How To Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10?

To keep notes for recent works or order your assignments, you might make notes in real life. For example, there is a sticky note where you put those on a desk or hang those on the notice board to have an alarm about the tasks.


Like those, there are sticky notes for windows also. Which you can hang on your system, so it reminds you what to do? But sometimes, if you get an update or uninstall by mistake, you may lose the tasks you have saved.


That’s why you might think that “how to recover sticky notes windows 10?.” So let me start with the sticky note itself and read through this article carefully.


Microsoft Sticky Notes


Sticky Note is a helpful tool for organizing little things that we forget most. It could be beneficial to get a sticky note on your windows pc. The good news for you is that you can get free sticky note windows apps.


Write on the search box for Sticky Note on the Microsoft store and get the one by Microsoft. It will automatically install on your pc. After Installing, you are ready to use your sticky note.




recover sticky notes windows 10




How to Open All Sticky Notes at Once


To open sticky notes on windows 10, you must press the windows button once, type “Sticky Notes,” and hit enter. After that, All Sticky Notes will be open there. Suppose you see one note instead of all of those. Then hover on that note’s heading.


There you will have (…) this type of symbol. Click here, and you will see the option to “Notes list.” There you will see all Active or Deactivate notes. You can manipulate those notes from+ there.


How to Backup Sticky Notes Windows 10?


Microsoft Sticky note is there for a while. And updating day by day. At this point, the best advantage of using Microsoft Sticky Note is, you are getting a backup option from Microsoft Cloud. To get that, open your sticky note, and on the top right corner, you will see the Settings icon.


Click here, and you will have an option to SIgn in. And your notes will sync with your mail-id, and you can easily access your note data at any time.



recover sticky notes windows 10




But if you have not included your mail-Id or have old data and don’t want to lose those too. Or you have previous backup data and want to import those. Then you have to get back up manually before uninstalling or updating your sticky note. In below, you will get that well.


Where are Sticky Notes Stored Windows 10?


In the present day, you can store your sticky note data in your Microsoft account, but it’s always located in your local drive too. That is how you can use your sticky note locally. To find files from your local drive, follow the path below,


Open This PC, and on the top box paste this path (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState) and hit enter.




recover sticky notes windows 10




There you can find locally saved sticky notes. From there, you can get back up and retrieve your previous and your data by using those backups here. So let me show you those too.

How To Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10?


To get back your local sticky note data, you need to backup it first. After that, you can perform uninstall, reset, or update your sticky note. Then you can again retrieve all of your previous data. Those may seem confusing. But, to do that, please follow the steps below.


  • Press Windows + R key at once, and then it will open a prompt. Just copy this path and hit enter to Open local data of your sticky notes. (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState).


  • Copy all existing files and paste them to another folder somewhere else. Like, on Desktop.
  • Go to the Windows taskbar, click the mouse right button, open task manager, and go to the Details tab End Task for Microsoft.Notes.exe.
  • Uninstall or Update your Sticky Note app.
  • Again, follow the first step. Go to that path and paste those backup files with “replace the file in the destination.”



recover sticky notes windows 10




This is the process of how your sticky notes will be restored in Windows 10.


How to Retrieve Notes After Deleting in Windows 10?


You may delete your notes by mistake, or after deleting them, you may think about finding those again. Then you have to be quick as early as possible. To retrieve Sticky notes, you need to follow methods and know the most straightforward ways.


Use your favorite browser and go to this link ( if you have connected Sticky Notes with your Outlook account. There you can see, Deleted Items tab. Go there, and you will find your note. Select your note and restore that. After a while, your note will be on Sticky Notes.




recover sticky notes windows 10





recover sticky notes windows 10




If Outlook account is not with your Sticky Notes, Then press the Windows + R button and paste this path (“%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\”)to go to the place where you can have a dot SNT file (StickyNotes.snt). Just right-click here and select “Restore Previous Versions.” Your notes will be in your Microsoft Sticky Notes.




Getting back your sticky notes or missing notes are finding is really easy now in Microsoft Sticky Notes. Although by this article, you will get a clear view of your questions about how to recover sticky notes windows 10? Otherwise, you can check the FAQs area for specific answers.



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1. What to do if my Sticky Notes app is not responsive?


  • This is a very common situation. It usually happens when your Sticky Notes app is not updated with your system. At first, check if your note app is up to date or not. If that’s ok, but nothing happens. Then, you have to repair your Microsoft store.



  • To do that, press the windows button and write “wsreset,” and hit enter. Wait till finish. And Now try to open the sticky note again. If not, then download windows update and update your system.


  • Sometimes your backdated system can cause problems with your application.


2. How to recover deleted sticky notes Windows 7?


  • As same as windows 10, you can recover your deleted notes also. So just follow like windows 10. And you will get your notes back.


3. Where did my old sticky notes go?


  • Hover on a single Note, and there you will get (…) three-dot option. Click here, and you will get the Option with the Name “Notes List.” Click here, and you will find All of your old sticky notes.

4. How do I find my sticky notes in Windows 10?


  • To get your sticky notes, press the Windows button and write “Sticky Notes” Hit enter. And sticky notes will be in front of you.

5. How do I recover my SNT Sticky Notes?


  • To recover the dot SNT file, press the Windows + R button and paste this path (“%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\”). Next, press Enter to go where you will have the dot SNT file (StickyNotes.snt).

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