How To Turn Off Proximity Sensor On Phone?

proximity sensor on phone

The proximity sensor is implemented in every smartphone running Android OS. The primary purpose of equipping it with Android phones is to disable the display when you pick up the phone to your ear when calling.


Of course, this is one of the unique and valuable features of Android. But sometimes, it creates an issue when you talk on the phone; you can’t use social media or other applications.


But not to worry, if you are facing issues with the proximity sensor on phone, you can quickly turn it off. This article will guide you on how to disableproximity sensor on phone.


What is a Proximity Sensor Android?

A proximity sensor is a sensor that controls the brightness and turns off the display when it is close to your face. Besides, it helps boost battery life by dimming the brightness automatically when needed.


It is not an essential function of Android, but it can be helpful for many users who talk on for many hours. But if you don’t find this useful, you can turn it off whenever you want.


Many users want to use their phones for many reasons when they talk on their phones. But if the proximity sensor is turned on, it’s not possible to use the touchscreen on their phone. So, of course, it is a disadvantage of the proximity sensor for many Android users.


Advantages of the Proximity Sensor on Phone

Nowadays, most Android phones have in-built proximity sensors. There are also many advantages to it in daily life. We have listed some of the benefits of Proximity sensors. Check these out below:


  • Turns off the display when you are on a call, and your phone is near your ear.
  • Eliminates radiation when it is close to your body.
  • Control brightness automatically.


How to Disable the Proximity Sensor on Android Phone?

Though the proximity sensor has many advantages, it has some disadvantages too for individual users. And if you want to disable the proximity sensor on your Android, you can easily do it following the steps below:


  • But, first, open the Settings app on your Android.


  • Find “System apps” from the settings menu




proximity sensor on phone




  • Scroll and find “Call settings” from the options




proximity sensor on phone




  • There you will see “Incoming call settings,” Tap on it




proximity sensor on phone




  • Scroll and find the “Proximity Sensor button,” then simply turn it off




proximity sensor on phone




After turning on the Proximity sensor, you can check whether it is disabled or not.

How to disable the Proximity sensor on Xiaomi Note 8?

If you face issues with your Note 8 Proximity sensor, you can easily disable it from settings. Follow the instructions below to disable it.


  • Open the “Phone” app on your phone



proximity sensor on phone



  • Go to the Settings from the Phone app




proximity sensor on phone




  • Tap on the “Incoming Call Settings”




proximity sensor on phone





  • Now, tap on the “Proximity sensor.”




proximity sensor on phone



  • Done



How to Check Whether the Proximity sensor is Disabled or Not?


Follow the instructions below to check the Proximity sensor is turned off or not-


  • Make a phone call


  • Then take your phone near to your ear when talking on the phone.


  • Now, see if the screen turns off or not. You have successfully disabled the proximity sensor; otherwise, not.




2. How can I stop the screen from turning off during call-in redmi 8?


Follow the instructions below to stop turning off-screen during call-in Redmi 8-


  • Launch the Phone app
  • Tap on the Setting Icon
  • Now, tap on the Incoming call settings
  • Then, disable the Proximity sensor.


2. Where is the Proximity sensor in redmi?


Almost all Android phones have Proximity sensors under the upper side of the screen. So see, check the upper side of your display close to the speaker.



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Final Words


So, this is all about how to disable the proximity sensor on phone. Hopefully, this article has helped you to turn off the Proximity sensor. However, you must keep in mind that you can enable it again following the exact instructions after disabling the sensor.



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