Reasons Why I Fail to Root Android Phone?

reasons why i fail to root android phone

Rooting Android is a trend for tech lovers to utilize the phone’s hidden options. This process isn’t illegal according to law but the manufacturers don’t accept this activity. If you root your device, you lose your warranty and endanger your device. So, I can’t root my phone. Reasons Why I Fail to Root Android Phone? Which method is the best and works for every type?


The best method to root your Android is going for the systemless root using “Magisk”. If you want to perform the rooting process without a PC, then go for AndRoot and Framaroot method. The best method is relative depending on the working convenience to you and effectiveness.


However, you’ll go through these methods in detail soon. Remember, rooting Android isn’t safe in some aspects. It’s a risky process and your device can get bricked. A few possible reasons behind failing to root your device are also discussed here.


Is it safe to root your phone?


The answer could be classified. Rooting your phone causes warranty void as well as increases the possibility of malware attack. Besides, there are a lot of histories of turning the smartphone into brick. At the end of the day, you can lose access to your device. Rooting Android devices won’t be worth it if you don’t know the exact process of rooting.


Reasons: Why I Fail to Root Android Phone?


Android phone rooting process doesn’t see the face of success for several reasons. Let’s check the reasons behind the question- “why won’t my phone root”.


Low battery


The whole rooting process requires a vast amount of battery. If the smartphone is new or slightly old, its fully charged battery can cope with the process. But, an old device’s battery won’t support the rooting process till the end. The rooting process uses a lot of tools and so, the battery charge gets discharged rapidly. So, it’s the only solution- never let your smartphone’s battery stay hungry before starting the rooting process.


Poor ISP


The rooting process requires a strong and flawless internet connection. Don’t dare to start the rooting process without checking the stability of the ISP. Losing the internet connection repeatedly during the work period will hinder the smoothness of your work.


Inappropriate computer system


All the rooting tools don’t work under every computer system. Computers have various Windows versions and all of them aren’t friendly for rooting tools. Most rooting tools work precisely under the Windows XP version. Choosing the right PC system before starting the rooting process is the best move.


Absence of essential phone driver


There are some necessary drivers for your phone to root it. Unless you download and install them before rooting, you may fail to root. The presence of essential phone drivers also can ruin your project unless you turn on USB debugging.


Incompatible rooting system version


Like compatible Windows versions, rooting tools have compatible versions for Android. If the tool isn’t suitable for your device, you can’t start the rooting process. So, carefully check the supported Android version before starting the rooting process.


Problematic recovery mode


Flashing your Android device may require an end to the rooting process. You need to use the volume and power button to activate the recovery mode. But, there might be a physical button issue or something else. Then, the recovery mode won’t be activated and the rooting process will fail.


Which method is the best and works for every type?


There are a lot of ways to root your Android device. We recommend using the “systemless” root method that leaves the system partition untouched. You should use Magisk to root your Android as it works for almost every type of device. Besides, you can go for AndRoot and Framaroot for rooting without using a PC. Here we show all of the depicted methods elaborately- the choice is yours.


Rooting with Magisk


The process may seem slightly tough but it’s 100% working. Let’s see the process.


Step:1- Download and install Magisk


  • To download Magisk, you don’t need to visit the Playstore as you won’t find it there. Visit the following link and download it from here.


Magisk download


Step:2- Note down the values of parameters


  • After installing Magisk, open it now. The screen will appear in a similar picture to the attached one below.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




  • It’s time to note down some parameters from the app. They are Ramdisk, A/B and SAR.


Step:3- Locating the boot image


  • If you have access to the recovery-flashable zip file, then you need to extract it using the archiver program.



reasons why i fail to root android phone



  • In case you have access to the Fastboot-flashable image, the raw boot image can easily be extracted. Some handful of OEMs like Google and Xiaomi provide this so that the raw image can easily be extracted from the archive.




reasons why i fail to root android phone




Step:4- Boot image patching


  • When the value of the Ramdisk parameter is positive, then you should follow the steps. First, you need to copy the boot image to your device.


  • Now, you need to tap on the install button on the Magisk card. It’s time to choose Select & patch a file in the method. You also need to select the stock boot image.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




  • After performing the previous tasks precisely, Magisk will patch the image. Your responsibility is to copy the patched image to your computer using ADB.


  • The last move is to flash the patched boot image to your device. You can reboot and flash your device using the following command below.


fastboot flash boot /path/to/magisk_patched.img


  • You’re almost done. Reboot your device and enjoy the root access.


  • In case the value of the Ramdisk parameter is No, you need to follow some special instructions. First, copy the recovery image to your Android. You can also copy it to a secondary device with the installed Magisk app.


  • After installing, tap on the Select & patch a file to select the stock recovery image. The Magisk app will patch the image.


  • You need to copy the patched image to your computer with the help of ADB. Using the aforementioned command, you need to reboot the device into fastboot mode.


  • After rebooting, it’s time to normally power up your device. You need to access the recovery key combo, splash screen, and release all buttons respectively. After that, the system should boot with the full root permission.


Step:5- Examine the system


  • If your device is rooted, you can be assured of it through the verification process. Open the Magisk app and check the presence of the version number. If you find it, then be assured that your rooting process is successful.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




Using AndRoot


AndRoot allows you to root your device without the help of a computer. Here are some easy steps to root your device using AndRoot.


