What Is Rootpa Android App and How to Uninstall or Fix It?

What Is RootPA

You probably don’t know this app – RootPA. But, you have seen it on your mobile and started to panic – what is RootPA?! Settle down, nothing to worry about. It is a critical system app that ensures secure space to store your sensitive data.


So, is it dangerous? Obviously not!


More technical details?


This application lives in the T-base operating system, previously known as MobiCore. In addition, it runs under the ARM TrustZone technology.


What is this technology again?


This tech ensures system-wide security. It does so by hardware-enforced isolation, which is built into the CPU.

Let’s dig deeper if the Root PA app can harm your phone or not. Is it acting weird on your system? Can it spy or slow down your device? If you want to fix or even delete it, how do you do it? Keep reading!




What Is RootPA




What is RootPA on Android?

Suppose your Android device has ARM Cortex or native ARM processors, including Mali GPU. Only then it contains the RootPA. It is a built-in app that confirms the security of your data.


Why is it needed?


So that any malicious user or hacker can’t harm your device.


The ARM TrustZone technology executes RootPA. It is a groundbreaking innovation in the security realm. This tech highly influences DRM, payment services, and mobile device management.


ARM TrustZone including RootPA, builds the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that assists in building various security systems for memory, peripherals, interrupts, etc.


Root PA doesn’t only provide secure storage; it acts as a Security Assistant for your other applications. Just for curiosity, what is RootPA com.gd.mobicore.pa android? It’s the package name of the RootPA app.



What Permissions does Root PA App Require?

RootPA doesn’t require any direct permissions as it’s system software.

How to verify that?

Go to Settings, tap the App option, then Show System Apps. Select RootPA and now Permission. What do you see? No Permissions Required, right? So it doesn’t require any app-like permissions.

There’s a BUT.

Like other must-have apps, RootPA enjoys some special permissions:


  1. Running the app in the Background: As this app is essential, you can’t terminate this. It needs to keep rolling in the background all the time!
  2. Ignoring the Battery Saving Mode: This built-in app can overlook the battery-saving situations as the system itself doesn’t want it to stop.
  3. Accessing Network: It needs to communicate through the network to check whether the data is updated or not. So, it has to have access.



RootPA Spyware, Virus, or Bloatware?

Don’t let the name fool you – ‘Root’ PA. It has nothing to do with the root. Then why is it named like that? Manufacturers’ decision – we can’t question that.

Is it spyware? No.

Or just bloatware that slows down your device? Nope!

By any chance, is it a virus? No way!

Maybe hackers are getting access to your precious data through this app? It’s actually the opposite – it’s saving your phone from hackers.

Then what is it? It’s a built-in application that the manufacturers distribute. So how can it be harmful, right?


Check if you are facing these issues:

  • Random pop-ups are interrupting your mobile screen
  • Your device is lagging and freezing
  • You don’t know why the battery is draining too fast
  • Unknown people sending you messages or calling you
  • You have no idea what’s happening to your account


If you are experiencing these things, most probably, your device is infected. It may be hacked, or any sort of spyware or malware is injected. RootPA has nothing to do with it.


What Problems does RootPA Create?




What Is RootPA




System apps are a vital part of the core system, sitting between the OS and hardware. These are shipped with thousands of Android devices.

All established mobile phone brands, i.e., Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, provide pre-installed service applications to offer a better user experience, ensure more security and durability.

In most cases, system apps are battle-tested. It means these were checked in extreme conditions so that they never fail. Root PA is that kind of application. As a result, it cannot be harmful or degrade your device’s quality.

It’s a rare case if RootPA is actually causing problems like slowing down your mobile and draining the battery. Then, another issue may appear, an error message saying, “Unfortunately, RootPA has stopped.”

In those cases, what would you do? Try to fix that issue first. If you can’t find a solution, go for the Uninstallation option. Read along!


How to Fix RootPA?


1.     Stopping RootPA Forcefully

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Tap Three Vertical Dots
  • Now select Show System Apps
  • Find RootPA, then Press it
  • Tap the Force Stop Done!


2.     Clearing RootPA Data and Cache

  • Tap on your Settings
  • Now Apps
  • Select the Ellipsis Icon (Three Dots)
  • Then Tap on Show System Apps
  • Now find RootPA to select it
  • Then Storage
  • Finally, Clear Cache and Clear Data, Done!


3.     Disabling RootPA

  • Download, then install the Titanium Backup App (Root Needed)
  • Tap on it to Start
  • Search for the RootPA and select it
  • Tap on the Freeze option, Done!


4.     Applying Factory Reset

  • Go to the Settings option
  • Now General
  • Then Reset
  • Tap on the Factory Data Reset option
  • Select Reset; enter Password or PIN if asked
  • Now Delete All or Wipe Data, Done!


How to Uninstall or Delete Root PA App?




What Is RootPA




●       ADB to Uninstall RootPA App (No Root but Windows PC Needed)

  1. Settings to System, then About phone
  2. Press the Build Number seven times; it will activate the Developer Options
  3. Now Settings again, then select Developer Options
  4. Enable USB Debugging by selecting it
  5. OK, download ADB
  6. Extract the ZIP file
  7. Open that Folder
  8. Hold Shift button and then Right-click
  9. Select Open PowerShell Window here
  10. Now type the command: adb devices
  11. Get a USB data cable, now connect your Android device to the PC
  12. USB mode should be File Transfer
  13. USB debugging notification will pop up, select OK
  14. Retype the command line: adb devices
  15. That is the Serial Number of your device
  16. Finally, run this command: adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.gd.mobicore.pa, Done!


●       System App Remover to Uninstall RootPA App (Only App but Root Needed)

  1. Download System App Remover App, then Install it
  2. Launch this application
  3. Search for the RootPA app and select it
  4. Tap on the Uninstall, Done!


RootPA APK Download – How and Where?

Check if your device should have the RootPA app. If it should, but you can’t find one. Maybe it was deleted or uninstalled. You can download Root PA APK from here.

Words of caution, be 100% sure if you want to download a system software and then install it on your device. That downloaded app can harm your phone if you don’t know what you are doing.

As a side note, if you are not seeing the RootPA app, maybe your device uses another similar app. So, check it before downloading RootPA.


Final Words

We hope now you have a clear view of what is RootPA. It is nothing but a pre-installed service application that ensures the security of sensitive data.

This app relies on the groundbreaking ARM TrustZone technology. So it can’t be spyware or bloatware.

We highly recommend you keep this software running. However, if it’s creating issues and you are certain of it, you may stop it or disable it. In extreme cases, you can uninstall or delete it – reconsider before doing so.

If you don’t have the RootPA app (but you should have), just download it. But again, be extra cautious. That’s it for today, waiting for your response!



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