Snapchat Loading Screen Issue | How To Fix It?

Hands down, Snapchat is a well-known social media platform. Users can share their stories, videos, and photos with their added friends using the app.


This is the first social app with 24 hours story vanishing, screenshot restricted, and multiple creative filters. In a short period, it has become folksy and welcoming. But there is a wide range of accusations from the users about the Snapchat loading screen  issue. Actually, most users don’t know how to solve it, and it becomes nagging.


“Tap to load” is one of the usual flaws of this application. It can be irritating that you have to wait a while to view it. That’s why we have found some easy solutions to stop this from happening. So let’s dive straight into it!


What is the Best Way to Fix the Screen Loading Problem?


There are a variety of options. Don’t get discouraged if your first try fails to meet your expectations. There are still several approaches that can be used.


In terms of frequent Snapchat screen loading issues at the very beginning, the first self-made solution that comes to mind is reinstalling the application. But we will count it as the last option as a failure of the first few attempts. As reinstalling is time-consuming, nobody likes extra hassle.


What Causes Snapchat Screen Loading Trouble?


Before jumping into the deep, let’s know about the possible causes. The problem is not that big, but annoying. Generally, when you use the phone’s different applications, including Snapchat, for a long time, that’s when the problem is more.


You can’t stop using the apps, right! After using each application, we think the app is off when we press the back button. But even after getting out from there, that application remains on and still hiddenly uses your wifi just for nothing. This is an unknown common cause of this issue.


Moreover, server down, backdated apps, or slow internet can cause this problem.


How to Get Rid of the Snapchat Screen Loading Issue?


This article has come across all the possible solutions, so keep reading to know more about them deeply:


1. Quality Internet Connection


If you have difficulty with “tap to load,” first verify your internet connection. This can be the cause of screen loading issues.


A quality internet speed is required to run an online application. In terms of the Mbps meter for social media applications, 0-5 Mbps internet speed is enough. But if you prefer you can go for more. But if your internet provider supplies 5 Mbps correctly, there should be no problem.


So, if you find any internet issue, at first, turn off your entire wifi settings for a minimum of 10 seconds. After turning it on, please check your Snapchat; check your running Mbps volume if it still has the same issue.


You can verify it using any “Mbps speed meter” or set a 24-hour running Mbps meter from your phone’s settings.


If you find that you have less than the required speed, talk to your provider immediately and ask to fix it. Even after all of this, if you have any urgency, you can look for data purchase.


2. Reboot Your Device


RAM is the main software to maintain a phone’s speed. Apps usage fills up the RAM space after closing any app that doesn’t close fully, even if you are not working with it.


If your Snapchat is bothering you a lot, please apply this technique. Press the power button, volume down, and up buttons together to reboot.


Everything in RAM will be cleaned out when you reboot your phone. Previously active apps will be terminated. The RAM is “cleared once the phone reboots so that you can start from spick and span.


3. Check the Data Saver Option


This could be another reason for the Snapchat loading issue. We are often on the data saving mode to save battery percentage for long-term use and avoid unnecessary data killing like notifications, auto-update, etc.


If you are having trouble loading the Snapchat screen, kindly give a check if the data saving mode is off or not. It’s better to keep the mode on while using any social media apps. Data saver mode reduces the picture and video quality.


So, it’s better to avoid data saving mode while using Snapchat. Every time any snap view, it will ask your permission, which is quite disturbing.


4. Clean Snapchat Cache


The cache is a temporary data file created by itself while running any application. It is an internal memory holder and can cause your device to slow.


Pile-up cache can be a common reason for your screen error. At this point, cleaning the cache is elementary.


Cache deleting process from mobile settings:




snapchat loading screen issue




  • Go to the Apps and Notifications


  • Scroll down and click on the Snapchat icon


  • You will see storage and cache


  • Click on that


  • “Clear cache” will appear


  • Press ok


Cache deleting process from the application:




snapchat loading screen issue




  • Go to the Snapchat application


  • Click on the profile icon


  • Now select the settings


  • At the bottom, you will find “clear cache.”


  • Click on that and see the result

5. Check the Update


Application companies provide the update service after routine maintenance, and there is a bounty of benefits. The update brings new features, looks, more privacy, and a better experience than the old one.


As many improvements come through updates, the new version can solve the screen loading problem. Check if there is any update available or not; if so, then go for it.



  • Type the app name


  • Click on the update under the icon


  • Now wait for a while


  • Restart your phone for a better experience


  • Now go to the app and see the result


6. Reinstall the App


Sometimes this technique can solve the screen loading issue. If there is no update available, you can go for this method. Uninstall your current app and again install it. After that, log in to the same account and see if the screen is loading or not.


  • Press on the Snapchat icon and keep pressing until you see the uninstall sign


  • Click the “uninstall”


  • Now go to the play store and install it again.


