Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP Recovery [MetroPCS]

Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP Recovery

The most effective and popular method of increasing the power of your zte zmax pro is rooting it. It means taking administrative control of your android device. But you may ask – “zte zmax pro z981 root? Is it even a good decision? If not, then what are the risks?”


For that, you don’t need to worry! This article is all you need to read if you are still swinging between whether to root it or not. And for the process, we have put together various rooting methods based on the preferences of the Zmax pro users.


This might be your lucky day, we guess!


What Do We Mean By Rooting?


Before we jump into the actual guide of rooting ZTE Zmax, let’s clear out our basic understanding of the procedure. Many people want to root their android devices but are afraid that it would restrict them from using any banking applications on their phone.


Now that’s not actually true! To decide whether or not to root your phone, first, you need to have a bias-free explanation.


Check out the most interesting advantages and disadvantages of rooting for your phone.




  • Through rooting your phone, you will be able to uninstall the default apps of your phone. These apps were installed on the device by the manufacturer. As a result, they are hard to get rid of. But with the help of rooting, you can decide whether to keep them or not.


  • Moreover, you get to use various applications meant for rooted phones such as ad blockers. No matter which website you are using, ads will track you down. You can stop seeing spam ads by blocking them through such applications.


  • After rooting, you can have the privilege to fully customize your phone. You can even change the fonts using font-fixing apps. Choose any style you like and replace it with a font set in your default system. You don’t have to rely on your phone’s stock to determine how much you can customize and be creative.


  • If you are someone who loves to play Youtube videos on their background, rooting can benefit you. Usually, it is not possible. But after you complete rooting successfully you should be able to remove ads from youtube videos, play them in the background or watch on the highest resolution.




  • The phone comes with a secured stock ROM from the factory. It protects you against various malicious viruses as you use it. Taking the control of your phone can leave some holes in the security system.


  • If you start the rooting process without having proper guidelines about how to do that, there is a possibility that your phone will become bricked. In simple terms, you can’t use it anymore!


How to Prepare Your Phone before Rooting


If you are still interested to learn zte zmax pro z981 root, here are a few things to take care of beforehand.


  • Make sure you have backed up all your important data. So that you can retrieve them back.


  • Your phone should have a sufficient battery charge. You don’t want to run out of charge in the middle of rooting.


  • Find out the perfect rooting guide for you. You should have a solid idea of how to root an zte zmax pro. It would be dangerous to experiment with your phone while rooting.


  • Install all the essential drivers.


  • Uninstall any anti-virus apps on your phone.


  • In case anything goes wrong, learn how to unroot your phone also.


All the things we mentioned here are like the safety jacket you put on before stepping on the swimming pool! Jokes apart, you shouldn’t avoid it and that’s it.


How To Root ZTE ZMax Pro


With rooting you can replace the stock ROM of your android phone with a custom ROM. It creates more storage in your memory. Plus, you can control it completely. As a result, people choose it although they know about the potential risk involved.


Here we have discussed thoroughly how you can easily root android zte zmax pro.


1. How to Easily Root Zte Zmax Pro with One Click Root


Have you ever wondered how to root my zte zmax pro without connecting to a computer? And wouldn’t it be amazing to do it within just a few clicks? We suppose your answer is yes.


If so, then here’s the tutorial to help you out.


  • To manually root your zmax pro, you can install an app called “kingroot 4.6.0”. Just go to the search engine and search with the name.



Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP Recovery




  • Click on the green “direct download” button. And install it down.


  • You might receive notifications about “downloading from unknown sources.” To turn off this notification, go to the settings and then security. Now check on the unknown source option.


  • Now go back and check if it’s installing or not.


  • Open the kingroot app and you should see an orange color interface with the word “root” in the middle. Click on it. Don’t worry if the color is different on your phone.




Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP Recovery




  • The rooting process has started. You don’t have to worry about memory loss or data loss. It’s completely safe.


2. How to Root A Zte Zmax Pro With A Computer


Here’s an easy guide for people asking how to use a laptop to root my zte zmax pro beginner. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any possible blunder.


  • First, go to the settings and then about the phone. Tap seven times on the build number. It will enable the developer options for your phone.


  • Now go back and click on the developer options. Also, make sure the USB debugging option is enabled. Move on to the next step.




Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP Recovery




  • Download the necessary drivers through a computer. You can go to for this. It has the drivers for most phones.


  • Also, make sure your phone is plugged in.




Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP Recovery




  • Now you have to install an application “iroot.” From here the actual rooting process starts. It will only take a couple of seconds to download.


  • Once you have launched it on your phone it will automatically set everything up.


  • All you have to do in this stage is click “root” and it will start rooting your phone.


This is a one-click root technique to try with a computer.


3. How to Root A Zte Zmax Pro Without A Computer


Don’t have a computer? Well, then follow the steps thoroughly from A to Z:


  • Check into the official site of magisk app. Now download it. You can use whatever browser you want.


  • Also remember which folder will have it after downloading is over. Most of the time it should land on the ‘download’ folder.


  • Drag it to your home screen to make the process easier.


  • Again, you have to install another application called the “RAR app“.


  • Now the logical work starts from here. Go inside the RAR application and select internal memory. Scroll through the list and look for the “download” folder. Check inside and you will find the magisk app there.


  • Click on the rename option. Once the editing bar arrives remove the extensions after dot and type “zip” instead.


  • Great! The file has been converted into a zip file.


  • Then power off the phone. Your phone should have custom recovery in it for the process to continue.


  • If you press the volume up and home button together, it should reboot in the recovery mode. Simply click on “install” and then choose “internal memory”.


  • Just like before going to the download folder, select the zip file and swipe.


  • Wait for four to five seconds and your root should start installing.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


How to Use a Laptop to Root My Zte Zmax Pro?


Go to your phone’s settings >tap seven times on the build number> check on USB debugging. For the next step go to your laptop and download the drivers you need. Then download an iroot app and tap the “root.” There you go!


How to Root Your Zte Zmax Pro?


The process is simple if you are looking for the one-click rooting method. Download the kingroot 4.6.0 from the search engine and click on the “root” button. Don’t worry it is a safe and secure method.


How to Change the Emoji Fonts on Zte Zmax Pro Without Root?


Search zfont on the play store and install it. Open the app and give the permissions it requires. Choose a set you like> pick your phone version> then pack it up. And that’s how easy it is.



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Now that we have reached the end of our zte zmax pro z981 root guide, you must have decided whether to move further or not. To be very honest, rooting was very essential in the previous years, as it was hard to remove bloatware from the phone without rooting. And the customization facilities were very low.


But as we can see, today’s phones have better customization ability and amazing features. You could definitely live your best life without ever going through rooting.


However, if you have made up your mind, you know how to do it.

By Imran Chowdhury

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