How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10 Easily

It is frustrating when you can’t use the scanner at dire necessities. Different branded printers have different mechanisms. So, understanding how to scan from your new printer can be tricky sometimes.


The scanning feature of Canon printers is unique from other brands. Besides the default scanning feature on Windows 10, Canon IJ Scan Utility allows you to scan with one-click.


In this guide, you’ll get the solution to the question, “How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10?” Keep reading while we discuss how to scan successfully on Windows 10.


Before Getting Started

Ensure the followings before you begin:


  • Make sure the primary device and the accessories are available.
  • Get the canon scanner software driver of that specific model to install on your computer. Use your CD-ROM or download it from Canon’s official website.
  • Use an Administrator account to log into your computer.
  • Quit all other applications before starting the installation process.

Preparing for Scan From Canon Printer to Computer


1.Check if your printer can scan: All-in-one/Multifunction Canon printers can scan, copy, and print simultaneously. On the other hand, single-function printers can only print documents. Check the printer’s manual provided with the product or the Canon’s product page to confirm if your printer can scan.


2.Install Canon MP driver software to your computer: Install the downloaded software. Select language, region, and the destination folder to install the software. After the installation process is complete, run the software.



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




3.Connect the printer to the computer: Most MP Canon printers can connect to the computer wirelessly. Check if your printer supports wireless connection or not. Connect the printer wirelessly or through the USB cable provided with the product package.



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




4.Turn your printer on: Turn on your printer by pressing the power button. Check the power source if the printer doesn’t turn on. Wait until it warms up.


5.Check the printer scanner: Monitor how your scanner works. Is there a scanner lid or an all-in-one paper feeder to scan, copy and print documents? Follow the instructions on how to insert the document and use the in-built scanner.


6.Place the document on the platen: Look for the marking in one corner of the platen (glass bottom, in other words). Follow it to place the paper with proper orientation. The scanning side should face the glass bottom. After Placing the copy, close the scanner lid.



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




How to Scan a Document From Canon Printer Windows 10?

After your driver software is installed, Computer detects the printer, and you place the document in the scanner You can start scanning. You can use two methods for scanning: the built-in scanning feature by Windows and the Canon IJ Scan Utility.

Scan Using Windows Fax and Scan

  1. Search “Windows fax and scan” in the search box of the Windows taskbar. You’ll see the Windows Fax and Scan app at the top of the search suggestions. Click on the app to open it in a new window.



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




2.Click on “New Scan” from the Fax and Scan menu. A new window will open. 



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




3.Choose your scanner from the scanner selection menu. The word “Canon” should be present beside the model number. If you don’t see your printer’s model no., click change and select the correct model from the list.



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




4.After selecting the printer, choose the document type (Photo or Document) you want to scan from the “Profile” drop-down box.


5.Choose if you want a black and white or colored document from the “Color format” menu.


6.Select the output file type (PDF or JPG) from the “File Type” menu.


Note: If you choose Photo in the “Document Type” option, you’ll see JPG format by default.


7.Change other options such as Resolution and Brightness according to your preferences.


8.Now, click on the Preview button to check your document before the final scan. This button is available at the bottom of the window.


Note: Adjust your document in the scanner if you find it uneven after previewing.


9.If the placement of your paper is correct, click on the Scan button. The document will be on your computer after the successful completion of scanning.


You can find your scanned copy in the document folder.

  • Search “documents” in the search bar of Windows Taskbar.
  • Click on Documents. A new window will open. Open “Scanned documents” to find all your scanned photos or documents.



How Do I Scan From My Canon Printer to My Computer Windows 10




Scan Using Canon IJ Scan Utility


You can also scan your documents using Canon IJ Scan Utility. Follow the steps below to scan from the software:

  • If your computer has Canon IJ scan Utility installed, open it from the Start menu. 
  • After opening the software, you’ll see different options, including Auto, Photo, Document, ScanGear, etc.
  • Adjust your resolution, paper size, document type from the Settings option below.
  • Click on Auto, Photo, document according to the Scan method you prefer. These options will scan the document instantly.


Note: Make sure you place the paper on the glass bottom correctly. Also, check the printer’s connection to the computer before scanning.




Q: How do I scan a document from my Canon printer to my computer Windows 10?


A: Connect your printer to your computer and install the device driver. Make sure the printer is on. Now press the SCAN button for an instant scan.

You can use Windows Fax and Scan or Canon IJ Scan utility programs for advanced scan features.


Q: Why won’t my Canon printer scan to my computer?


A: Several reasons can prevent your printer from scanning. In most cases, upgrading the device driver solves the problem. Download the latest driver from the official Canon website. Update the driver and reconnect your Canon printer to the computer for successful scanning.


Q: Why isn’t my scanner connecting to my computer?


A: Loose connection is a common reason why your scanner won’t connect to the computer. The computer can’t detect the device if your device fails to establish a connection. Unplug the cable and reconnect it to the computer. If the problem still occurs, you might need to replace your printer’s cable. 


Q: Why won’t my network printer scan?


A: You can’t scan from your printer through computers in a shared network. Scanning only works on the host computer.


Q: How to scan a document from canon printer to email?


A: After you scan the document, it is saved in the Scanned Documents folder. Send the scanned copy to email by following these steps:

  • Open your email account.
  • Compose a new email.
  • Click the attachment icon (a clip icon) to upload the document in the email.
  • Now send the email to your desired recipient.


Final Words


Although scanning from a Canon printer is an easy process, it can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with it. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to get your document scanned in a few minutes. Let us know if you have a better idea on how to scan from Canon printer to computer on Windows 10.

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