  • Login into your account




snapchat loading screen issue




7. Down/Poor Server


Server down can cause this type of loading issue. The Snapchat team works behind the scenes to provide better service to the users. When they find any problem, they start working to fix it.


While doing the maintenance, Snapchat keeps it under control for some hours. Worldwide users will face the same Snapchat screen loading issue during that time. 


If you see any maintenance message after entering the app, please wait for some time. For details and exact information, you can also visit their website.


Few More Extensive Solutions to Get Rid of Screen Loading Issues


Above all are the most common possible problems with solutions. Now let’s go deeper if your problem is not solved yet:


1. Factory Reset


After applying all the given solutions, you can use these methods if you are unsatisfied.


Factory reset will refresh your phone like new. It will delete all caches, installed applications, and all histories, and it will boost your phone’s speed.


After the reset, download all the previous apps and log in. Check your Snapchat; if you are still facing the same problem, then it must be the device issue.


2. Remove the Conversation


Users may find this method scary as they think they may lose all the data. But it is safe to clean the conversation and keep the data secure. Follow these steps given below:


  • Go to Snapchat


  • Now find the person with whose you face the problem


  • Click on the chat until you see the settings


  • Go to “clear conversation”


  • It will be removed from your list


  • Now search by the name


  • Press on the icon for the new chatbox


  • You will see a saved chat option


  • If you tap that option, it will delete permanently


  • So don’t click on it just start chatting




snapchat loading screen issue




3. Check If There Are Any Unauthorized Third-party Plugins or Not


Third-party applications are mainly created to get into someone else’s device with the user’s permission. This program can enter into your contact list, gallery, and other applications. If you give permission by accident, you put your Snapchat friends at risk.


Some third-party apps can easily find your password from the plugin option. Thus, they can even find out other apps’ passwords. Can you imagine the level of risk?


It is very often that whenever we download any app in excitement, we permit it without even knowing the terms. This is way more than risky. If you are using any, find out that app and immediately remove it from your mobile.


4. Report to the Support Team


Bug reports always work. You can directly complain to the Snapchat team about the issue. Here the team will manually help you through analyzing your problem.


You can directly e-mail them or visit their website. It is better to complain through the feedback support system. As they specifically work for the user’s better experience.


Experienced users recommend this method for the users who are facing this issue. In their opinion, complaining in this method resolves the problem fast. When you describe your case, try to explain it with all the issues you have with it.


  • Go to settings from your profile


  • Tap the “I spotted a bug” or “I have a suggestion” option.


  • Now select the issue


  • Describe the problem elaborately, or you can add a suggestion 


  • Press “submit”


Reason for the Low-Quality Pictures on Snapchat


This is a pretty common allegation that Snapchat is unable to take good pictures on android phones and better on iOS.


Brace your mouth this is true. You will be shocked to know that Snapchat takes screenshots instead of taking photos. Actually, the photo taken through Snapchat is basically a screenshot. You must be wondering why? As it takes good photos on ios or even Instagram is able to take better photos, so why not Snapchat?


Actually, Snapchat has not yet developed any coding system for android devices, and they do not use any API third-party application to take pictures by clicking directly on your camera. In contrast, Instagram uses a third-party application to take good photos directly from your phone.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What is Snapchat’s tap view?


It’s an option that allows users to tap the image instead of pressing it repeatedly. This does not require a long press to view any message.


2. Why are my Snapchat videos not loading? 


Sometimes extra cache can cause your Snapchat’s slow loading process. It’s not uncommon for Snapchat to have problems downloading files. As a result, you must clear the Snapchat Cache, which can solve the black screen issues.


3. How do I load old Snapchat?


If you cannot load memories or some of your pictures are gray. First, check your internet connection, then restart your device, reinstall the app, log out-login, and clear the caches. If any of these doesn’t work, apply factory reset.


4. How can I remember the “my eyes only” password?


Unfortunately, the Snapchat team doesn’t provide any service regarding this issue. They maintain a strict draft for this. Even if you try to reset your password with the authentication code still, you won’t be able to recover the pictures. Snapchat will clear all of your photographs.


5. Why does my Snapchat take too much time to load?


Down server, slow internet, cache, backdated, and many others could be issues of long-time loading. Try the methods discussed above and you will definitely see a result.


 6. How to Save Snapchat Message Pictures?


You cannot save all snaps; basically, the pictures that are set to “no limit” and videos with “loop” instructions are allowed to keep. In order to save any picture while viewing, click on that long time, or you can swipe it up.




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Hopefully, any of the methods we listed above will surely solve your problem. If nothing works, the ultimate option is the factory reset.


Snapchat has developed from its initial focus on one-on-one photo sharing. You can also keep your photographs hidden in the memory option and then export them to your phone’s internal storage.


It is pretty normal to face at least some glitch like the Snapchat screen loading issue with over a hundred million users. But this problem is fixable and manageable, which we have proved through this write-up. So, stop worrying about it as you can follow any method from the above to get rid of that annoying situation!

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