in your Plex library.


4. Activating Debug Logging


After reading a lot of user recommendations, we have found out that Activating Debug Logging is an excellent option in fixing there is no item in the library error.


This is how you can activate it


  • Start by opening the Plex Web App


  • Then go to the web app settings


  • There is an option called Advance; go there and find the debug logging feature.


  • Now you have to turn the feature on


  • Then proceed onto saving it.


  • Completely shut down Plex and wait for 2 minutes.


  • After that, turn the software on and wait for another 2 minutes for everything to load.


  • Now open the Plex Library and try seeing if the files appear or not.


We are hopeful this will solve the issue you are having. If not, there are a few other methods you can try.


5. Renaming the Files


This is an issue a lot of people don’t know about. If you enter files with different formats and names in the same folder, it may be the reason why you aren’t seeing them. It is recommended by Plex to create separate folders for each format of files.


Let us give an example to clarify if you have a library under the name of /series. And you enter a file whose name does not start with /series; it might not be visible in the library.


So we recommend creating a folder for every format and name. Like a folder named movies will have files whose name starts with movies. This is a likely resolve to your problem.


6. Try Using a Different Server



plex there are no items in this library




As Plex is a region-based media player, it is possible you aren’t seeing any files in the library because of location issues.


So using a different media server by changing your location should solve the issue. Nevertheless, doing this has a problem. When you choose a new server, all the media in your old server won’t transfer automatically. You manually have to transfer it.


But don’t worry, if there is a problem, we are here to give you the solution. So here is a step-by-step method of doing it.


  • Start by creating a folder to copy the files from the previous server


  • Now you have to open plex and locate the files.


  • Once located select all of them and extract them to the folder you just created


  • Proceed by turning on your VPN and connecting to a new server.


  • Once the extraction is complete, drag and drop the files onto the new server


If the files appear now, it means your IP does not have permission to access Plex’s media server. This is precisely why you weren’t seeing anything in the library.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How Long Does Plex Take To Update Library?


There is no set time for the update duration of Plex’s Library. It may take a minute or, instead, may end up taking several minutes.


There are a lot of factors that we should take into consideration, like file size, format, etc. But still, there isn’t any way to speculate a fixed time.


2. How Do I Refresh Plex Library?


First, go to the page where all of your libraries are. Then at the “Three Dot” icon, which is at the top left of the screen. Then select refresh all Meta data option. It will start refreshing its library.


3. How Do I Optimise Plex?


For optimizing Plex, open the software and go to the settings option. Then click on “Manage” and proceed by going to “Troubleshooting.” There you will find an option called “Optimize Database” press the button to start the process of optimization.


Once done it will have a popup confirmation screen.



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If you follow all these steps correctly and precisely, saving your movie night will be a minute’s work! For your convenience, we have tried to include all the solutions possible regarding this problem.


And moving on, if ever again “plex there are no items in this library” error shows up, you will for sure know how to solve it as you have gone through the entire article.

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