Step:1- Download and open AndRoot


  • Your first move starts with downloading and installing AndRoot on your Android. Here is the apk file link.


Download AndRoot


  • After completing the installation process, open the app.


Step:2- Install SuperSU and specify Firmware


  • You can see SuperSU installing option at the dropdown menu at the top after opening the app. Install it from there.


  • Now, you need to select your Android firmware version by tapping on the dropdown menu.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




Step:3- Check the temporary root


  • Sometimes, people want to root their devices temporarily. Check the root temporary option then. Your Android will be unrooted after rebooting the device.


  • If you want to keep your device rooted, uncheck the option then and move on.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




Step:4- Start rooting and reboot


  • You’ll find the root button at the bottom side of the left corner of the app. Tap on it and your device will be rooted soon. It won’t take more than a few seconds.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




  • The last step is rebooting your device. When you get the root confirmation message, you’re ready to reboot your device.


Rooting with Framaroot


If you’re looking for a one-click rooting method, then Framaroot could be a good choice. Follow the steps carefully to root your Android using Framaroot.


Step:1- Download and install Framaroot


  • Framaroot isn’t available at Google Playstore. So, you need to download it from the following link.


Download Framaroot


  • After that, open any file manager to find the downloaded apk file. Open the file and tap on the install button. After installing the app, go to the next step.



reasons why i fail to root android phone



Step:2- Install SuperSU


  • Open Framaroot first. You need to select an action to execute the root now. Find the option Install SuperSU will appear on your device’s screen.


  • Select it from the dropdown menu.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




Step:3- Rebooting your device


  • After successfully installing SuperSU, you need to reboot your device. You’ll get a message just like the attached screenshot below.



reasons why i fail to root android phone




  • That’s it. Reboot your device and enjoy the benefits of rooting.


How to root Android phones manually


Rooting an Android phone manually is possible in a few ways. For older Android versions, these methods are highly applicable. Here you know the two most effective methods of rooting Android manually.


Rooting with


You can download the zip file of from the following link.




Now, follow the steps carefully to root your Android.


Step:1- Find the root-windows.bat file


  • Extract the folder you have just downloaded from the above link first.


  • It’s time to find the root-windows.bat When you find it through navigating, double-tap on it.


Step:2- Root your device


  • Give the script some time to be executed. Then, press any key to continue.


  • The whole process is automatic. After a while, your device will be rebooted automatically and the rooting process will be ended.


Using baiduRoot


For Android 2.2 to 4.4 versions, baiduRoot is a great app for rooting. Download it from their website and extract the folder before starting the rooting process.


Step:1- Manually install baiduRoot


  • Open your smartphone and visit settings. Then, find Unknown Sources from the security option. Tap on OK on the pop-up to allow baiduRoot.


  • Now, you need to find the folder containing baiduRoot. Tap on its apk file and install it by accepting the terms and conditions.


Step:2- Start rooting your Android


  • It’s time to open the newly installed app and accept the license agreement.


  • Tap the root button in the center of the screen. That’s it. After a few seconds, your device will be rooted successfully.


How to root Android phone without PC


We have already elaborated on the rooting processes that can be done without a PC. Here you know two more popular systems for rooting Android without using a PC.


Rooting with WeakSauce


WeakSauce is highly effective for HTC devices only. So, if you are using other brands, don’t go for this method.


Step:1- Download and install WeakSauce


  • Download and install WeakSauce on Android from the following link.


Download WeakSauce


  • After downloading the app, open the file manager and locate the latest apk file. Once you find it, launch WeakSauce on your device. Click Yes to continue.




reasons why i fail to root android phone




Step:2- Start rooting


  • After accepting the terms and conditions, wait for around a minute to shut down the app.


  • Then, download SuperSU and install it without delay. The process ends here and your device will be rooted successfully.


KingRoot for rooting Android


KingRoot is one of the most effective and applicable for all kinds of Chinese devices. Let’s see how it works.


Step:1- Download and launch KingRoot


  • Download the KingRoot apk file from the link below. This app will help you to determine if you have already rooted your device.


Download KingRoot


  • When the installation process is successfully over, find it and launch.


Step:2- Look for the root button


  • If you see the Start root button after opening the app, then your device isn’t rooted yet. You need to move to the next step to complete the rooting process.


  • Otherwise, you have to understand that the device is already rooted.


Step:3- Start rooting your device


  • It’s all about tapping on the Start button to start rooting. Wait until you see the successful message on the screen.


  • The last move is restarting the device. Now, you can enjoy all the facilities of the rooted Android phone.




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Here we discuss some relevant questions on rooting Android phones.


What can you do if you can’t root your phone?


Rooting your device is possible either after the first try or after the uncountable one. The best move is changing the method and trying one after another. If you can’t root the phone manually, then try it with the help of a PC. However, upgrading OTA and ICS may work to root your phone.


How do I give root permission to an app without rooting my phone?


It’s possible only by using special software. The VMOS app can give root permission to run the non-rooted apps. This app works by the creation of a virtual Android. You can run this software whether the device is rooted or not.


What is the easiest way to root a phone?


The easiest process to root a phone is the one-click root procedure. Root Master apk is one of the most used software for one-click rooting. It’s easy to use for beginners and requires only a few steps to follow. Most importantly, you won’t need a PC to perform this action.

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