How to Fix SECURE CHECK FAIL Recovery : Odin Rooting Error

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If you are not careful enough while rooting your android phone, you might face difficulties. Before rooting, along with the backup of your data, you should be aware of the fix against the Secure Check Fail Recovery S7 issue as well.


You might face this issue for different reasons. And there are also various fixes for them. You can simply recheck whether your downloaded ROM files are correct or not to resolve the issue. Again by turning off the Reactivation Lock, you can fix it. And apart from these, a third-party app is always an option for secure check fail (recovery).


You can learn about them yourself and apply them as per your necessity. Whether it’s secure check fail: recovery TWRP or Odin secure check fail recovery, in any such scenario, you will find yourself at ease.


How To Fix Secure Check Fail Recovery S7?


Secure Check Fail: Recovery – you can face this error message and get stuck with your smartphone when trying to root it. It might be for the incompatibility of your device. Or even this might happen in a case where you have downloaded the wrong as in corrupted or fragmented files.


There might be another bunch of reasons making you face the issue when you try to flash custom recovery on your smartphone. Such as failing to download the appropriate ROM and having a locked bootloader. Another reason can be no Micro-SD card on your device.


The fixes are enlisted below:




secure check fail recovery s7




Odin “Secure Check Fail” Recovery


Now facing the issue, you need the fix to get along with. For that, some options are available for you. Check those below:


Secure Check Fail Recovery About


At the very first, check if you have downloaded the exact files compatible with your device. You can find the firmware files on websites like For this, go through the following directions:


Firstly you need to know the baseband number of your device. To do so:


Step 1: Go to the Settings app.


Step 2: Find About Phone and tap on it.


You will find the basic info regarding your device like the Android version, IMEI no. baseband number, etc. Now collect your baseband no. as you will have to match it simply with the firmware files accordingly.


Step 3: Then, open your browser.


Step 4: Search for relevant websites like


Step 5: Type in the device model name on the website to get the appropriate firmware files.


If you are using a Samsung Grand Prime G530H, you will be looking for firmware files against your device. While clicking on the search result, you will see a bunch of files available for you.


Step 6: You have to cross-check the PDA number for the file with your baseband number. If your baseband number contains something like G530HXCU…., try to find at least three units right after your model number. And in this case, the three units are ‘XCU.’


Step 7: Now download the files. And proceed with the rooting process with the newly downloaded appropriate files for your smartphone.


Root Secure Check Fail Recovery By Checking The Correct ROM


Again you can check whether you have downloaded the correct ROM or not to resolve the Secure Fail Check issue. For this, simply compare the MD5 signature with the downloaded files.


In another way, the developers’ hashtag can also help you verify its correctness. If you find the hashtag doesn’t match with the server, unfortunately, you have ended up downloading the corrupted ROM file.


For this, ensure that you have downloaded the exact ROM that suits your phone.


How To Secure Check Fail Recovery Reactivation Lock Off


In another way to fight the Secure Fail Check issue, you can apply the following fix to see if it works. For this, the deactivation of the ‘Reactivation Lock’ will do.


To complete it, the following contains a step by step directions for you:


Step 1: Open the Settings app.


Step 2: Now go to General.


Step 3: In General, you will see an option labeled Security. Tap on it.




secure check fail recovery s7




Step 4: Now scroll a bit to get to the option called Reactivation Lock. There is a checkbox right on the right of that option. If it’s checked, tap on it to make it deactivated.




secure check fail recovery s7




Step 5: Your phone will ask for your Samsung Account Password to proceed with the deactivation. Now type in your password.




secure check fail recovery s7




Step 6: Tap on Confirm to get along with the deactivation.


Step 7: Thus, you will find your Reactivation Lock disabled.


You can also try having the files on an SD card and inserting them into your phone. When stuck with the Secure Fail Check issue, just apply the force shutdown process by removing your battery and simply insert a Micro SD card with files.




secure check fail recovery s7




With a third-party app


Apart from these, if you find the issue is still not solved, try taking the help on a third-party application. You can use an app called Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.


Here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Get the app installed on your PC. Connect your phone and select Repair Android System.


Step 2: Next, while clicking on Repair Now, you will have to fill in some options concerning the basic info of your phone. Input them carefully.


Step 3: Click on Next and wait a while until the firmware package gets downloaded. Get the package installed as well.


Step 4: Now again, click on the Repair Now option on your display.


Step 5: The issue should be fixed by now. If not, repeat the steps while emphasizing Step 04 with many appropriations.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is baseband in Samsung?


Usually, baseband is firmware that has an identical appearance to your phone. Your CPU IC holds a unique IMEI number connected to the baseband. This firmware functions all radio activity on your phone.


How do I fix my Android stuck in recovery mode?


If you find your Android phone stuck in recovery mode, you can apply the following fix.


Just push the Volume Up button and the Power button simultaneously. Hold down like this until your display goes black. Now try to turn your device on again to check whether the problem is fixed.


 How do I install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge?


For this, firstly, connect your device to a PC with a USB cable.


Secondly, check the system installed on your device with a third-party app like Samsung Kies.


Thirdly, if an update is available for your phone, click on ‘Firmware upgrade’ and proceed with the process.


After a while, your phone will reboot itself to complete the update. If your phone has the latest firmware version, you won’t find any such option.



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Final Words


Nobody feels good to get stuck on their phones with anything. If it’s a Secure Fail Check Recover, you must be impatient to get rid of the problem. Apply the above-mentioned fixes to resolve the issue.


The fixes will also help you in doing secure check fail recovery s7, Odin secure check fail recovery and in many more cases.

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